Would you like to know the next hottest cryptocurrency coins that are going to be launching in march of 2022 even in a bear market does this sound too good to be true in today's video i'm going to be sharing with you my top three all coins for march and the best part is these all coins haven't even hit the market yet giving you the chance to get in first so.

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Know that everything i say in this video is not financial advice these videos are for educational and inspirational purposes only in full disclosure i do own some of the cryptocurrencies that i will be discussing in this video all right so before i share with you three altcoins here in march that i truly do believe have massive upside potential.

And maybe even 100x potential i want to share with you some amazing updates in our last videos we talked about a project called outer ring now outer ring at the time of this recording is absolutely doing some amazing things from the pre-sale price you can see that it reached new all-time highs just two days ago and is currently sitting right.

Around four cents per auto ring token i wanted to say congratulations if you've been taking action on this channel even during the bear market because you'd be sitting in some very nice profits in fact one of my students was one of the first to get this cryptocurrency as soon as it launched and they took one bnb and turned it into more than seven bnb.

Within less than a week a 6bnb profit is approximately 2200. and that's just from one project alone so if you're interested in learning exactly how to be like one of my students and multiply your money with crypto click the links down below to join us in vip in our online class many of my students have multiplied their.

Money exponentially earning thousands of dollars and we can't wait to see you there but now let's get into the good stuff the three altcoins here in march that i believe are set to explode even if the market is going down sideways or potentially up a little bit now that first coin is going to be called bully verse now bully verse is a fantasy.

Metaverse island where you can play games create experiences and earn different rewards and as i've been sharing with you here on this channel for the last few months i believe the metaverse is set to explode and this cryptocurrency project has really caught my eye for numerous reasons first off they have a massive following of 136 000.

Over on twitter and we have some important time sensitive details and alerts to go over with you right now the token generation event for this cryptocurrency is going to be on march 9th and this is where you're going to be able to get the bull token and they have a massive premier listing if you're one of the first ones to get this bold token.

They have some incredible staking rewards that you can get right away in fact their biggest staking program which has a 1 million usd evaluation for early believers in bully verse is going to go live tomorrow and that's not all either one mint pass for each 10 000 r bowl will give you pre-sale access and a white list to future bully vs nft.

Collections for the next two years also going to have loot boxes which give you surprise rewards in-game assets cosmetics skins weapons shell credits bull credits and season passes and another massive indicator for me of why i believe that this project has massive upside potential not only in the short term but in the long run is that bully.

Versus doing a burning drop on kucoin and the subscription is starting today at 10 a.m utc so let me teach you more about bullyverse what the project is all about its vision the tokenomics and how you can be one of the first ones to buy this cryptocurrency and where bullyverse is an open metaverse developed for a community of players and creators it's.

Built using unreal engine 3 and the graphics look insanely good it's also built for the web3 citizen to have an immersive environment resulting in a high quality gaming platform and experience where users can come to play to earn but more importantly experience the metaverse bully is also set to evolve into a community-owned metaverse.

With the decentralized autonomous organization or dao theme they will also have play to earn nft integration mini games and much more what i think is really cool about this project right now is that they already have nfts on openc you can see that over 10 000 citizens now live on the bully ever island if you come here to open sea this is where you.

Can actually buy these nfts and you can see the current floor price is only .14 ethereum but a thing that really caught my attention was the volume traded which is over 770 ethereum which is literally millions of dollars and if we take a look at the tokenomics themselves you can see the vesting schedule where the seed private and ido round only receive.

5 8 and 20 that will be unlocked at the token generation event and then they will not get their tokens for over a year the team and advisors also have cliffs with a majority of the tokens going to a dow treasury and retroactive rewards now another thing that really caught my eye with this project is the massive amount of partners that they.

Have partnered with and these are some of the biggest partners and vcs in the game today you can see that they have partnered with polygon themselves banter capital spark 18 ventures seedify and many other really solid launch pads incubators and many other investors and partners there's nothing more satisfying to me personally than helping you find.

Some of the best tier projects as well as some of the projects that have the best partners for long-term sustainability as i know a lot of these cryptocurrency coins especially the new ones take time to develop and build but just taking a look at bully verse right now there's a lot going for it and this is why it is your first altcoin that i.

Believe is set to explode here in march now your second altcoin for march 2022 that is set to explode is going to be the smashing of the like button all coin no i'm just kidding it's a new all coin called ada lend and let me share with you why i think that this cryptocurrency has some massive potential according to an article by bitcoinus adalend which is.

Going to be a protocol that brings decentralized lending to the cardano blockchain sold out its private sale in less than an hour seven angel investors purchased the entire allocation of 1.8 million cardano native tokens adal for a total of 540 thousand dollars the seed round was also over subscribed by more than 400 percent and this shows a.

Reflection of a huge demand of high quality cardano native d5 projects as the launch of ada smart contracts with alonso has passed in the last few months right now at the time of this recording they are picking up more and more twitter subscribers and followers and you can see this ido will be exclusive on the following blue zillion launchpad.

Adapad bsc pad felix pad pulsepad and ethpad now the thing that really stuck out to me was the initial market cap for this cryptocurrency coin is only going to be 451 000 for a massive d5 protocol like this this is absolutely peanuts and the launch pad public sale is set for march 14th according to their website now i.

Understand that a lot of these cryptocurrency coins are down for these launch pads and incubators but this is where it just takes one or two of these projects to explode where you can get some very sweet profits now again nothing is ever guaranteed and you need to do your research and of course never risk more than you can afford to lose.

Let me share with you why i'm so excited about this project in particular and even give you some evidence of previous projects that have done extremely well now ada lent is building a scalable and decentralized lending protocol within the cardano ecosystem governed by the community cardano was created as a blockchain platform to aggregate.

Protocols that provide economic support to billions of individuals and it is currently the market leader of proof of stake so ada lend being a scalable and decentralized lending protocol is going to work very similar to something on ethereum right now called ave and you can see ave has over 10 billion dollars in assets currently and with ave this is.

Where you're able to borrow and lend against your cryptocurrencies in a very easy and trustless manner there's no middlemen it's just you and the protocol and you can earn some really awesome apys just by borrowing and or depositing your cryptocurrency so ada lend in theory is looking to be the ave but within the cardano ecosystem and the.

Reason why this is so massive is because more and more people are gonna start using the cardano blockchain and with more liquidity coming over and more money pouring into this i believe it's only a matter of time for a project like a to lend it just take off you see over the last decade decentralized finance or d5 has been forced to evolve in order to.

Keep pace with the development of digital assets ada lending protocol with adalen will power the new wave of flexible financial markets by serving as a foundational layer for instant loan approval automated collateral trustless custody and liquidity you might be asking yourself well why would i even invest in a project like this if ave is.

Already working here's why cardano itself may be superior to ethereum but again this is just speculation cardano was built as a collection of protocols that could offer economic support to billions of people and right now cardano has cheaper fees than ethereum also able to send transactions faster i believe it's going to create a better user.

Experience than ethereum in the very near future now here are some of the core features of ada len and why they are raising the bar first it's going to be permissionless this is where you'll be able to lend on any pairing their governance is going to ensure the best offers and availability that only the safest oracles can use they also have.

Something called incentivized liquidity liquidity is predicated on having enough assets in each pool in order to facilitate lending ada lent addresses this requirement by incentivizing users to deposit assets and provide liquidity adaland also has community governance this is where token holders can establish consensus by voting on the.

Governance proposals they will also have an ecosystem foundation layer which will attract assets and build incentives that will empower an ecosystem for financial products another thing that i really like is that this is the docs team and they are right here on the website with many blockchain developers in their group and you can see that they have a.

Full team at this time have some really big milestones coming up in 2022 and beyond now if there is one concern with this project is the fact that the seed sale did go to seven individuals so they do hold the majority of these tokens very important to pay attention to that centralization within a d5 protocol however you're still able to get in.

Early with these launch pads and incubators if you want to learn exactly how all of these work click the links down below for my online class and join our vip today so that you can get in early before anyone else i have many tutorials showing you step by step exactly how to work be a cpad eda pad vellus pad pulse pad and eat pad like i.

Shared with you earlier many of my students have multiplied their money and have made their money and then some for the cost of the course within just one or two projects if you're interested click the links down below and your third and final cryptocurrency project to keep an eye on for march is going to be dot pad now i've been sharing dot pad.

For literally the last few months we do have some updates right now dot pad is focused on unifying the polka dot ecosystem and we still do not know an exact launch date but i do believe it could be right around the corner and definitely one that you want to be watching for here in march so let me share with you even more about dot pad.

How you can be one of the first ones to get out on this project a dot pad is going to be another incubator and launch pad for the polka dot ecosystem using substrate kusama and polka dot one of the major things that i look for in incubators is launch pads is their partnerships and dot pad has partnered with the dot fund and this is really.

Important because this is going to unlock some of the very best projects on the polka dot ecosystem and maximizing the number of high quality opportunities that dot pad participants that will be able to participate in they also have a working relationship with master ventures dot fund which means there'll be greater exposure to you the investor.

As i've shared with you many times here on this channel polkastarter has incubated some incredible projects on the polka dot ecosystem in fact many of these projects have done extraordinarily well and if dot pad can even capture a fraction of what pokestarter has been able to do for its projects this is where i believe this project could.

Definitely succeed now another thing to pay attention to is the tokenomics of this project because they have a 7.5 of the fees will be rewarded stakers for sell fees and 2.5 will be burned forever and you will need to stake your dot pad tokens in order to participate but there is a 25 burn fee if you do early on state but if you wait 21 days to unstake.

There will be no fees for you to do so a dot pat is going to be the first deflationary launch pad for substrate kusama and the polka dot ecosystem and we will have more information on the ido date specifically as well as how to complete kyc and how to actually participate again you can find all this information in my vip program as i teach.

You step by step how to participate in these pre-sales now dot pad will also have an ultra low market cap with just 290 000 and this is where i do believe a project like this could potentially hit the 100 x mark right out of the gate now we do not know the tokenomics just quite yet or the tiered system this is going to be a blue zilla ecosystem project and.

I'm assuming it's going to work very similar to a lot of their other incubators all of these reasons this is why dot pad is a cryptocurrency to watch especially if it launches here in march of 2022. so there you have it those are your three cryptocurrency altcoin gems for march if you've enjoyed this video smash up the like button click the.

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