Bitcoin in the entire cryptocurrency market is back in the green with many new all coins hitting all-time highs in today's video i'm going to be sharing with you breaking cryptocurrency news and my top five all coins that i believe have massive upside potential and this is a video that you're not going to want to miss so if you like all coins and.

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Very time sensitive and you're not going to want to miss out also please know that everything i say in this video is not financial advice these videos are for educational and inspirational purposes only in full disclosure i do own some of the cryptocurrencies that i will be discussing in this video all right so before i share with you my top.

Five all coins that i believe have massive upside potential let's get into the market and i also have some breaking news with crypto.com the legendary actor matt damon will now be the face of crypto.com this will mark the first global marketing push for crypto.com which has grown its user base tenfold since last year amid rising interest in.

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin crypto.com is going to spend more than 100 million dollars on this campaign as ads starring damon which will be directed by cinematographer wally fister will air in more than 20 countries damon said in an interview that he has never done an endorsement like this but is hoping that this will be the beginning for a great.

Long-term collaboration now as you know i am an ambassador for crypto.com so from time to time here on this youtube channel i will keep you updated with some breaking news crypto.com is now linked with formula one ultimate fighting championship and italy's top soccer league it also has deals with french soccer clubs the philadelphia.

76ers the montreal canadiens and formula one's aston martin now bitcoin has doubled year to date hitting new all-time highs of approximately 66 900 in early october and as you can see bitcoin right now is sitting at 62 000 and i just wanted to say congratulations if you've been following me here you are probably sitting in some incredible.

Profits because i started literally approximately a year ago teaching you all about cryptocurrency all coin gems and so much more fortune favors the brave and i couldn't agree with crypto.com and matt damon moore fortune certainly does favor the brave so if you've been one of the brave ones and believed in cryptocurrency smash up that.

Like button click the subscribe button and hit the notification bell so i can do a massive giveaway here for our community we now literally have more than 157 000 subscribers thank you for all of your support and for more time-sensitive alerts make sure to follow me over on twitter we now have more than 20 000.

Followers and i post over there every single day and a lot of my tweets are very time sensitive and if you want your questions answered make sure to follow me over on instagram yesterday i answered a bunch of questions about cryptocurrency i plan on doing more of this in the future now let's get into the good stuff why you came to this.

Video five all coins that i believe have massive upside potential now the first altcoin i'm going to be sharing with you is one called coin xpad now full disclosure coin xpad did reach out to me and this is sponsored content that being said after taking a look at this project i truly do believe that this cryptocurrency can help you my viewers.

Still multiply your money exponentially and let me share with you why coin xpad is the first cex dex multi-chain ido launch pad coin expat allows you to get access to the best new tokens before they list on other centralized or decentralized exchanges and as you know on this channel i've been sharing with you how important it is to get into new.

Cryptocurrency projects early and i'm even going to be sharing with you a bonus all coin gem here in just a second that is literally going to be listing in just one week from today now here are some of the key features that coin expat offers holders and why do you think this is a unique launch pad coin xpad token holders receive a five percent.

Redistribution in usdt what this means is that five percent of every transaction will be redistributed to all holders simply hold coinx pad tokens and you will earn usdt now in order to do this you will need a minimum of 200 000 tokens in order to receive these rewards and at the time of this recording you can see coin xpad has paid out more than.

600 000 in usdt to its holders now usdt is going to be sent automatically to the holder's wallet without the need to claim just simply hold your tokens and generate usdt automatically now another key feature with coinx pad is that three percent of every transaction will go towards an auto liquidity pool three percent of every transaction contributes.

Towards this pool automatically goes on to pancake swap and another key feature is that two percent will go for marketing two percent of every transaction is allocated in the marketing budget and this contributes to fuel to platform development and aggressively promote the all-around blockchain space now what i think is.

Really cool is that this usdt is literally paid to your account every 60 minutes and as i mentioned earlier you don't need to claim it just automatically goes into your wallet another key feature about coin xpad is that it is a launchpad at its core coin xpad is a platform to find the best new innovated projects and overall.

Investments across the blockchain networks another thing that is key when investing in cryptocurrency is having locked liquidity most of the initial locked liquidity for coin xpad will be locked on unicrypt this smart contract is fully audited by the german company solid proof coin xpad also allows for smart investing their two round system.

And max cap allocation for each ido will allow holders small or large to have access to high quality projects this also allows for safer investing all projects launched will be vetted and audited to ensure coinx pad investors more safely against scam and rug polls now please remember nothing is ever guaranteed in cryptocurrency so you.

Should make sure to always do your own research and remember nothing i say on this channel or any of my videos should be considered financial advice i'm just sharing with you opportunities but anything can happen in crypto so please make sure to always do your own research and remember myself and my team are not responsible for any investment decisions.

That you make now another cool feature about coin expat is that they are multi-chain supportive this means they're going to have projects on ethereum finance marching polygon polka dot solana and many others now the team has reached out to me personally and overall my communication with them has been very smooth now let me share with.

You the tokenomics of this project and then we'll get into the price action and why i believe this could be a cryptocurrency to help you multiply your money in more than just one way now the total supply is a hundred billion tokens with 50 billion being distributed to pre-salers and 22 billion is in liquidity they also burned 13 billion 5.

Billion is for development another 5 billion is for research and innovation 2 billion is for partnerships 2 billion is for air drops and 900 million is for unicrypt fees but now let's get into the good stuff why you're here and a bonus altcoin gem that i promised earlier in this video as i shared with you coin x pad is a launch pad and you can see.

Monster slayer is going to be their very first incubated project this pool will literally open within the next seven days and you will need usdt in order to participate in this pre-sale now in order to get into the pre-sale you will need to follow all the steps down below correctly first in order to get a guaranteed allocation you're going to.

Need to buy cxpad tokens and meet the tiered criteria coin xpad has a tiered system very similar to a lot of other incubators and launch pads if you hold 250 million tokens that gets you into diamond 1 you will receive an allocation with an 8x based pool weight this is their top tier for tier 2 all you need to hold is 125 million tokens you're.

Also guaranteed an allocation with a 4x based pool weight and for tier 3 which is gold all you'll need to hold is 30 million you will also receive a guaranteed allocation with a 1x pool weight next you will need to fund your wallet with usdt you will then need to check and complete all the ido's registration requirements and some.

Projects will require kyc and kyc will be done once for all future projects step four will be to visit the ido's page and this is where you'll be able to buy your allocation amount with the tokens based on your tier and whatever the max will allow so if you are familiar with launch pads and incubators this will work very similar to a lot of.

The other ones but if you are brand new to this whole process and you want to learn exactly how to do this step by step click the links down below in the description for my online class we now have more than a thousand members who have joined the course many of which have multiplied their money exponentially by getting into new.

Cryptocurrency projects early and i also have step-by-step tutorials teaching you exactly how to get into these pre-sales so that you do not miss out many of my students have literally multiplied their money exponentially earning thousands of dollars in fact yesterday those who got into the gamers pre-sale are now sitting at more than 10x their money i had one.

Student earn more than 10 bnb which is more than five thousand dollars another student earned just a few hundred dollars and many others earned thousands of dollars in that pre-sale so if you're interested click the links down below in the description we can't wait to see you in class now for your second bonus all coin gem monster slayer which is going.

To be launching on coin xpad i just wanted to share with you a few time sensitive details monster slayer is going to be a play to earn game that will allow its users to become owners and monetize blockchain based video games you'll earn the ms token by participating in daily battles and decide your hero's future this game has.

Been inspired by legendary and mythical warriors who will recreate the historic history pages for its heroes now let me share with you the tokenomics of monster slayer 44 will go to the ecosystem for rewarding battles the pre-sale will receive 15 of the total token supply 25 will be released at the token generation event and then 25 over the next three.

Months the price of each token will be two cents 10.5 will then go to liquidity 10 will go to the team another 10 will go to marketing 5 will go for an airdrop the private sale will only receive five percent of the tokens while the seed round will only receive 3.5 and they will only be receiving 15 and 10 at the token generation event and then have a.

10 month and 12 month linear vesting now since monster slayer is going to be coin expats first incubated project typically these projects can be very successful that being said there is a lot of risk with these new projects so please understand what you're investing in while there can be some very nice upside rewards there can be some downside risk.

Especially with new projects overall so please make sure to do your own research and never risk more than you can afford to lose and if we take a look at the chart of coin xpad you can see it is starting to move back towards the upside you can see in the beginning it had a nice blow off top and now it is definitely consolidating and moving down.

A little bit but to me this potentially presents an opportunity you see you don't want to be buying all the way at all time highs you definitely want the chart to relax a little bit and as you can see we are starting to make a little bit of a push towards the upside and again coin x's market cap is only a two million dollar market cap that is.

Literally a micro cap gem and the fact that the all-time high is still sitting at minus 63 percent shows to me that there is some upside potential but please do remember since this is a micro cap gem there is a lot more risk involved with this cryptocurrency but the fact that it pays you back in usdt just for holding it and gives you access.

Into new projects with this launchpad can definitely help offset some of that risk and if you're able to find the bottom this is where you can really multiply your money exponentially this is why coin xpad and monster slayer are your first and second cryptocurrency all coin gems here out of our top five cryptocurrencies now your third.

Cryptocurrency all coin gem that i believe has massive upside potential is going to be the smashing of the like button all coin no i'm just kidding but if we smash up that like button i mean lightly gently tap the like button to 5 000 likes i will do a very special community giveaway here on this channel and in our last videos we've been very.

Very close to the 5 000 likes thanks again for all of your support it really does help the channel and i would love to give back to you my followers in fact in our last giveaway we literally gave away 10 000 redato tokens 1 000 tokens to 10 of you and each of those 1000 rodato tokens is now worth over dollars so congratulations if you were.

One of the winners in the giveaway now your third cryptocurrency all coin gem that i believe can help you multiply your money with cryptocurrency is one that hasn't even hit the market yet and it is called gov world gov world is an innovative defy ecosystem leveraging the power of the most customizable multi-chain p2p lending protocol on the.

Blockchain today gov world will allow you to collateralize any nft or altcoin for public or private loans of usdc usdt or die so basically what gov world is trying to do is to allow you to collateralize and get a loan on some of your assets very similar to things like celsius blockfi and nexo but the cool thing about gov world is that you can.

Actually get a loan on your nft's value let me share with you a clip from the developers of gov world more about their project so gov world is a defy ecosystem which utilizes altcoins and nfts and the idea came from the fact that in the real world you can borrow against your assets for most altcoins there's no lending liquidity so people that hold.

These alt coins that may have tier level benefits or staking rewards they can't go take a loan out against their the value of their tokens and get cash right in the united states we have something called title max let's say you're short on cash you can drive your car up to title max you can give them the deed to your car for a short term high apy loan.

The idea came about taking from the real world and bringing it in to the blockchain right and giving lending liquidity to these illiquid altcoins and nfts that people own and letting them stake them as collateral borrow against them get cash especially in a bull market it's valuable because they can use the.

Cash for other investment opportunities and if the project token that they are borrowing against is also a strategic partner of ours there's additional benefits that allow them to keep their staking rewards or tier level benefits with their native uh token so that's the genesis of gov world now i think this is a really really cool.

Concept and as you can see i do believe there is a massive need for altcoin collateral this is basically where you can take some of the all coins that you have in your wallet that are just sitting around and use those to get a high apy loan but in a bull market if you take that money and invest it smartly you can then multiply your money.

Exponentially now please do you understand if you do decide to take leverage like this this is incredibly risky and i'm not recommending that you actually do something like this but if you ever did need cash but you didn't want to sell your underlying cryptocurrencies this to me is where you can actually get a collateralized loan.

This makes a lot more sense and that way you're not leveraging and potentially losing money that you can't afford to lose but as you just heard gov world also is going to have a partner 5 program this is where there's going to be benefits for all strategic partnerships there will be auto approval of the token reduce cell pressure nft.

Marketplace integration reverse loan options vip sp maintenance tiers and staking rewards now gov world is being incubated by ferrum network and i do think that the pre-sale is over but i've been sharing with you gram network for quite a long time and ferum network has launched some very good incubated projects but if you want a chance to get.

Some gov world tokens that are still available go on over to duck starter you can see that the white list is soon to be open and once it is open you can just click the register now button like you're seeing for flash loans now in order to register with duckstarter and to get some of these tokens you will need to hold some duck tokens and stake.

Them on their platform but duckstarter has incubated some fairly decent projects overall in fact wanaka farm has done more than 100x and monsta infinite also did more than 50 to 100x now please know that not every single cryptocurrency project that i mentioned here in this video will do 100x or even crazy amounts of x's for its investors.

Now please do understand while i say there is upside potential there's also a lot of risk with these new all coins but let me share with you why i believe gov world can help you an early investor multiply your money exponentially if we take a look at their tokenomics you can see there's only going to be a 100 million tokens you can see that they had.

An angel seized strategic private and public round angel round got their tokens for two cents and the public round will end up getting their tokens at eight cents this is why it's so important to get into these pre-sales early because if you were able to get into that angel round you were literally sitting at a three to four x before the.

Token even lists now of course there is vesting for all of these tokens with the angel having 10 months and only receiving 10 per month the seed is 6.6 months and they will receive 15 per month strategic is five months receiving 20 per month private is four months receiving 25 per month and the public is three months and we receive 30 per month.

Now there are two absolutely key details that i want to share with you here on the token vesting schedule and also the tokenomics of this project the first is that the unit swap and pancake swap listing will be at 0.08 cents so if you are able to get into the public sale this can be very lucrative and the market cap at the token generation event.

Is only going to be 48 000 that is absolutely tiny for this project to 10x to 80 cents would only need a 480 000 market cap and for this product to 100x it would only need to go to 4.8 million so to me because the market cap at the token generation event is so low and the fact that a lot of the pre-sellers were only going to be.

Getting a small amount of their tokens in the beginning could mean that this could be a cryptocurrency that you might want to keep your eye on and if you can get into this public pre-sale i definitely do think you could double triple or even 5 or 10x your money now again just because i think this does not mean it's going to happen but everything.

To me with this project and the tokenomics are looking very promising and i've seen this happen time and time again with many of these cryptocurrency altcoin projects and this is why gov world is your third cryptocurrency altcoin gem now your fourth cryptocurrency altcoin gem that i believe has massive upside potential.

Still is going to be wagyu swap now i literally gave you wagyu swap a few weeks ago and when i talked about wagyu swap it was sitting right around 33 cents today wagyu swap is now at a dollar 23. and if you take a look at the chart this is why it is so important to tap the like button click the subscribe button and hit the notification bell so.

You do not miss out on these time sensitive alerts and details here on this channel because i shared this with you literally a few weeks ago at 32 to 33 cents if you would have taken action at the time of that recording you would have literally quadrupled your money right now let me share with you that clip this project is definitely in the.

Red but if we take a look at the max chart here i want to share with you some time sensitive details about why i think that this cryptocurrency has massive upside potential still you can see right now that this chart went all the way from 41 cents right to approximately 84 cents to 85 cents at its all-time high since then it has been trading sideways.

And then it went down out of nowhere the reason why this happened is because pre-salers got more tokens unlocked and typically when pre-sales get tokens unlocked they take their profits especially when they're in massive profits like they were all the way up here at 53 cents this is why it's so important to pay attention to the.

Tokenomics the public price of wagyu swap was 0.01 cents that means pre-sellers were sitting at 50 times their money of course they're going to take some off the table now according to their telegram group just a few days ago they said the team is creating a masterpiece in the kitchen gonna put out a 10 course meal and you're sitting in.

The restaurant banging the tables and you want your happy meal right now please realize that this is the finest establishment and with time the best wagyu is delivered to you and as we move closer to deploying the first ever decks on the valles chain we are happy to see tasty infrastructure initiatives being put together from the valles team moves.

Like this will help us and our developers tremendously and i do believe with these updates there's going to be staking coming very soon as well as a swap and a lottery and once the staking is live i believe that the apy is going to be pretty high the reason i believe this is because wagyu swap is a deflationary coin and they take some of.

The profits from all of the cells and then they will give that away to those who stake the cryptocurrency and again typically when people state cryptocurrency it takes it off the market and if there's a massive apy people are going to start buying this like crazy getting that apy and getting into some massive profit so.

Congratulations if you've been taking action on this channel and congratulations if you literally a month ago got into this pre-sale if you did you literally would have paid one penny that's right one penny for over 123 x at the time of this recording for this cryptocurrency and you can see the tokenomics here the initial market cap.

Was only 37 000. that is absolutely insane if you were able to get in on this and the reason why i'm mentioning this market cap is because gov world's market cap is 48 000 and you can now see how important it is to get into these public pre-sales now again wagyu swap and gov world are two completely different projects with completely.

Different teams and tokenomics and different use cases but like i've said i've seen initial market caps this low do some crazy number for its investors but now let me share with you some crazy updates with wagyu swap and why the price continues to move towards the upside you can see down below that the decks will be launching in three days.

And the reason why this is so important is because wagyu swap is basically going to be the pancake swap for the vellus ecosystem now velos is another cryptocurrency i've been talking about a lot on this channel and if you would have taken action on that cryptocurrency when i first talked about it you would have doubled your money but let me share.

With you a youtube clip of some of the behind the scenes of how wagyu swap is going to work let me share with you this amazing update and you want to be converting or exchanging to another token which is down here and this little drop down is where you can choose those tokens so we're going to be converting to wag so i'm going to go ahead and swap.

This and the transaction has been submitted that is how you use the exchange now onto providing liquidity beneath the exchange tab you'll see the liquidity tab click on that and from here we can add liquidity this is where everything regarding.

Liquidity will be done click that right here we'll be selecting the trading pair which we'll be adding liquidity for in this case i'll be doing vlx along with wag i'm just going to go with 1800 vlx which is the same value as 402 wagyu so from here once i have the correct amounts you can go ahead with supply.

I can double check everything how much i'm going to be depositing looks good to me and from here what you get when you add liquidity is you get wacky ulp tokens which is what you can use over to stake but we're going to want to add that to metamask while we have this very useful button to add it automatically so if we add the token.

Now when i go into my meta mask wallet and over to assets make sure i'm on velas i now have my vlx wag along with lp token so that is how you add liquidity to wagyu swap and as you can see you're going to need to buy this wagyu swap token in order to swap with other tokens on the vellus network and also you can.

Take your wagyu swap tokens and add liquidity this is something called yield farming and the wagyu yield farming i'm sure is going to be out of control as soon as this lists what i mean is that the apy that you're going to earn in wagyu tokens is going to be astronomically high this then shoots the price through the roof because more.

People want to get into this yield farming and earn the high ap wise by farming and staking now the fact that you are seeing this literally three days before this is happening could mean that you're still very early to this entire process and please do remember waguswap is at all time high so it is definitely a lot riskier than when i shared it with.

You at 28 cents but i still do believe that this ecosystem is very undervalued and this is why wagyu swap is your fourth all coin gem and your fifth and final all coin gem is going to be vellus pad i have mentioned vellus pad multiple times on this channel but this cryptocurrency just keeps blowing my mind in multiple different ways let me.

Share with you why first the chart it is sitting at one dollar that's right one dollar if you take a look at the chart it just keeps going up and to the right and it looks like it wants to continue towards the upside now the reason why it is doing this is because vellus pad gets you into new pre-sales and icos and if i just click on the open app button there.

Are going to be multiple new projects all you have to do is click on the projects tab and you can see projects open now there aren't any yet but here are three cryptocurrency projects that will be launching very soon in fact bitorbit which is one i've been talking about on this channel will be listing in just the next few days so people are.

Buying valispad staking it so that they can get access into this cryptocurrency project velos pad is also going to be incubating valhalla and pulse pad but in order to buy these bit orbit tokens on the open market it's going to be launching on wagoo swap and we have some breaking news with bit orbit you can see that no sales are live at the time of.

This recording they will be live on november 2nd never give anyone your seed phrases or private phrases and only use the official links that you can find here in the description bit orbit is also coming to bsc pad as well as valus pad but you will need to be a blue diamond tier holder in order to participate in this pre-sale with bsc.

Pad but with vellus pad all you'll need to do is buy and stake your tokens and you can see since my last recording we have gained a lot more people staking these tokens and the number of stakers has also increased if you were able to get into the pre-sale for vellus pad you are literally sitting at more than 100 x in fact it's more than 200x because the.

Public sale price of vellispad was 0.0050 so congratulations if you've been taking action on this channel because i shared this project with you literally over a month ago and many students in my online class were able to get into this pre-sale so congratulations if you were one of them if you want to learn how all this works how you can get into bit.

Orbit how you can participate and get valus pad tokens which then give you even more tokens with vellus just by buying and staking them and also get you access into more pre-sales click the links down below for my online class i have a step-by-step tutorial teaching you exactly how all of this works and one of the major concerns is that how do.

We actually get usdt over under the vellus network the reason why i'm answering this question is because it's a question that's been happening in my online class a lot now there are a few different ways to do this but wagyu swap is going to allow you to interchange different tokens on the velas network and i'm assuming that you're going to be.

Able to trade wagyu swap for some usdt and other liquidity pairs this way you can then come on over to the projects and deposit your usdt to get these new tokens but you can also use something called cross swap in order to get tokens from the binance smart chain or ethereum or polygon onto the valus network you can see i can go from binance smart.

Chain to vellus and then i can also choose usdt if i click the swap button it will swap the tokens over i am in the works of making a full tutorial on this for my students in my class because this pre-sale for bit orbit is coming very soon and this is why vallispad and bitorbit are your bonus cryptocurrency and fifth and final all coin gems in.

This video so if you have enjoyed this video tap that like button nice and lightly down below let's get to those 5 000 likes and let's do another amazing giveaway here on this channel thanks again for all of your support if you want to learn how to get into these pre-sales and icos step by step join our online class that is more than 75.

Percent off at the time in this recording many of my students have literally made life-changing money getting into these pre-sales and icos and with more than a thousand like-minded students we can't wait to see you in class and if you want to continue learning for free here on youtube check out my cryptocurrency.

Playlist i have multiple 100x gem videos 3 coins three million educational tutorials and so much more thanks again for all of your support and i'll see you in our next videos you

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