Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market is back in the green with some altcoins starting to go back to their all-time highs in today's video i'm going to share with you 10 rapid fire all coins that i bought personally during this dip and these all coins i believe have massive upside potential and the best part is all of these are.

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Very time sensitive and you're not going to want to miss out also please know that everything i say in this video is not financial advice these videos are for educational and inspirational purposes only in full disclosure i do own some of the cryptocurrencies that i will be discussing in this video all right so before i share with you the top.

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In the last few days and some of these all coins i've been sharing with you here on this channel but let's get into them very very quickly and share with you why i did the first altcoin that i ended up picking up is kadena now let me share with you briefly what kadena is and why i actually bought this altcoin kadena focuses on safer smart contracts.

So whether you're writing your first contract or launching the 50th dap kadena automatically detects bugs and pact frees you from exploits that you'll face on ethereum and other unsafe platforms kadena also offers no cost transactions that's right no cost while kadena still does offer marginal transaction fees for customers they have.

Gone a step further in introducing the first crypto gas station to allow businesses to eliminate all transaction fees for their customers kadena is also energy efficient at scale as network demand increases cadena's energy use remains constant its unique architecture makes it the only platform that can deliver increased energy efficient as.

Tps scales now they also have proven security our founders experience at jpmorgan revealed the limitations of existing blockchain solutions to solve for the security and throughput demand of financial service clients kadena runs on proof of work which is reliable secure and battle hardened and one of the most important things about kadena.

Is its industrial scalability unlike other platforms kadena is designed to power global financial systems our protocol continually scales to higher tps as more chains are added to the network now kadena also has some massive partners they're partnered with cosmos ledger polka dot tara flux rapt coin metro ceelo zelkor and many others as.

You can see at the time of this recording kadena is sitting at 17 and if we take a look at the chart you can see it is still way pumped up could it come back down a little bit further absolutely but i did buy a little bit right at the 16 mark the reason why is because i believe this cryptocurrency is undervalued at a 2 billion dollar market.

Cap i could easily seeing it go to 5 maybe even ten in the future and this is one i personally wanted to have a little exposure to and this is why kadena is your first rapid fire all coin now your second rapid fire all coin is going to be the smashing of the like button all coin no i'm just kidding it's xrp but if you've enjoyed this video so far smash.

Up that like button click the subscribe button and hit that notification bell because i make new videos for you every single day here on this channel and many of you my followers and subscribers have been making some very sweet profits congratulations for taking action the number two rapid fire coin which is xrp as you can see right now the timeless.

Recording xrp is still under a dollar and to me if we take a look at the chart purely this is incredibly undervalued you can see the total market cap dominance is only one percent and the market cap itself is 46 billion dollars i know you might be saying joe that's a lot it's already a top ten coin how high can it really go what i keep looking at.

Is the all-time high this is one of the only cryptocurrencies in the top 10 that has not reached its all-time high almost four years ago and right now at the time of this recording it is sitting at minus 71 off that all-time high again the goal is to buy low and sell high xrp is one of those coins that makes you wait forever but once it finally actually.

Moves you can see it makes this parabolic growth move like this xrp four years ago went literally from 20 cents all the way to three dollars if we were to see something similar happen this would put xrp literally at 15 to 20 dollars if not more now please understand that we have no idea what will happen and this is not financial.

Advice nor should anything in this video or any of my videos be considered such you need to do your own research and you should never risk more than you can afford to lose that being said xrp under a dollar was just too good of a bargain for me to grab here towards the end of the year and this is why it is your number two cryptocurrency rapid fire all.

Coin now your number three rapid fire all coin is going to be hex now we have some very special news with hex and you can see right now sitting at 17 cents down in the red yet again i've talked about this coin multiple multiple times and i want to share with you some breaking news about this cryptocurrency and why i do believe it is set to.

Explode in the near future richard hart who is the one who created hex said on twitter literally a day ago pulse swap will probably have a sacrifice face a few weeks before mainnet now the reason why i'm sharing this with you is because we just had a sacrifice phase for pulse token in the summer and a bunch of people bought a ton of hex and.

Sacrificed it in order to get the new pls token if we take a look at the chart right now if i refresh this at the time of this recording hex is now sitting at 17.57 cents and if we take a look at the max chart you can see that hacks went all the way as high as 50 cents and when this announcement was launched is back all the way in may this is when richard.

Hart announced that he was going to be forking and creating his own version of ethereum and as you can see hex literally went from two cents all the way to 50 cents that's literally a 25x within a matter of months now of course nothing goes up forever and with hex if you understand the tokenomics liquidity and everything else it has come crashing.

Down 60 70 80 many times in its history and you can see right now it looks like it is forming a nice bottoming formation but if we have another sacrifice face for another new token i believe it's going to function very similarly to what we saw in the summer now again we have no idea what will happen but all i know is that once this ecosystem starts.

Getting going also going to get a free copy over on this ecosystem of your ethereum hack so i could see with the price being this low and with a rumor of another new sacrifice phase coming within weeks of the main net which could be right around the corner i believe hex could be a sleeping gem sitting here at 17 cents and this is why it is your.

Third rapid fire all coin now your fourth rapid fire all coin which was one that i've been accumulating myself a lot of and i wish i would have gotten it even earlier is avalanche if you're brand new to what avalanche is let me share with you briefly so that you understand why i'm actually accumulating this coin and why i think it has massive.

Potential avalanche is a blazingly fast low-cost and eco-friendly smart contract platform and if we come over to trader joe xyz.com you can see this is one of the biggest avalanche exchanges at the time of this recording and it works very similar to something like uniswap and pancake swap and ever since this was.

Created avalanche has absolutely exploded if you click on the trade here you can trade avalanche for a variety of other cryptocurrencies and if we take a look at the four-hour chart here of avalanche you can see it came all the way back from 60 all the way as high as 150 and it started to retrace and is looking and is looking like it is.

Holding this 100 level as support this is actually when i started to jump into avalanches right around this 100 mark now again i totally understand this is definitely riskier than getting in way back here and this is why i just picked up a little bit of avalanche i truly do believe that this is a three to five hundred dollar coin in this bull run and.

Maybe even higher if things continue to develop and the fact that they have a decentralized exchange where you can pair your tokens you can also come over to the pool and pool all these tokens together you can see you can add avalanche and all these other tokens and there's literally hundreds of millions of dollars in liquidity this to me right.

Here shows that people are not going to be selling a lot of this avalanche token it's literally sitting in these pools earning yield but that's not all they also have farming and you can see there's 1.23 billion dollars in total tvl locked up right now and the truth is half of these tokens are in avalanche tokens that's.

Like more than half a billion dollars in avalanche just sitting in these pools here on trader joe i believe once more people actually figure out this ecosystem more coins actually start booming and more liquidity is added here i think avalanche is going to explode and this is why it is your number four rapid fire all coin now your number five.

Rapid fire all coin is going to be polka dot now just looking at the chart if we take a look here polka dot has absolutely exploded new all-time highs to 50 and has since retraced now for whatever reason polka dot makes these nice runs and then it gets absolutely crushed you can see that is sitting at minus 35 from its all-time high just 24.

Days ago but i think polka dot being another smart contract platform is incredibly undervalued for multiple different reasons the first is that all systems are a go and the parachain launch is here and according to coin telegraph akala won the very first polka dot parachain auction with over 32 million dot staked the polka dot defy.

Hub raised nearly 1.3 billion dollars from approximately 25 000 contributors in its token ico akalo raised a total of 32.5 million dots which is worth roughly 1.28 billion from the 24 934 contributors this has got to be one of the biggest pre-sales we've ever seen in cryptocurrency history so.

Congratulations to akala and congratulations to polkadot but the thing that i want to share with you and why this is so important is that this is just one of the para chain auctions it's going to be many more in the future and in order to secure one of these para chain auctions you will need to stake polka dot again the more polka dot that.

Is staked by these pair chains the more that well naturally will be taken off the market and this is where you can see these nice massive run-ups so with parachains rolling out and new projects coming to polka dot each and every day this is why it is your fifth rapid fire all coin now your sixth rapid fire all coin is going to be shiba inu now i know.

What you might be saying joe shiba inu a meme coin what are you doing well let me share with you what's happening i do believe here that shiba inu is looking like it wants to come back even maybe a little bit lower but it might hold right here and this is where i've started to accumulate a little bit of sheba now is it a lot of money to me no but i wanted.

To have some exposure to this crypto because i believe this one is still set to explode and if we go back to all-time highs i will literally more than double my money and if we break these all-time highs i think things could go absolutely berserk we have seen this happen time and time again with this crypto and whenever shiba makes these massive moves.

It also has these massive corrections well the goal is to buy low and sell high and unfortunately people get caught in the hype and the hysteria of this cryptocurrency actually going up and up and up instead of being patient waiting for it to bottom and buying it when no one's talking about it and nobody wants it as i have shared about sheba enu.

Multiple times on this channel it's more than just a meme coin at this point it has evolved into a vibrant ecosystem and with recent news like robin hood saying it might not need coins like shiba inu on its platform this is why we are starting to see this massive sell-off but if this does ever turn around it might not be a bad idea to have a little.

Bit of exposure uh please do understand that i did not go all in on sheba i did pick up a little bit of this but again it's really money that is irrelevant to me at this time it's literally less than one percent of my portfolio and if this does end up going to zero it's really not that big of a deal for me so please do understand that you should never risk.

More than you can afford to lose especially with cryptocurrencies that have this much risk but if you take a look at the all-time high we are sitting at minus 54 from about a month ago and the shiba inu token has definitely started to cool off but like i said this is where there could be some opportunity and this is why shiba is your sixth.

Rapid fire all coin now your seventh rap fire all coin is going to be ftx token now if you don't know what the ftx token is let me share with you a little bit more about ftx and why i actually grabbed some of this crypto exchange ftx just raised 420 million dollars from 69 investors in a meme funding round now the bahama-based firm said thursday it.

Raised a fresh set of cash from a total of 69 investors including the ontario teachers pensions plan board singapore's domestic blackrock and sequoia specifically the company said it attracted a total of 420 million 690 000 in its latest round with 420 and 69 being a nod to the meme culture now if you don't know a lot about this project.

Sam bankman freud is the ceo of the exchange and ftx is an exchange it's very similar to coinbase and binance ftx is one of the world's largest digital currency exchanges competing with the likes of coinbase binance and kraken it specializes in derivatives and trading on leverage the use of borrowed funds to amplify trades we founded ftx two years.

Ago with the idea of creating a better financial marketplace today we are focused on establishing ftx as a trustworthy and innovative exchange by regularly engaging with regulators around the world and consistently seeking opportunities to enhance our offerings for digital asset investors so here i am on ftx's website and if you.

Are from the united states you may not be able to use all of its functions so please be aware of that at this time but you can see it's very similar to any other of these cryptocurrency centralized exchanges like i've mentioned coinbase or kraken and if you scroll down you can see that you can trade futures spot you can take leverage.

You can stake you can convert your fiat there are prediction markets and you can trade anywhere and anytime by downloading the ftx mobile app in fact they literally just bought out the first major us stadium with the miami-dade county which is now called the ftx stadium and is home to the miami heat the deal which was approved by the.

Miami-dade board was worth 135 million dollars over 19 years and ftx has won the naming rights to the entertainment venue currently known as american airlines arena and like i've shared with you multiple times here with cryptocurrency typically it's the cryptocurrencies that have the best marketing that tend to rise in value and.

The reason for this is because of the mere exposure effect and with a market cap of only seven billion dollars i think compared to a lot of the other exchange cryptocurrencies like binance and the bnb token i think this one is set to explode and again we just saw crypto.com reached new all-time highs and i think ftx token is primed to do.

Something very similar in the near future and this is why it is your seventh cryptocurrency rapid fire all coin on your eighth rapid fire all coin is going to be one called metahero now i actually talked about meta hero literally months ago in the summer when this cryptocurrency was right around three cents and i said that i gave this.

Product a 3.85 out of 5 stars and there's a lot of things that i did like about it and right now with the metaverse absolutely exploding in this cryptocurrency about to reach new all-time highs i think if it breaks all-time highs we could see this one set to explode if you don't know what meta hero is let me take you back in time and.

Share with you more about this crypto metahero is a next-gen deflationary real utility token they have partnered with wolf studio which is a global leading 3d scanning and modeling company to help create avatars for gaming social fashion and scan artwork to create nfts the use case for this type of technology is only limited by our imagination now i do.

Think what meta hero is doing is a really cool concept basically taking virtual reality and putting it in the real world now let's test out some more fundamentals with their tokenomics hiro is a deflationary token with a zero to ten percent fee on every transaction they also have smart staking where zero to two percent of each transaction is.

Redistributed to all stakeholders there's also a burn of zero to two percent for each transaction decreasing the supply of heroes there's also auto liquidity zero to six percent of every transaction is automatically added to lock liquidity and there also will be a buyback and burn and this can be initiated when liquidity exceeds 10.

Million dollars now the utility for the hero token is that it can only be used to transact in the ecosystem for real world utility you can also use the hero app to pay for scans in 3d chamber locations you can also monitor all of your stats in one place and there's also staking rewards meta hero also has quite the road map you can see in q2 they've.

Done a lot of marketing campaigns with youtube amms pre-launch and other awareness marketing and pr campaigns we're now in q3 where they've launched their token on pancake swap they've also launched the app on android and there's much more to come in the next few months and it is so crazy to look back in time and see just three months ago that meta.

Hero was was literally sitting at two cents when i covered that crypto so congratulations if you've been taking action on this channel smash up the like button click the subscribe button and hit the notification bell so you do not miss out on these time-sensitive videos and so that you can make some very sweet gains and this is why meta hero is your.

Number eight cryptocurrency altcoin gem now your number nine cryptocurrency altcoin gem is going to be the cake token if we take a look at the chart of cake right now it has absolutely gotten destroyed and it is literally sitting at minus 69 from its all-time high seven months ago now there is a lot of inflation with the cake token and when.

Things turn bearish this is one that people do sell a lot of if you take a look at this chart here it looks like the bottom was right around this 12 to 13 mark and it looks like we've come and touched this mark literally just a few days ago to me this cryptocurrency is insanely undervalued for multiple different reasons first its market cap.

Is literally only three billion dollars for being one of the biggest decentralized exchanges in the world if we take a look at their website you can see that pancake swap is used by millions of people and trusted with billions of dollars currently in the last 30 days there's been 2.8 million users with 31 million trades and there.

Is currently 12 billion dollars staked in total value locked on this platform and another reason why i like the cake token is because you can earn passive income with your crypto just by staking these tokens or other tokens here on pancake swap dot finance as you can see the top farms right now are letting you earn literally hundreds of percent in.

Apr and if you come over to the syrup pools you can see for manual cake and auto cake staking that means you just buy the token and stake it you can earn 78 apy just for holding your crypto and for the manual one you can earn 58 that is an insane number just for buying and staking this crypto now the truth is there's a lot more risk involved though.

Because you can see the price fluctuating here in the right hand corner and if keg does decide to go down it really doesn't matter how much apy you're earning because you really want to be earning more of this token if it continues to go up but in my mind with millions of users and billions of dollars locked up and the fact the chart.

Looks so depressed this to me could be an undervalued all coin this is why it is your number nine rapid fire altcoin and your last but certainly not least rapid fire altcoin is going to be ethereum now ethereum yes the number two cryptocurrency i believe is still undervalued that's right at four thousand dollars if we take a look at.

The chart here you can see ethereum is still sitting in this very nice uptrend and while it is only sitting at minus eleven percent at the time of this recording from its all-time high i believe ethereum is primed to go to five ten maybe even fifteen thousand dollars and beyond in this bull run now you may not be able to get five x 10 x 50 x or.

100 x teams with this crypto but the truth of the matter is aetherium is literally the silver to bitcoin's gold and if bitcoin continues to move towards the upside as we're seeing here with a very nice green candle i think ethereum is primed to do something very similar and this is why it is your number 10 final rapid fire all coin here in this.

Video so if you've enjoyed this video smash up the like button click the subscribe button and hit that notification bell to be notified every single day when i come out with these new videos are very time sensitive and you're not going to want to miss out if you want to join more than 2 000 others and learn how to get into these new.

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