❌🥶Move To Costa Rica 2022 – Would I Do It AGAIN In These Times Of UNCERTAINTY?? [Don’t Be SHOCKED]

Hey what's going on muriel from the sunshinefamily and would i move to costa rica in 2022 if i hadn't moved here yet?? well i'm gonna sharemy answer with you and my motivation so stick to my video until the end um if you're new to thischannel welcome consider to subscribe hit the bell icon to get a notification every time igo live this is what i do quite often as well to hear from you to communicate with you livebut also if you want to be updated every time i upload new videos always costa rica expat andcosta rica related since i moved here since 2018 and i share basically everything thati've learned i am a mother of two and i will be super honest um when i moved to costa ricai had i didn't have everything mapped out so you might think that i know a lot about movingto costa rica and about that perhaps you think.

That i knew everything before my move but theopposite is true uh yeah i knew some things but i figured it out while i go that is always mymy my mission statement figure it out as you go um this is better grammar i guess i am from thenetherlands originally right so if you hear my weird accent that's my accent um so yeah hereis why uh i would move to costa rica in 2022 again if i had to do it again um looking at thecircumstances in the world right now rules and regulations are changing constantly it's not clearif if vaccinations will be mandatory yes or no it's not clear rules about uh investing uh aboutdigital nomads permits um they're a lot not clear right there's a lot in movement all the time allthe time and especially now i must say according to mandates etc now why would i come here anywaysagain it's based i think it has you can disconnect.

It from the movement right now uh accordingto uh to health and and vaccinations and stuff i know that if there's others like me livingsomewhere you are never alone and you can figure things out if your dream was to move to costarica with your family like myself and by the way dirk is picking me up because we're going totown so i'm kind of here with my shopping bag and ready for him and he will probably drive up onour driveway um my um my consideration to move was not based on having everything in place myconsideration to move was based on my dream that i was done with the netherlands and that i justwanted to live in costa rica and that i trust my myself and costa rica and other human beingsthat if i want to live here it's figured out uh and that there's a way for me to do itso and that's exactly what happened so.

There is no guarantee about rules and regulationsand how things will gonna be there is never a guarantee about anything except for one thing thatyou are in charge of your thoughts your commitment and and your actions right so and you can alsoi believe that you have the right to trust the process in the good of all uh there'salways helpful people were there along my way in my moving process to costa rica whohelped me that was not that was undoable to to know that at forehand they just appearedalong my way in my move to costa rica right so if you want to have everything mapped out everythingguaranteed like uh if you're not here yet and you're already worried about your border onebecause you gonna start as a perpetual tourist you are losing precious time and and usingnights to skip sleep because you're worried.

Which you should not this is what i've done i justcame here and thought okay first i have to just focus on getting there and getting my gettingrid of all my stuff getting our family here and then i start figuring it out and givemyself two three weeks to to settle in okay what's important is to figure out howdo others do that with the perpetual tourism where do they do their visa runs oh there arethe beast is coming i need to open up the gate yes so you're gonna meet my husband too inthis video if you're gonna stick with me open oh opening no oh obviously he'snot ready let me open up the gate uh so yeah um this is just my way yeah anddon't pay me on it it might not be your way there's never guarantees in life the onlyguarantee you have is how you want things.

And how you do things especially how you feel ohsofia want to come but you cannot come you have to stay she always wants to come it's importantthat you dare to trust your god dare to trust your vision if you want to move to costa rica doit anyways and figure it out i'm not saying this is your waiters people get so stressed whenthey're not sure about how to do a visa run even if they're still in their current countrythat's not me i think you make it over complicated and the best thing to go step by step and iassure you there are so many expats in costa rica who already moved to costa rica there will bealways people who can share information with you i am probably one of them but my style might be notyour style i know that it's not everyone's style just leave everything i am totally not a fan oftraining along all my stuff i left everything i.

Sold everything we came with two suitcases and abackpack and i moved to costa rica i would do it again in 2022 no matter what because my dream tobe here was bigger than my fear of how things were going to be i knew i was done with the netherlandsi knew i was done with the with the concrete style of living in in my big city the hague iwas done with seeing monkeys in zeus i rather have monkeys here in trees if you know why youwant to move to costa rica and super strong then you know consider to do it anyways andfigure it out you're not by yourself i have to open up this place so yes i would go to costa ricaagain also because the people are super friendly it's super expat friendly there's still lots ofthere are still lots of investment opportunities you can perfectly work online like i do myselfi'm a digital nomad oh actually but i'm sorry.

For that but i am not nomadic it's not that i'mtraveling because i think the world is not super travel friendly um flights are being cancelledand being rescheduled and you don't want to be stuck when some kind of rule is changing whileyou're in the plane that's my point of view but costa rica is so happy with you costarica is friendly kosheri gas beautiful we bought our car our vehicles our propertyoh can you just help me open it with one hand uh yeah you push and i so this is our old car webought it here not saying you should do everything like i do i'm buying an old car but i'm justsaying i would do it all over again in 2022 and move to costa rica with this amazing guyfather of my kids because costa rica is amazing i think the world right now is kind ofchaotic anyways why would you stop why.

Would you cancel on your dream and notmove to costa rica i would do it anyways because i so love it here every day it brings mejoy to wake up with the sound of the animals to sit in this old timer car with a lot of noiseso i wanted to thank you for watching my video i hope to meet you one day in costa rica 2022i will definitely do it guys i hope that i can motivate you and if you're curiouswhat it is that i do to make my living i love minimalism you know that right i i i don'tlike editing and i love minimalism but i make very very good money here in costa rica there's lotsof um investment opportunities here in costa rica and right now the world like crypto onlinemarketing i do it all or not oh i do a lot of it and i can teach you how just connect with me ihave several links below my videos just check them.

Out connect with me learn more about my coachingprogram be the master i have some spots left and also if you want to learn more about affiliatemarketing and how to set that up from scratch um consider to click the first link below anywaysthank you so much for watching well i'll see you in costa rica 2020 2022. i hope i said the yearnumber right 2022 awesome see you there bye-bye
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