Meme coins are making new cryptocurrency investors overnight millionaires with one wallet showing an eight thousand dollar shiba inu purchase that was made last year which is now worth more than 5.7 billion dollars in today's video i'm going to be sharing with you my top meme coins for 2021 and why i still believe they do have massive upside potential so.

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Not financial advice these videos are for educational and inspirational purposes only in full disclosure i do own some of the cryptocurrencies that i will be discussing in this video alright welcome to the channel thank you so much for all of your support now before we get started i did have just a few announcements first we are one of the.

Fastest growing cryptocurrency youtube channels and for more time sensitive alerts make sure to follow me over on twitter and if you want your questions answered make sure to follow me over on instagram yesterday i answered a bunch of questions about cryptocurrency i plan on doing more of this in the future and a lot of you have been asking me about.

Meme coins over on instagram so i thought i would make a full video here on youtube addressing some of these meme coins and how you can potentially multiply your money exponentially now before i get into my top three meme coins for 2021 i just wanted to share with you a video that i made literally four days ago about meme coins making.

You a billionaire in fact this video got over a hundred thousand views within the first few days and if you haven't heard yet one cryptocurrency wallet shows that an investor made an eight thousand dollar purchase of shiba e new coin last year today that is worth around 5.7 billion dollars it is being dubbed the greatest individual trade of all time.

And a series of trades began back in august of 2020. and today the cryptocurrency is trading right around 0.0007941 which represents a swift 14 month gain of more than 7 million now before we go any further with this video i want to say very very clearly and make a disclaimer that i am not endorsing you.

To buy meme coins and trust me i understand the coins i'm about to talk about are far from meme coins now some of them are really starting to develop and have some real utility and the fact that they have so many users and followers to me shows that they actually are becoming a legitimate cryptocurrency and the fact that they are in the top 10.

Cryptocurrencies right now at the time of this recording at least some of them that i'm about to mention gives me faith that there is some real adoption happening with these coins now i will call them meme coins just so everyone knows what we're talking about in the rest of this video and please do understand that i am just sharing.

Opportunities as well as just sharing current updates and news about these coins you should always do your own research and you should never risk more than you can afford to lose and nothing i say in this video or in any of my videos should be considered financial advice but let's get into the first cryptocurrency meme coin that i'm going.

To be discussing that i still believe has some upside potential even after it's gone up absolutely parabolic and that is shiba inu now let me share with you a little bit about what shiba inu is and i actually talked about this cryptocurrency literally months ago and i'll share with you some of that video but first shiba inu is a decentralized.

Meme token that evolved into a vibrant ecosystem shib leash bone and shiba swap have an innovative reward system and with the sheba incubator as well as ship and fts they now have a 585 000 member community and it is growing fast in fact if you take a look at their twitter right now it's actually way more than 585 000 members right now.

They are sitting at 1.7 million followers now as i have shared with you here on this youtube channel community is absolutely essential for growth and marketing because it's just a network effect the more people that buy the coin they talk about it it goes on youtube then people share about it then more people share about it the more people.

Buy it and it's just this upward spiraling effect and this is where you can literally get these massive upside potential gains in fact i was actually talking about shiba inu when nobody else was talking about it and the price was way down let me share with you a clip of that just a few months ago you can see today on june the 15th of 2021 the shiva.

Inu token is sitting at 33 on coin gecko you could see it's up just 1.9 here today let's go ahead and take a look at the charts you can see here if we go all the way back it is definitely down a lot from its all-time high it looks to me like we are definitely forming a bottom here and we could potentially be looking to move again up towards the upside we.

Are definitely at a point here where we could be looking to turn around and go up now let me share with you why i actually think that besides just looking at the charts here we are in the sheba enew website and you can see here if we scroll all the way down you will be able to see their community and their community has been growing like crazy.

Even when the entire market is down and the cryptocurrency is down more than 50 we also have some more breaking sheba e new news shibu inu may be listed on coinbase right now it is not supported however it looks like shibuyinu will be put on coinbase in the near future again this is not guaranteed but as i'm seeing right now it looks like there's a good.

Chance that sheba goes on coinbase and if that happens there's a really good chance the price will increase and even more breaking news shiba inu prices jump as petition for robin hood to list the crypto gets more than 130 000 signs robin hood currently has seven cryptocurrencies available for trading on their platform bitcoin bitcoin cash.

Bitcoin sv dogecoin ethereum ethereum classic and litecoin it is still unclear when or if robinhood will list sheba on its platform but if robin hood listed the sheba token and coinbase listed the sheba token there's no doubt in my mind that this token most likely would go up in value again nothing is guaranteed but as i've shared in this video there's a.

Lot of things coming for shiba inu so as you can see i was a believer in shiba inu literally months ago and i've been sharing this token with you here on this youtube channel so congratulations if you've been taking action you are sitting in some very sweet profits and i know a lot of you are brand new to my channel and you say joe you share so.

Many of these cryptocurrencies of course you're going to get one right or wrong but if you really do watch all the videos that i've been talking about literally for months ago and you understand the analysis that i went through why i was actually talking about them when i was talking about them you would seriously be in some life changing.

Money and that's why i create these youtube videos to share and to help you but remember nothing is guaranteed but if you are looking to multiply your money exponentially with cryptocurrency you've definitely come to the right place now another reason why i believe shiba swap is seeing the success that it is is because they continue to keep.

Listening to their community and they keep evolving with the narratives that are happening right now one of those narratives is nfts now at the time of this recording nfts have definitely died down a little bit and that's because the rest of the cryptocurrency market is going absolutely crazy but you can see shiboshi's is the sheba e new nft club.

That you can gain access with if you own one of these and if you click on the gallery tab you can see the result of all 10 000 holders and some of these are not even on sale yet and another thing that sheba has is something called shiba swap and the total value locked is more than 5.47 million dollars that's literally.

Half a billion dollars locked up in their ecosystem at the time of this recording and if you buy the sheep token or the leash token and the bone token you can then actually take these tokens and put them to work for you this is called yield farming and i actually made a step-by-step guide on how to do this back three months ago here on youtube.

And i teach you literally how to use sheepa swap to earn passive income providing liquidity now please do understand that yes you could actually earn some sweet passive income doing some of the strategies that i shared with you in that video but there are risks involved so make sure to do your own research but the fact the sheba.

Token is evolving has one of the biggest communities in cryptocurrency and has a massive d5 platform shows me that today it is evolving from a meme token into a vibrant ecosystem and this is why it is your first cryptocurrency altcoin gem that i believe still even at the time of this recording has some massive upside potential now your second cryptocurrency.

Meme coin that i believe has massive upside potential is going to be the smashing of the like button all coin i'm just kidding but if you've enjoyed this video so far smash up that like button for every like that this video gets within the first 24 hours i will buy five cents worth of shiba e new token and a big shout out to graham stefan.

Because this is exactly what he did in his video and i thought it was really cool thanks graeme for the inspiration now that second meme coin is going to be safe moon now i understand safe moon has had a lot of controversy and again there are insanely high risks when it comes to investing in some of these meme coins that being said i literally was sharing.

This cryptocurrency with you back in march when it first listed and if you took action when i first talked about that and when i was talking about this cryptocurrency on youtube you would be sitting in some insane gains let me share with you a clip of this back from just a few months ago okay so let's get right into the price action of safe moon.

It is going absolutely parabolic look at this absolutely crazy now the numbers are absolutely crazy but the volume is something that i'm really looking at now we had over a hundred million dollars in the last 24 hours that's absolutely crazy and if we go look at the last 24 hours here guys you can see we definitely had a dip here but safe moon.

Really recovered nicely and it looks like it could be looking to make another move towards the upside now we don't know what will happen but from what i'm seeing if you go ahead and click max on the chart look at this it's absolutely insane what safe moon has done now in march i made a video way back here talking about safe moon on tiktok this.

Is why it's so important to follow me on all the different social medias guys tik tok twitter instagram here on youtube because i post on every single one of these social medias every single way to give you guys the best updates when they come out now you can't go back here but what's gonna happen here in the future see look every.

Single time safe moon has this really big run-up it consolidates a little bit then it has another big run-up it might come down and consolidate a little bit more then it may run up and here's why i think safe moon is actually a better investment than most people give it.

Credit for and they don't understand what's really happening you see most people think well it doesn't have very strong fundamentals it's a hype coin it's never gonna make it yeah that's probably true maybe in three to five years safe moon will won't be around but that doesn't mean that you can't make money on it right now today doesn't mean.

You can't trade it and make money and so there are people that are making lots of money with safe money so congratulations if you've been following me here on this channel because again you'd be in some sweet profits with safe moon and if we take a look at the chart here you can see i was literally talking about that way back here in march that's right.

March that's when i made that video that was this first hump here look at how crazy parabolic safe moon ended up going now it is definitely retraced but you can see here it's made a nice little move up and it looks like it could be making a ball flag and if we break this high right so this 6.35 if we come down here and we break this high this to me.

Would lead to me to think that we could be retesting all-time highs and if we go back up to all-time high and break that this is where we can see a parabolic move and this is exactly what we have seen with shiba inu if we take a look at that chart click on the max chart you can see here it's made a nice all-time high move and then it went absolutely.

Crazy so for right now we could be sitting right around this mark here for safe moon now again i have no idea what will happen and this is just purely speculation and this is just purely betting on the fact that meme coins could go crazy and safe moon is one of those meme coins that a lot of people know about and then it could be one of.

Those next ones to go crazy full transparency i have not kept up with safe moon or the community in general but if you were to take just a very small investment and understand that yes it's very risky this is where you could potentially make some of these life-changing gains and another reason why i am mentioning safe moon is because.

They do have a massive community and if people actually get back behind this cryptocurrency and money starts coming into it and starts going green this is where people compile into it they go fomo and then the whole thing starts all over again and as you can see today they literally have more than 2.8 million holders and safe moons tokenomics is.

Designed for you to buy and hold the reason why it's designed for you to buy and hold is because there is a tax on every buy and sell order and when more people buy something and hold it and they're incentivized to do so this is where you can get some crazy price action and this is why safe moon is your number two cryptocurrency meme coin that.

I believe has massive upside potential and your third cryptocurrency meme coin gem that i believe still has some massive upside potential and is a very new meme coin so definitely the riskiest of the three here is going to be floki inu now floki inu is a community owned crypto inspired by elon musk this is a new crypto coin birthed by fans and.

Members of the shibu inu community floki inu is inspired by the doge father elon musk's very own chibi inu now floki might sound familiar to some cryptocurrency fans and this is because you may recall tesla ceo owner elon musk tweeted a picture of his dog which is a shiba inu and he named it floki and this is where the idea of floki inu came into.

Play according to floki e news website the cryptocurrency project is partnered with musk's brother through the million gardens movement as you can see it reports this right on the website here and floki is now working on three flagship utility projects first is an nft gaming metaverse known as valhalla an nft merchandise marketplace known as.

Floki places and a content educational platform known as flokie university if you're interested in buying this cryptocurrency you can buy it right here on the website with pancake swap and uniswap and you can also buy it on gate.io they even have a tutorial for you here how to buy it on ethereum how to buy it on binance smartchain right.

Here on youtube now please make sure to understand that you must set your slippage to at least four percent on unit swap and pancake swap in order to buy this cryptocurrency and in order to sell it the reason why this cryptocurrency has done very well is because of some of the tokenomics there is a deflationary not inflationary.

Tokenomic and floki inu is starting to build his own community been listed on market cap forbes yahoo finance crypto slate tech times azcoin news you today and many more today there are more than 250 000 flokie holders half a million plus have been reached via influencer networks and there's more than 140 000 followers now on twitter here you can.

See all of the coin statistics the total supplies and they also have a moonsheet roadmap you can see that they have quite an extensive roadmap and to me this is showing that there is real innovation and building being built here but again nothing is guaranteed just because they have a road map and everything looks good today doesn't mean they're going to.

Continue to keep developing down the road now i have no reason to doubt or disbelieve this cryptocurrency or this meme coin but as soon as the hype dies down for a lot of these meme coins they will also die down in price and development and then that snowballs in the opposite direction and if we take a look at the flokie e-new chart you can.

See it is definitely pumped up quite a little bit and you can see the volume is 58 million dollars within the last 24 hours now could fluke inu come down and absolutely go up yet again this is yet to be seen but for all the reasons why i just shared with you in this video i truly do believe that this cryptocurrency still may have some.

Upside potential and this is why it is your third memecoin all coin here in this video now a fourth and final memecoin altcoin gem that i believe still may have some upside potential is going to be dogecoin dogecoin is kind of the leader of all the meme coins it got everything started it started the entire movement and the fact that elon musk is.

Still kind of involved with this project and at any time can make some very big breaking news updates with it and send it absolutely to the moon is one reason why i truly do believe it may not be a bad idea to be looking into this cryptocurrency especially now since all the other meme coins are starting to move towards the upside if we take a.

Look at the chart of dogecoin you can see right now we are still sitting at approximately 62 down from the all-time high now again it's very risky to get into these cryptos because people were buying this literally back at a fraction of a penny less than a year ago but that being said you can see it had a massive parabolic.

Rise and if the entire cryptocurrency market goes up i do believe that dogecoin could go back to all-time highs and even maybe test that dollar mark that everyone is hoping will actually happen so i would definitely not count dogecoin out just quite yet but remember the massive massive gains have already been made in a lot of these meme coins.

So please do understand what you're getting involved with and this is why dogecoin is your fourth and final cryptocurrency meme coin gem that i believe still could have some upside potential so if you've enjoyed this video smash up the like button click the subscribe button and hit the notification bell to be notified every.

Single day when i come out with these new videos they are very time sensitive and as you've seen in prior months i've called some of these coins out way before they've actually gone up in value if you want even more altcoins make sure to click the links down below for my online class yesterday i made an exclusive video only for paying members.

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Learning for free here on youtube check out my cryptocurrency playlist i have multiple 100 xm videos 3 coins to 3 million educational tutorials and so much more thanks again for all of your support smash up that like button and i will see you in our next video you.


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