Our privacy coins about to take off if we do take a look at the top gainers in the last 24 hours we can see that privacy coins are standing out we've got monero up 25 today zed cash up 20 today and dash up 12 so more or less the top gainers in the top 100 are dominated by privacy coins now with everything that's happening in.

The world right now i do personally think that more people are waking up to privacy in cryptocurrencies uh before we did see how bitcoin uh addresses were censored by exchanges in the canadian truck protests and oh yeah once again that does pose a very important question as to whether or not um you know bitcoin is truly censorship resistant as it is.

Once again a fully public chain so once again that is where privacy coins do come in privacy coins really haven't had a run in ages and in my opinion they are about due so here are three more privacy coin projects that i am looking very very closely at that i do think could be top gainers if privacy coins do start to move.

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Like this video as i do go into some other privacy coin projects that i'm really bullish on also this video will not be focusing on the main privacy coins which are once again you know zed cash and monero as you guys probably already know about them there's no real point really talking about them you guys probably want to hear about new projects.

That have a lot more potential so well oh yeah without the way let's actually get into it now the first privacy corner i do want to talk about is actually quite a small cap project that is on the third page of coin gecko and it is called derral so daryl is a general purpose private and scalable decentralized application.

Platform that allows developers to deploy powerful and unstoppable applications while users retain total control over their assets with complete privacy so you can see right here that it does have fast block times just about 18 seconds um it enables private smart contracts which i will get into a bit.

Later um and yeah it is also run on proof of work as the people behind this project do believe that proof of work is actually a lot more secure and decentralized than proof of stake so getting into uh more of the tech side of this blockchain um yeah daryl uses something called the homomorphic encryption blockchain.

Protocol which essentially combines homomorphic encryption and an account based model which is currently what ethereum uses to provide instant transactions as well as security and privacy homomorphic encryption is a type of encryption that allows operations to be performed on encrypted data without.

Decrypting it first in essence operations can be performed without revealing any underlying data now as for transactions per second it can currently handle 750 transactions per second which in my opinion is more than enough for at least the near future and i do believe you know this project.

Is continuously getting updated so that number should be moving up as well so all around this does look like a neat project however the main thing once again that does stand out to me is the fact that this is a privacy project that you can actually build applications on top of once again it has its own um virtual machine called the dero virtual.

Machine and um yeah you can build truly privacy preserving applications on a completely decentralized blockchain now technically there is an argument out there that this is actually the only blockchain that currently allows you to build truly decentralized private smart contract applications as if we do take a look at uh the other blockchain right.

Now where you can do private smart contracts which is the secret network um technically speaking their entire platform relies on hardware built by intel that is completely true their trusted execution environment is literally reliant on technology by intel meaning that uh 1080p speaking as we do speak right now um yeah the secret.

Network just relies on a single company and the hardware that company does produce now granted in the future they do plan on changing this i'm pretty sure this is on their road map so again they won't have to rely truly on intel but as it stands right now you can only use intel hardware to run a node on the secret network which once again in my.

Opinion still makes secret network pretty much centralized so that in my opinion is the main selling point for daryl now taking a look at the uh tokenomics in my opinion i'm not too worried about this um this is pretty much more or less following the.

Uh same trajectory that bitcoin had it has 21 million coins and if we do look at the current supply right now due to the fact that the coin has already been out for a pretty significant amount of time um you know it doesn't seem like we have too much inflation in front of us and um yeah i'm personally not too much uh yeah.

I'm personally not too worried about inflation now once again not financial advice that's just my personal opinion i could be completely wrong about derral but uh yeah let's move on to the next coin core number two i do want to talk about is a potential winner but for the extremely long term as they are building something truly game changing in my.

Opinion and that is the meaner protocol now i have talked about this before but in case you guys don't know essentially using zero knowledge proofs which is a pretty complex uh you know piece of mathematics that is also used for privacy technology they found a way to essentially compress the size of the entire blockchain down to the size of a.

Tweet no matter how many transactions there are and this means that pretty much one of the biggest issues with blockchains out there which is blockchain bloat has been solved so right now the main issue why bitcoin and ethereum can't just scale it's because you know the more trends the more transactions they do allow on.

Chain the bigger the blockchain gets and the more expensive it becomes to run a node and if it gets too expensive to run a node it may mean that less people start running nodes and the entire platform becomes centralized which defeats the entire point of a decentralized blockchain so you can more or less see here on this infographic.

Sort of how it works they take a zero knowledge uh proof of the blockchain every now and then which essentially just keeps it at a static size basically the size of a tweet um and this also means that potentially speaking mina could become not only the most not only a private blockchain but also one of the most decentralized.

Blockchains out there as running a node will literally just be as simple as having something on your computer that is the size of a tweet meaning that pretty much everyone using mina should easily be able to run a node you could run a mina node on your phone you could do it on pretty much any single hardware now this in my opinion is a breakthrough.

In mathematics and is a cutting edge um pretty scientific based blockchain so you know i do see a very very bright future for this potentially but yeah one of the other cool things about using zero knowledge proofs to essentially build uh the backbone of your blockchain is that zero knowledge proofs or zk snarks are also a privacy uh protocol.

And in the near future mina protocol will be coming out with something called snaps so snaps which is just an abbreviation for snark application referring to zk snarks um is essentially just a new type of decentralized application that use cryptography to conduct a trustless blockchain transaction and using the.

Power of zk snarks snaps can prove knowledge without needing to expose all pieces of information which does lead to privacy now the types of privacy enabled transactions offered by mina snaps are not only highly secure and highly private but also highly scalable even in comparison to ethereum adapts once again.

You know privacy is very very good for a blockchain but you do actually have to think about mass adoption and you do actually have to think about scalability so there are a bunch of uh you know reasons as to why exactly that is the case they are pretty complex i'm going to go too much into them but um yeah if we do actually check out the roadmap we.

Can see more or less when snarks should be released so if we do see the roadmap right now uh we should be getting a snap test net basically q2 of 2022. if i do scroll down on mainnet we should see basic functionality of snaps enabled in q3 of 2022 i'm sure pretty soon after that we should see.

Um you know more function and yeah more functionality being added to snaps and etc now another very very interesting note is zk roll ups now they have said to be determined right now zk roll ups are still more or less being built and uh i guess figured out on ethereum um a lot of zk rod ups are still more or less.

Considered to be in test net so um yeah in my opinion this shouldn't take too long to be released on mina as the technology is already pretty much there but once again this should allow for instantaneous transactions on top of mina and also a ton of scalability so last but not least mina is also backed by some of the best names in.

Crypto including poly chain coinbase adventures and uh yeah more recently three arrows capital and quite a few more other big names now for the potential that i do see in mina protocol um you know i do think once again because this is solving pretty much every major um issue with blockchain technology right now.

Currently in one in a very elegant solution once again i do think this has um you know the potential to be one of the largest blockchains out there however it is very very risky and it will still take a time for them to roll out the technology once again it is very possible that uh you know something goes wrong as this is literally building on.

Cutting edge tech but yeah i do have hope in the mean of protocol and once again if it does complete its vision i do see a ton of gains coming for it not financial advice but let's get on to the last coin last but not least i do think these coins also have a ton of potential but um yeah essentially these are the layer.

Twos based on zero knowledge proofs being built on top of ethereum so essentially zk roll ups now the first one i do want to talk about is starkwear and uh you guys have probably heard about starkware before if you've heard about pretty much anything to do with layer twos on ethereum uh currently immutable x uses um starkware technology.

And so does dydx so it is already getting a ton of usage but um yeah they are coming out with their own uh permissionless zk roll up called stark net that should be essentially just a general layer 2 for the entire ethereum ecosystem so you can see right here stocknet is a permissionless decentralized zk roll up.

It operates as a layer 2 network over ethereum enabling any dap to achieve unlimited scale for its computation without compromising ethereum's composability and security so as a whole this is just a scaling solution for ethereum to allow for instance instant transactions and a ton of scalability however because it is also based on zero.

Knowledge proof technology um it should in theory allow it to also become private now right now there isn't actually a coin out for starkware and a lot of these layer twos but there are a lot of rumors that they could be coming out with their own token as you know we've already seen a ton of layer twos come.

Out with their own governance token to essentially control the layer two in a decentralized way so once again i do think starting it has a good chance of doing that if it does do that i will be looking very closely and potentially investing into it another layer two based on zero knowledge proofs that could also provide privacy to ethereum.

Is zk6 now this also does not have a token but there are still a bunch of rumors that they may come out with one so those are some privacy projects that i'm really liking at the moment um once again if you guys do like these research videos like and sub for more and i'll see you guys soon if you guys are serious about making.

Life-changing profits in cryptocurrency you do need a token metrics account tokametrix leverages ai to create a ton of very useful products including my favorite one which constructs you a portfolio to hopefully outperform anything else you can see right here that in the last year this portfolio has outperformed bitcoin by almost a 10x.

They also have many on-chain indicators they also rate as many coins as you can imagine and not only that if you do join the premium or vip tiers which is what i'm a part of you get access to a private telegram group filled with wall street veterans and programmers that constantly scour the market for 100x gems i personally found a few from this.

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