This is an urgent warning for all cryptocurrency investors as president biden is going to be signing an executive order this week around the cryptocurrency infrastructure and with bitcoin struggling to reach 40 000 as the united states bans russian oil gold is reaching new record highs and some analysts from bloomberg believe.

That ethereum could drop back down to 1 700 as a bearish target should you buy bitcoin should you buy all coins what should you do right now in this market i'm gonna be sharing with you major updates breaking news and also some new cryptocurrency projects that are set to explode in the very near future so if.

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For educational and inspirational purposes only in full disclosure i do own some of the cryptocurrencies that i will be discussing in this video alright let's get right into some very time sensitive news you can see bitcoin is still stuck under 40 000 at the time of this recording but the price has hit another all-time high versus the russian.

Ruble and this is because bitcoin has been losing some steam because the u.s just banned russian oil and many others are looking to put their money into a safe haven as fast as possible and this is why gold is heading towards record highs but bitcoin is having a nice little recovery as we're going to learn even more on today march the 8th as.

United states president joe biden announced a complete ban on russian oil imports and as you can see the oil prices are absolutely skyrocketing and gold meanwhile has reached new highs that we have not seen in literally years well over two thousand dollars right now and if we take a look at the bitcoin chart you can see we're right around.

Thirty eight thousand nine hundred after we had a nice rally all the way up to again forty five thousand buck got sharply rejected so what is going to happen next what should we do right now well personally as i've been sharing with you on this channel we've had many bearish warnings and i do truly believe we are in a bear market at this time.

Typically this is where the opportunity lies in fact i'm more bullish in a bear market than i am in a bull market this is because coins like cardano years ago were at two cents and then rallied all the way as high as three dollars and ethereum last year was literally under a hundred dollars and now we have some analysts painting a 1.7 k bearish target.

For ethereum and just think about that that's still 17 times more than what it was just a few years ago and i believe if ethereum goes back down under 2 000 this could be the last time it ever does this ever now the reason why they're saying this is because ethereum faces global recession risks and so does the entire cryptocurrency market if you take.

A look at their technical analysis and graphs ethereum is about the middle of the range if the stock market goes a leg lower ethereum two is most likely to revisit the lower end of 2000 and if equities drop really fast ethereum could repeat last summer and revisit about 1700 in ethereum so let me know down below in the comments do you think.

Ethereum is going to go this low are you bearish or bullish and are you an ethereum holder but now let me share with you even more technical analysis about bitcoin and whether or not you should be buying or selling at these levels now of course this is not financial advice and you need to do your own research but i wanted to share with.

You a clip from crypto crew university as he shares some amazing technical analysis about where bitcoin is and what he calls quote unquote the golden opportunity zone for buying let me share with you that clip and recently as we peaked our head through the bottom through the bottom and once we peek our head through the bottom we entered the.

Golden zone we made a video about it back here when we were at about 33 34 000. we said attention we're in the golden zone it's time to buy and then if you didn't buy you didn't buy because you had greed you thought hey i'm gonna wait we're gonna drop lower next week guess what we haven't dropped lower so we made another video when we are in the.

Gaussian channel here at about 36 and you had greed again you said i'm gonna wait and then you didn't buy and you still haven't bought and then we made a video again with this candle and then with this candle so now we're making a video again with this candle we're going to talk about what should your strategy be should you buy.

Your whole portfolio right now should you buy a little bit or should you sell now and wait until it drops and buy back lower at a very distinct level so as you just heard from crypto crew university we are very close to this golden zone now of course what should you do with your portfolio what should you be buying personally i'm not buying bitcoin right.

Now even if we are in the golden zone as i've been sharing with you here on this channel and as i shared with you yesterday and i teach my students in my online class many of which who have been very successful in fact i had one student last week take one b and b and turn it into seven b b which is a profit of 6bnb or approximately 2.

200 in just one project our strategy here on this channel isn't to buy bitcoin when it goes in the golden zone but rather find new cryptocurrency projects as i've been sharing with you so smash the like button if you're ready for our next potential altcoin that i think could go to 5 or 10x right out of the gate that is going to be a new.

Project just announced literally an hour ago called ada dao and because you are here first and you continue to join us here on this channel and keep coming back even if the market is bearish because you have conviction and you know the right strategies here on this channel i'm going to teach you step by step right now how you can be one of the.

First ones to get white listed for this project i'm also going to teach you a little bit more about ada dow itself now first and foremost the ido date is set for monday march 21st which is just a few weeks away ada dao is going to be launching on bsc pad aidapad and pad in order to participate with the white listing all you need to do is go to bsc.

Pads twitter and click the whitelisting link below i will also have one down below in the description so that you can get started today then all you'll need to do is enter in either your vellus pad or bsc pad address again this is just a meta mask address this should work for any of the chains and also enter in your email then you will enter.

The whitelist from there you'll have to fill out and do a few more tasks the more points that you earn the better the chances are that you'll be whitelisted and potentially be one of the first ones to get this cryptocurrency in just a couple of weeks but now let me teach you what ada dao is and why i truly do believe that this cryptocurrency could.

Help you potentially multiply your money with crypto ada dao is the world's first interest-free stable coin protocol built on cardano ada dao is going to be a d5 protocol which facilitates creation fully collateralized stable coins leveraging native cardano assets now ada dao reminds me of something very similar that just was listed a few weeks ago.

Called valero dao valero dao is the protocol behind the vellus ecosystem and their stable coin is usd one of the biggest things that cardano needs right now is their own stable coin and i believe ada dao could be one of the first ones to get a usable and sustainable cardano stablecoin let me teach you even more about the features.

At the time of this recording ada dao is going to be a decentralized protocol which means it's a completely trustless protocol based on smart contracts it also will be the first stable coin project based on interest fee borrowing and it will be built on cardano bringing a volatility free mobile and accessible stable coin to the cardano ecosystem it.

Will also be verifiably back every ausd is backed by on-chain collateral giving this cryptocurrency the peg of one to one now of course stable coins will fluctuate in price ever the slightest anything can happen in cryptocurrency even with stable coins so make sure to continue watching this video so you know exactly what this product is all about.

Ausd stablecoin is going to be a soft packed cryptocurrency decentralized unbiased collateral backed and can be stored in your own wallet or other users platform now the a doubt token which is what this project is all about is going to be a governance token which will reward holders with profits from a dow and allows those who hold it to vote on.

Changes for the project's parameters and protocols right now with decentralized stable coins have been absolutely exploding anchor protocol as i've been sharing with you literally here on this channel for the last few weeks as well has a yield reserve now of more than 450 million ust and over 14 billion dollars of total value lock and the anchor.

Protocol price as it did dip all the way down to a dollar has nicely rebounded all the way to five dollars and this ecosystem seems to continue to be growing and growing by literally billions of dollars and you can see here the anchor protocol token works somewhat similarly to ada dao's token so the fact that you could potentially be getting in.

On a new project that is very similar to anchor protocol now of course this one is much more risky as it is unproven but sometimes if you're just one of the first ones there and the protocol takes off and people start using this imagine being one of the first ones to use anchor you too could have gotten these tokens for a fraction of the price and.

Today you'd be sitting on some very nice profits now another thing that i really do like about this project right now is their launch pad partners you can see they have soul starter adex coin swap kik and even cardens this project also has some decent partners and backers and multiple media mentions they also have a docked team and it looks like they have.

A lot coming for their road map in 2022 and beyond so for all of these reasons ada dao is one i'm going to be sharing with you as soon as we get more information and we get closer to the token generation event date but the truth of the matter is this with bitcoin still stuck under forty thousand dollars anything can happen especially with.

Cryptocurrencies and especially with these altcoins but for all of these reasons and the market cap of a to doubt only being six hundred and nineteen thousand dollars to start i truly do believe that this cryptocurrency has some upside potential so make sure to smash up the like button click the subscribe button and hit the.

Notification bell as i will be sharing more of these projects here on this channel and like i've shared with you many times as well many of my students have done very well here because our strategy optimizes the least amount of risk and the highest amount of reward many of my students have been very profitable and if you want to join our.

Exclusive vip community click the links down below for our online class you will also receive a massive 75 off discount but hurry as this offer will not last forever many of my students have made thousands of dollars applying the teachings in the class and we've even had one student become a cryptocurrency millionaire and quit their job if you.

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