If you would have bought cryptocurrency coins like polygon matic solana cardano ethereum and bitcoin when they first listed today you would be a multi-millionaire in this video i'm gonna teach you about three cryptocurrency coins that i believe are very undervalued and the best part is two of them haven't even hit the market.

Yet giving you the chance to get in first so if you like all coins and multiplying your money exponentially with cryptocurrency smash up the like button to a new all-time high let's get this video to 5 000 likes thanks again for all of your support and let's get started welcome to the youtube channel my name.

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Alerts giveaways and breaking news make sure to follow me over on twitter and if you want to ask me your questions make sure to follow me over on instagram and click on my instagram stories i will answer as many questions as i can and for even more content make sure to follow me over on tiktok also please know that everything i say in this video.

Is not financial advice these videos are for educational and inspirational purposes only in full disclosure i do own some of the cryptocurrencies that i will be discussing in this video all right so at the time of this recording bitcoin in the entire cryptocurrency market is still kind of trading sideways but today i have three massive all coins.

That i think can really help you multiply your money exponentially let's get right into those coins now the first all coin i'm going to be sharing with you is one called coin xpad now full disclosure coin xpad did reach out to me and this is sponsored content that being said after taking a look at this project i truly do believe that this.

Cryptocurrency can help you my viewers still multiply your money exponentially and let me share with you why coin xpad is the first cex dex multi-chain ido launch pad coin xpad allows you to get access to the best new tokens before they list on other centralized or decentralized exchanges and as you know on this channel i've been sharing with.

You how important it is to get into new cryptocurrency projects early now here are some of the key features that coin expat offers holders and why do you think this is a unique launchpad coin xpad token holders receive a 5 redistribution in usdt what this means is that 5 of every transaction will be redistributed to all holders simply hold.

Coin xpad tokens and you will earn usdt now in order to do this you will need a minimum of 200 000 tokens in order to receive these rewards and you can see right now at the time of this recording coin expat has given back almost 2.5 million dollars just to the holders of this token that's a lot of money another key feature with coin expat is that.

Three percent of every transaction will go towards an auto liquidity pool three percent of every transaction contributes towards this pool automatically goes on to pancake swap and another key feature is that two percent will go for marketing two percent of every transaction is allocated in the marketing budget and this contributes to.

Fuel to platform development and aggressively promote the all-around blockchain space now what i think is really cool is that this usdt is literally paid to your account every 60 minutes and as i mentioned earlier you don't need to claim it just automatically goes into your wallet another key feature about coinxpad is.

That it is a launchpad at its core coin xpad is a platform to find the best new innovated projects and overall investments across the blockchain networks another thing that is key when investing in cryptocurrency is having locked liquidity most of the initial locked liquidity for coin xpad will be locked on unicrypt this smart contract.

Is fully audited by the german company solid proof coin xpad also allows for smart investing their two round system and max cap allocation for each ido will allow holders small or large to have access to high quality projects this also allows for safer investing all projects launched will be vetted and audited to ensure coinx pad investors.

More safely against scam and rug polls now please remember nothing is ever guaranteed in cryptocurrency so you should make sure to always do your own research and remember nothing i say on this channel or any of my videos should be considered financial advice i'm just sharing with you opportunities but anything can happen in crypto so please.

Make sure to always do your own research and remember myself and my team are not responsible for any investment decisions that you make now another cool feature about coin expat is that they are multi-chain supportive this means they're going to have projects on ethereum finance marching polygon polka dots solana and many others now the team.

Has reached out to me personally and overall my communication with them has been very smooth now let me share with you the tokenomics of this project and then we'll get into the price action and why i believe this could be a cryptocurrency to help you multiply your money in more than just one way now the total supply is a hundred billion tokens.

With 50 billion being distributed to pre-salers and 22 billion is in liquidity they also burned 13 billion 5 billion is for development another 5 billion is for research and innovation 2 billion is for partnerships 2 billion is for airdrops and 900 million is for unicrypt fees a coin expat also has more than 16 000 organic token holders in a.

Very active community on telegram twitter and their other social medias this is definitely a healthy sign for a project not only in the short term but also the long run and as this is sponsored content they do have a marketing budget to continue furthering growth of their token and ecosystem they are also working on releasing within the.

Next few months a decentralized launch pad platform which will further increase the cx-pad token utility if we take a look at coin x-pad's price point you can see right now it is definitely down a lot especially from its all-time high in fact when i first covered this cryptocurrency coin it was all the way back here and they went all the way up.

Approximately 15 or 20 x now the entire market has definitely corrected and so has coin expat and this is because its market cap is only six million dollars this is truly a micro micro cap all coin so please understand the volatility in the wrist wouldn't you get into these new cryptos if you were ever looking for an entry point this definitely could be.

An opportunity the reason why i say this is because so many of you say to me well it's so expensive i can't get into these launch pads and incubators but then when the price is so low you go oh well it's just going to keep dipping and i just don't want to buy this cryptocurrency it's going to go down and down and down so the truth is is you have to determine.

Exactly what the risk reward ratio is for you but now let me share with you coin expats updated system and then we're gonna get into two brand new all coins that i think are set to explode on their launch pad coin x-pad has a level tiered system the top tier being diamond where you need to hold 250 million tokens platinum you'll need to hold 125.

Million gold you'll need to hold 60 million silver 30 million and bronze and iron are 15 million and 8 million the bronze and iron tiers no guaranteed allocations are available there is a lottery system but for silver gold platinum and diamond you will be guaranteed an allocation to participate in the pre-sale if you want to learn.

Exactly how to get into these pre-sales and icos make sure to click the links down below for my online class many of my students have been very very successful getting into these pre-sales remember nothing is ever guaranteed the class is sitting at a massive 75 discount to start the new year so click the links down below and join us today.

If we scroll down on coin xpad's website you can see cryo engine and vault hill are two new projects that are coming very soon in fact vault hill is going to be opening in two days and 21 hours and this is why vault hill is your number two cryptocurrency altcoin gem vault hill is an extended reality blockchain based metaverse designed to make you.

Feel more human if we take a look on their twitter they have gained more than 41 000 followers overall this website looks really really sleek vault hill is going to be this human-centric metaverse and as i've shared with you many times on this channel i think metaverses are going to be absolutely massive in 2022 and beyond vault hill is going to be.

Focusing on seven basic human instincts designed using urban planning principles at vault hill every element of our metaverse is constructive vault hill has designed a wondrous city that is split into four islands each containing seven districts these seven districts are themed into experiences that support the basic human instincts of curiosity play.

Idealism romance vitality imagination and community so here's how vault city is going to work users can explore the virtual world build efficiencies play games and interact with other users vault city will have the first virtual world with urban planning and development benefits to ensure users build on their land respectfully you'll.

Also be able to bring your imagination to life with their fully immersive vr simulations that showcase humanity and will enable you to visualize your creativity now the vhc token is going to be the utility token of the vault hill metaverse the token use cases will be a means of exchange a reward token and also it will have governance and here.

You can see they've already posted the contract addresses for both ethereum and polygon and as you can see vault hill has already done their token events with lithium medic launch communities coins bit moon starter super launcher truss swap and last but not least coin xpad which will be happening on january 20th and with all these launch pads coming.

Together i truly do think that vault hill could definitely help you multiply your money exponentially if we take a look at the tokenomics 35 will go for the token sale but 38.6 percent will go for the reward pool 5 will be used for liquidity of the listing 15 for teams and advisors and only 6.4 will be for the reserve now the use of funds will be.

50 for the product 20 for marketing 20 for regulatory and 10 for operation i'm just taking a glance at this project i do truly believe that it has some upside potential if you're able to get into this coin xpad pre-sale potentially get these coin xpad tokens on the cheap this could be a double whammy for you if bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency.

Market continue to go bullish into 2022. if you want to join this ido registration will end literally on january 19th so you only have a few days left to register then the level rounds will open on january 20th if you want to learn exactly how to join the ido all the instructions are down below on their website you will need to go through the.

White listing and register in time it's also advised to show up a few minutes before the ido starts now the distribution of the first baxter tokens will be done by the coin xpad team and this will be on the same day of the listing with an airdrop saving you on fees and easily allowing you to access your funds and you can also ask.

Questions in my online class and some of my students may be participating in this pre-sale as well now your third cryptocurrency all coin gem is another one that is actually being incubated by coin expat and that is creo engine now creo engine is a platform to connect game developers and players around the world under a healthy ecosystem using.

Blockchain technology in addition creo engine also provides high quality play-to-earned video games for its players in fact their first game is one called evermore nights hi there i'm daryl co-founder and cto of the creole engine ecosystem we're here to show you our latest and first release of our very own play to.

Earn game evermore nights evermore night is a turn-based anime play to earn rpg game visually inspired by notable japanese rpgs around the world you as a commissioner command a party of four as you traverse the world of tamarus a collection of nations ruled by.

The respective sovereign gods a creole engine has also been audited for their smart contracts to ensure the safety of the creo engine ecosystem they are providing transparency in the smart contracts for the token sale the release the vesting and liquidity which have been audited by audit tech great and certic here's a brief look at the.

Tokenomics for this project you can see that 20 of the tokens are going to be going back to play to earn rewards 10 will be used for liquidity 2 will be reserved for incentives 3 for partnerships 3 for the seed sale 6 for the private round 3 for the ido sale 10 for the team 5 for advisors 14 for game development 10 for.

Staking 9 for ecosystem funds and 5 for affiliate marketing now the team is fully docked and the ceo has more than 10 years plus of marketing experience they also have made a lot of really great partnerships it looks to me like their creo verse is just getting started and the really cool thing about this project is that all creo engine games.

Are intertwined with each other players can use their assets and materials in one game and have them sent to another game and utilize them there and as i just shared with you evermore nights is going to be their turn-based rpg game slime haven is going to be a pet game a new ranch is going to be a harvest game and merchant.

Marvels is going to be a craft game so the fact that all of these games are going to be kind of intertwined together and you're going to be able to interact with each other it really makes this very unique something i've not really seen a lot of in the gaming space now they also already have the contract address on their website and their.

Roadmap literally goes all the way to 2025 and 2026 showing me that they are definitely in this for the long run so between coin xpad vault hill and creo engine i truly do believe that there is some opportunity with these projects but since they are brand new and they are micro-cap gems the risk is definitely much higher in these projects so please.

Understand that when watching this video and doing your own research one of the things that has really impressed me with coin expat is that even though the market sentiment right now overall in cryptocurrency has gone down they have continued to update their website innovate and bring on new projects and the fact that they've paid out literally.

2.47 million dollars back to holders is something that is really impressing me and it definitely incentivizes those to hold the tokens again this really helps mitigate your risk for a few different reasons if you were to buy these tokens at the time of this recording not only if the price goes back to the all-time.

High would you multiply your money exponentially with coin expat alone but then it also allows you access into creo engine and vault hill which can help you multiply your money exponentially as well the truth is i don't know if creole engine or vault hill are going to do 100 x's i have taken a look at these projects and the hard caps for both of.

These projects are only and fifty thousand and two hundred thousand usdt this shows me that if you're able to get into some of these top tiers with coin xpad you should be able to contribute a decent amount of money and even if that 5x 10x is 50x or in the best cases 100x and beyond this is where you can really grow your wealth with crypto even if the.

Market itself is down in other cryptocurrency coins i want to share with you yet another super bonus and as you may or may not know i am an ambassador for crypto.com so yes this is sponsored content but crypto.com is doing a u.s and canadian exclusive gift card saving you can literally get up to 20 back in crypto.com the 14th through.

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Details and alerts but i just think it's really cool that crypto.com is giving back if you want to get some free crypto.com tokens click the links down below for a free 25 in cro this is only for those who have never signed up with crypto.com before and it is a referral link but if you do want to get involved with crypto.com you might as well get.

Some free tokens it's a win for you and it's a win for me thanks again for all of your support and happy shopping so there you have it coin xpad creo engine and vault hill are your three cryptocurrency all coin gems that i believe can help you multiply your money exponentially in cryptocurrency if you've enjoyed this video smash up the.

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