Whoa what's going on guys and welcome back to the channel and welcome back to another crazy time in the world of crypto now things have been wild right the federal reserve meeting yesterday or the day before sent the market absolutely nowhere we're exactly where we were just before it i was hoping that we were gonna get better news that sent.

The market flying or at least some clarification as to where we're going but we essentially got nothing all jerome powell did was kick the can down the road so now everyone's worried about what's gonna happen in march but hey this is what we signed up for this is what happens in the world of crypto as you know on this channel i like to find.

Projects invest in them early and i hold them for the long run of course we take profits here and there and of course we add to our bags when we have opportunity in the market this right now in my personal opinion is an opportunity in the market so in today's video we're going to be going through 10 different coins that i think have some potential.

Going forward now please do remember if the market continues to trend downwards we enter into a longer term bear market all of these coins will most likely go down with the market so do not invest in any of these coins without the expectation that they could go to let's just say zero right keep that in the front of your mind if.

All of that said don't invest in any of these coins because i am not a financial advisor i'm just a random dude sitting in his room so let's jump straight onto the bitcoin chart and we can see as you can see we are down significantly from these all-time highs in my opinion a wonderful opportunity down 47 what did we go down last time down.

55 the full way down since we've bounced is 52 so as of right now there is no difference between this dip and this dip right here i'm telling you the market was as scared and as worried and saying this time is different cryptocurrencies over the same as they're saying right now as they were saying back here when.

China was banning bitcoin and trust me it's exactly what they were saying here bitcoin was over in 2018 it was all nonsense it was all a ponzi it was all a scam but hey look at where we are right now with all of that said let's jump straight into my first pick now this is a project i've spoken about on the channel before and this is apollo x this.

Is both a centralized and a decentralized exchange i've actually been doing some trading over here on apollo x on their decentralized trading platform i really like this because i can just simply connect my metamask to it and i can trade just like i would on a centralized exchange except it's directly from my non-custodial wallet so.

There's something about that that i quite like now the coin itself is currently sitting at around five cents which is significantly down from the highs it hit back when we were still in bull territory so it did hit around 24 cents so now we are down to five cents potentially if the market recovers this could be a great buying opportunity now.

We often see this in the market that exchange tokens outperform the rest of the market when we are in these ball phases you can look at coins like the binance smart chain like crypto.com like ftx those sorts of coins outperform coins like bitcoin maybe this won't repeat itself or maybe the exact same narrative will play out that's why.

Apollo x is one of the coins that i personally hold in my portfolio now moving on to coin number two this is today's channel sponsor and i have actually talked about this project on the channel before because they really stood out to me so what meta soccer is is the first soccer metaverse where you can manage your own club and generate.

Income while you play so the game itself is inspired by real life soccer as your players compete they gain experience and improve their skills it's up to you that they reach their full potential to bring reality to the ecosystem and not create a universe full of super players all characters age with the passage of time after a certain age their performance.

Will start to decline this is very exciting and of course these sorts of games have been around for ages so this is bringing in that play to earn aspect to an already popular space there are multiple ways in which you can earn the mcu token so this is the token for meta soccer so selling players who have been discovered by your scouts getting.

Sponsorships a merchandise income as your players gain popularity winning matches against other users in career mode or against the ai in friendly mode so obviously having a good idea isn't enough you have to have a great team behind you and some awesome investors and partners so as you can see they have an array of different investors and.

Partners and the team is jam-packed full of talent like i always say when you guys have to go out and do your own research these are the kinds of things that i personally look for so come over to this website and check out the team behind it so you have two ways to make money here with this project both with the nfts and with the token itself so.

One of the things that stood out to me about this project is their plan to have scholarship programs so you've been following the channel for a while you know i've spoken about axiomfinity and its ability to make and generate income and build a business within the ecosystem so that is something that meta soccer is also planning to do so in.

Essence you'll be able to have scholars play the game for you generating income for both you and that scholar which gives you the opportunity to build a business within the game which is very exciting stuff so with their large team behind the projects massive partnerships on the way and also a huge social media presence i really think that this.

Project is going to do well if the market can recover from here so i highly suggest that you go down into the description you find all of the links that you need for this project check it out and do let me know what you think down there in the description and let's move on to the next coin now of course the narrative very recently before this.

New bearish narrative of the market was blockchain games launch pads and things like that blocktopia is both a blockchain game and a launchpad it's a very exciting project with a very in-depth website and plan behind it this looks to be a metaverse project that could be absolutely crazy right i was invested in this from the very very.

Start but my point is is they are also a launch pad they launched a project called sin city that i personally invested in on another platform but it looked amazing gta vibes that sort of thing but the reason why i talk about this is because the price of all of these platforms is so significantly beaten down that if we can get a market.

Turnaround these are the kinds of opportunities we have to make money now these are the opportunities that people make millions in maybe not specifically blocktopia but projects that have been absolutely obliterated by the market are where you make money people do not make significant life-changing money in bull markets right of course you can of.

Course you can get lucky of course there are exceptions to the rules these small cap gems that you maybe put a thousand dollars in and someone made a billion dollars but those are the exceptions what i personally think the way to make millions in this market is by finding projects you believe in and investing at the right time up here is not the right.

Time down here when the market is scared and everyone's lost interest is the right time to find these sorts of projects again this isn't specific for blocktopia i just wanted to talk about that because i see a lot of potential here and the whole narrative around launch pads people were very excited about it a few months ago but the.

Barrier to entry was super high and that was one of the most comments i got on the channel was these barriers to entries are way too high and no one can get into them but right now we are sitting at huge reductions in price so what's the excuse now moving on to the next project engine starter is now around four cents i got involved in this.

At 16 cents around here and we are massively down since then if the market goes back to a similar situation that it was in a few months ago these are the opportunities right the next coin itself kcc pad again i got involved in this at around 18 cents i think it was so now we are down more than half of that price doesn't matter to me because casey c pad.

Has paid back 10 fold what i put into it so there's no problem now remember launch pads you need to hold the coin themselves each launch pad has a different amount that you need to hold so you need to go and check out how much you need to hold to enter each tier some tiers are lottery based some tiers are guaranteed allocations every platform is.

Different but all of them you need to hold the token you need to stake the token and you need to kyc now on top of that this is not available to everyone in the world so you need to check whether or not you're able to access each individual launch pad so let's move on a bit and don't turn off the video because i'm talking about cardano i.

Understand a lot of people hate cardano at the moment but we are sitting at one dollar obviously the all-time high was around three dollars and if you do research into cardano a little bit you may find that cardano was the most developed crypto on github in 2021. this is good news in my opinion i think that the cardano ecosystem is going to.

Be absolutely huge going forward of course this relies on the market turning around but i think that cardano is going to eventually build into one of the mainstream layer ones that people use but this sort of thing takes time it happened way too quickly in 2021 people got too excited too euphoric and that is the opportunity that we take profits i.

Personally took profits from cardano when the market was too euphoric that's what i always do no matter how much i believe in a project if the market is too euphoric i take profits if the market is too bearish i start to invest i be safe with my investments i dollar cost average but i'm investing when the market is scared because according to.

History whenever we have been in a moment like this it has been a perfect buying opportunity you just need to check the history and decide that for yourself if you do want to stay up to date when i make any form of trade of course when i sold my cardano i let the patreon know when i first buy any coins i let the patreon know if you do want to.

Join it you can use the link to the patreon down there in the description you can also pay by crypto so if you want to just come and check out the discord itself you can follow the link down there and if you do want to come over to the premium discord you can pay with crypto over there just by opening a ticket so moving on to the next project.

We have solana of course alana is down 87 do you guys remember where solana was when everyone was super excited 250 the whole market has taken such a nosedive i'm sorry but this excites me right i think that solana is still in its infancy of course we have had massive problems with it once billed as a rising star in crypto solana's sixth.

Outage this month six outages this month is not sending too much excitement into the market but because this project is early because the market was way too euphoric it is susceptible to problems at the very start of ethereum it would have been going through issues solana is scaling they're new when everyone piled into it in 2021 it couldn't handle it it.

Crashed many times and this is sending fear into the market but when the market is fearful that's when i think it's a great opportunity to at least research projects so solana itself and the solana ecosystem a lot of blockchain games are built on solana ecosystem so those are awesome opportunities nfts on solana are awesome because there aren't horrible.

Transaction fees like there are over on ethereum so definitely massive opportunity here if the market turns around and if you can stick around right of course in 2017 we entered a bear market of around three years so ask yourself can you stick around for that three years because one thing i noticed which was very.

Interesting is if we do draw a 50 reduction in price here you can see that that started to act as a massive line of resistance for the next few years right resistance resistance resistance resistance until we flipped it and here we turned into support and went up so one interesting narrative that could be that we could be heading into now if we.

Are heading into this bear market that a lot of people are talking about is potentially we will essentially be around this 36 000 mark for the next few years we made it below it come back up test it dip below it test it dip below it it will just act as resistance until we can eventually flip it into a support and head on upwards this is totally a.

Possibility now moving on to our last couple coins we can see crypto.com huge reduction in price i'll be holding this for the long term i've been involved with them for a long term i took some profits at around 85 cents because i thought the market was too euphoric and i'll simply hold the rest of my bag for now and we'll have to see what happens.

Going forward and like i said i think it was a few years ago here on the channel i thought that crypto.com would do so well because of the name simplycrypto.com now next up we have a project that i brought to you guys recently they recently launched into this bearish market they had a nice.

Little pump at the start as always like i said they'll have a pump the market will chill out and we'll have to see where it goes right now sitting at a just over a 1 million dollar market cap and they also already have a working platform where you can basically generate an nft collection in around six minutes so a.

Very exciting project here i hold this coin much like most of the coins i've spoken about so far and i will continue to hold to see what happens going into the future now lastly i want to talk about metahero this is a project that looks awesome right if you don't know what it is just briefly through the use of ultra hd technology metahero will.

Basically be scanning people and you'll be able to create your own 3d avatar scan and create 3d nfts and also use the hero token 2 transact now meta hero is one project that i think you guys should definitely research and then second of all we have everdome this is the second project by the same team coming out next month and this right here will be the.

Destination for the meta hero tech to live interact and flourish so taking metahero from the gateway into the metaverse together with everdome to a fully web3 experience to the point when you take off your vr headset you won't be able to tell the difference between what's real and what's not so very exciting stuff definitely a project you.

Guys should check out and if the market turns around a big if could potentially yield some huge gains but only if the market turns around the market heads into a bear market now we could potentially again see these projects drop to essentially zero we never know what's gonna happen i don't think that's gonna happen but always keep that in the.

Back of your mind so you don't get too emotional if we do continue downwards hopefully i did provide you of some value today if i did consider smashing that like button hitting that subscribe button and i'll see you guys in the next one peace you

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