Top five coins to explode in 2022. welcome back guys it's crypto rocco from rockstar trading channel in this video guys i'll be sharing with you my favorite five coins some of them larger caps some of them smaller caps and at the end of the video guys i'll share with you some crazy hundred thousand x coins that could go to the moon or could.

Go to zero some very high risk i'll talk about that end of the video but the most money that we make in the rocter trading group are trading the major coins that you see on my list so i'll be sharing with you my top five coins that are bullish got some very big news as well and hopefully you can trade them i'll share with you the exact trade setup.

We're looking at with stops targets and entries so you can look to make some money this month so without further ado let's get into the video so if you watch my top five coins video i'll make this top five coins video at least once a month where i talk about the best coins to buy and before i do that i look at bitcoin and ethereum and.

Share with you my thoughts on the market and once we it's really important to understand what bitcoin is doing because if bitcoin is dumping massively your old coins are not gonna do well in my opinion bitcoin is coming into some support so we could see some relief rally or at least if bitcoin chops around and consolidates here we can.

Expect all coins to at least pump in the short term and that could be an amazing trading opportunity so what is my thoughts on bitcoins in the rocter trading group guys we're actually bearish bitcoin and we were bearish when we couldn't hold this put a higher low so we came into support around 42 we pumped up i really wanted.

To put in a higher low here and then trend up when we couldn't do this that's when we got bearish and we personally shorted i'll share with you the exact trait set up so the youtube videos guys i share with you exactly my targets the best coins to buy in the rock to trading group i can post when i'm entering exiting so avax.

Again we shorted avax you can see the dates when you can check the dates when we posted it this was my avac short and i'll share with you my vacuum it's really important to actually hedge your positions if you're just longing longing and the market dumps you could lose a lot of money that's the avac shot we took um.

It's coming into support now so we've exited 75 percent off our position i posted exactly updating when i'm taking profit and when i'm leaving some to run so that's how we've been trading at the moment we've been bearish crypto bearish bitcoin and you can look to in the trade i shorted avax with the group but there's other coins that people shorted.

But at the moment guys we're looking for at least a relief rally and potential trend change if bitcoin is to be a bull it really needs to hold here guys if we can't hold here and start breaking down i think we head towards the low 30ks so the important thing for you to understand is that bitcoin to hold 35 36k if we.

Break below here then the old coins that i'm gonna share with you probably won't work if we break out here start pumping it will be amazing for all coins or at least if it drops around it will still be good so write those things down and it's really important that you know what's happening and if you're new to trading guys don't try to trade leverage.

Because you're gonna get messed around if you're trying to let a trade leverage and even if you join my group i tell people not to look for these um short trades if you're new just try to focus on you know spot trading trading with less money and once you make a lot of money then you can you know grow your wealth and plan.

It the main thing in cryptocurrency the people that have succeeded from you know i've been doing this for five years coaching people the people that i've seen make a lot of money in in cryptocurrencies you know staying in the game not losing all your money staying in the game and then when we get those crazy rallies that we saw in 2017 2020.

2021 that's when you make life-changing worth of money if you are interested in our trading strategies how we trade um our live livestreams three to four times a week you can ask me questions the telegram group and all that good stuff i'll leave the links below for you to check out it's not 40 bucks there's a special offer you can try this for less.

Than 30 bucks see if this group is for you so let's start getting into all the coin stuff now so the first coin i want to talk about is probably my favorite coin luna so luna if you followed my channel people call me a lunatic i really like this coin at lunatic we took a trade here we had a nice rally again i called this one live on youtube.

Check out my twitter account we traded this one live i trade luna and live on on youtube because there's so many people liking luna and hit that like button if you're a lunatic fan or you're wanting to buy luna you love my you know lunar content on anchor protocol mirror protocol some amazing hedging strategies are coming out.

Risk-free hedging strategies where even if the lunar price dumps you're not going to lose money if you're interested in all of that guys make sure you like that hit that like button and subscribe to the channel but the reason why i'm liking luna is because not just the usd chart is because of the lunar btc chart the lunar btc chart if you've been.

Following my channel we'd love to see lower highs and consolidation accumulation structure then breakout above moving averages and 236 fibonacci this is fitting all the criteria so if luna can break out get couple of four hourly hourly closes above i think this is going to rally into the 16 1700 and if luna btc rally so luna is out.

Performing bitcoin i see luna usd pumping into the 60 70 67 70 zones so that is the simple trade for now so if luna gets back above 55 and i would look to buy luna here so that is probably my favorite coin in the next few weeks and in a long time as well i talked about you know the 100 x thousand x coins luna for me is one of.

Those coins that you know it will perform really well in a bear market and read my post i did a post a thread on twitter talking about why i think luna could perform eat well even in a bear market talking about the ust and lunar burning ratio and how to mint usa you have to burn luna and the demand for usd going up check that thread out.

And i do think even if you know bitcoin dumps luna will not luna will perform better than 99 of the cryptocurrencies that's the first coin and i know people call me a luna fanboy that you know if luna doesn't break out above here and luna btc trend changes i'm not gonna look to buy more luna that's the first coin the second coin i.

Have to talk about is solana and solana might not be ready just yet but i'm really confident that solana is gonna do well and and the reason because i like solana is if you've again followed our channel we traded solana in the rockstar training group around twenty dollars you can check it out if you type in um so and twenty dollars it should come up the.

Trades we took back in you can see the dates we were taking these trades this was in 2021 and i'm sharing with you the same pullback trades i share uh so solana again we rallied it but once we broke down here i wasn't interested i'm really getting interested and i want to buy solana now and the main reason why i want to.

Buy salon is it's got so much vc investment so many big banks and so many big players have invested money in this and these big players usually find a way to make money they don't usually lose money and i do think this is going to pump if you like ftx exchange if you follow sam bankman freud this is an amazing project.

And i think in this year and it's whether it's you know starts trend changing from here or comes a bit lower i think this has got a really good chance of pumping so for me solana i would personally look to trade solana a bit lower around fifty dollars if it comes into here i'm not looking.

I've not really got a clean trade setup yet but if solana comes into at fifty dollars i'll blindly buy some i'll just say look you know if it comes in here i'll just blood blindly say this is gonna dump a lot lower and i'll just close my and just blindly buy some if we start showing strength and trend change above.

Hundred dollars i'm going to look to buy more so i was looking to buy here we this wasn't my pullback trade and we took a trade about 20 pump but we rejected and broke down if we get back above 100 i think luna could be putting in an accumulation here and break out higher so i will be looking to trade luna here.

So i'll see if that works out but that is a trade i'm looking at and i think luna will perform luna solana will perform really well this year as well luna solana avex fdm are the shiny new coins that are pumping my favorite obviously you can tell is luna fundamentally i probably like fdm quite a lot as well but from charting trading.

Point of view i want to share with you solana but if you're interested in learning about a project i'd say look into those three coins another thing to point out is that uh i in my previous video i asked for best exchanges to trade i've had lots of issues with binance and i'm looking at by bit and margix and some of.

The other exchanges let me know if there's any exchange that you think is pretty good at the moment so someone asked me what exchange they can use if binance have blocked them i think um margex is pretty good i i made a tutorial video last year on magix and i put some money in to trial and see how this platform works and it looks really.

Good so salon i'm actually looking to buy solana here i'll share with you my solana trade setup and they've got you can put two orders in take profit targets sell targets and then like i said this seems to be a really good platform and now our feedback to you let me know if you are interested in platforms other.

Than binance because they have been giving me lots of issues and i've not really been able to use binance properly but obviously hundred dollars is the big trade i'll probably buy some spot solana but this is a leveraged trade and it's amazing for leverage trading you can again please don't put 100 x leverage but i've.

Been playing with 5x and 20x leverage it's really good um the platform's got a nice feel they've got quite a few coins that you can leverage trade and yeah at the moment i'm looking to go away from binance and margex is the one that i'm looking to use so yeah let me know what you guys think if you i may did make a video if.

There is there's any other exchanges you want me to look at magix they have given us a special offer to trial by bit's also giving me a special offer but i'm using margix for now and you can get 50 discounts if you're trading leverage on binance bitmex or buybit you're paying crazy fees you paid less than 50 fees on this so leave the links below something.

To help you out again it's up to you if you want to use this a referral code you don't have to use it but if you're happy with your exchange that's fine if you're looking for a better exchange and the support seems to be good as well and like i said i'll feedback if i have an issues i've put some money in to play with it.

And you get the 50 uh fees discount resource i'll leave the links below for you to check out and again i i seem to quite like it and then i'll feed back to you guys and you know this is the tool so you know if you if you're a footballer you need good football boots or if you're a you know taxi driver you need a good good car if.

You're a trader or you investor you want good platform cheap platforms because if you're if your platform's charging you a lot of money then it's eating into your profit so it's really good to have the best tool and and that's why i'm always trying to look at my different exchanges that give me the best um you know security so it's always.

Maybe it's a balance between security and fees so coinbase is probably the most secure but it's got crazy fees you can't trade on that um i think mardix is a good balance between that but yeah let me know if there's any other exchanges i'll make it maybe another review video but at the moment someone asked me what's the best platform to use i'm at.

The moment trialing magix for my leverage trading so solana yeah that's the trade i'm looking at short time frame second coin is solana next one i have to talk about is tazos so tazos this is a bit of it probably a meme chart i didn't really want to share this but if you look at this trend line this trendline has just.

Been i'm not a trend line trader but i do look at stuff like this and this trend line's been holding and um could we start on another parabolic rally in tasos and we did trade tasers in the group i can share the tasers trade in the group that we took and you know people say do i actually trade so it's.

Really important that i i share with you guys because if i don't share then people oh you didn't trade it and you know i don't like sharing my position sizes i'm going to shed some on the magics because i've just put some money in but again some there's always some haters i'll just share with you what i.

Know what i would like to share with you what i think will be helpful for you you can take it as you want so again by the way most of our subscribers are amazing so thank you all it's just a couple that always sends nasty messages so it tasers like i said um we took the tasers trade really nice move uh had a nice little rally for us it's selling off now once.

It broke down below here we exited tazos i'm not in texas at the moment but i am looking to buy back about four dollars and couple of reasons they have got uh some big news on nft dogami a breeding platform type of tokens if you guys know if you've been watching my channel on pig axi and there's a new coin coming out dogamy it's like a peta verse some.

Breeding some cool stuff coming up i'm we're looking in the rock to training and we're looking to get in early you know most people fomo in right at the top when something goes absolutely parabolic we want to get in before things go absolutely crazy so i'm looking at dogamy and that will launch on taser so.

There's a few more reasons for this to pump and i'm looking at potentially it putting a lower high in here start trend changing about four dollars if it comes into two and a half two dollars i might look for a trade but i've not got it set up but this will definitely be on my watch list and you know let me know which coins your favorite i i've been.

Quite busy with uh pegasi luna the terra ecosystem and obviously my own training with bitcoin dumping we had to take some short trades to protect our wealth but i will start making price prediction videos so if hit the like button and if tasers breaks out i'll make a youtube video but it just takes a bit of time.

It's easy to just post and to make a video record it it takes a bit of time but i will make a tasers video when it breaks out because i do think this will be ready for a rally so i've shared with you some blue chip coins let's have a look at some smaller cap ones so cvx is a coin that you know i really like so if you like um curve the the making huge.

Move you just look at d5 the amount of tv or curve finance i've got cvx is another similar to the ecosystem i think it's got huge potential and i've been looking to buy this above there which it didn't break it broke down instead and now it's breaking huge time frame support so i don't know i didn't know if i wanted.

To include this but if it can you know start getting back above 22 i think this will pump and like i said i really like this project it's sold out sold off so much we can see the rsi is absolutely slaughtered and there's high time frame rsi divergence so daily rsi divergence for our rsi divergence potentially coming up so the chart is looking good.

Extremely oversold and like i said if bitcoin starts getting a pump if you look at curve finance this might have really big potential so trend change above 22.23 i can this could start rally rallying up towards 30. so that will be the short timeframe trade and break out above 30 i think that's when the fireworks starts and then this will be a.

Huge accumulation zone and pump if it can't get back above 4 rma daily may leave it guys please don't trade it although i like this coin fundamentally if it breaks down then i'm not gonna look to buy it so the final coin of the top five coins and then i'll share with you some coins that here that not many people know about and then i'll go into.

A lot of detail on that on on the pool coin chart but yeah let's talk about uh pegasi and viz so for me guys i think uh pegasi and visits doing a reset it's literally come back to the floor price i think it will start trend changing here if it can start trend changing and accumulating so the point i was trying to make people try to form when right at.

The top but they don't want to buy when things are low so it's all the time you know people love buying things when things are going absolutely crazy but when things reset they don't want to buy so if you watch my pegasi videos when i was posting here not many people bought they fo mode in here and then they're giving back and they'll probably look to.

Sell now before the next rally up again i'm not saying it will go up watch my really detailed periodic video why i like the project and i've still got my some money in them the main thing is i'm looking to buy more around here and my thoughts are is if we see accumulation like this don't miss out on this you can breed race the ecosystem is amazing and.

If the price of this goes up whilst that's happening this can be huge so i'm personally looking at the two and a half to two cent level if we start showing accumulation like we showed previously and trend changing this will be one of the biggest gainers and i'll probably put a lot more money into and pay gases so that will be the fifth.

Coin if we don't see this again i'm going to look to buy somewhere here anyway because i think we're going to see at least like a 50 60 rally and i'm going to look to play that if we then start accumulating i'll put a lot more money in and try to ride the next leg up if we start breaking down below two cent that's when i get really worried and.

Then yeah if it does break below two cent guys i'll let you guys know but i probably wouldn't be looking to you know increase my exposure wait for trend change back up but yeah if it starts breaking below this purple zone even though i like this project so much i've spent so much time making content for yours for you guys and the group i will.

Start getting worried so five coins top five coins luna soul tasers cvx and viz a mix of fundamental reasons and technical and that technical analyst reasons why i like it so um let's talk about the crazy moon coins the first one i want to talk about is vault in you so if you watch my youtube video and i'm just a small youtuber i don't have many.

Followers but uh in my in my youtube live stream that i did this went absolutely parabolic i talked about this you know a simple one-to-one trade i tweeted about this as well and they just went absolutely moon and again it wasn't me i'm not saying we pumped it i think there's some whales trying to pump it this is the trade setup i posted you can.

Go watch this live stream this was done live everything that i do i try to do it live i'll get my trades wrong i get my trades right but i tried to do it live and this was sort of our trade a few people made money from it which is absolutely crazy but this is coming back into this zone and.

What from what i teach in trading we like buying support so if it comes back into here look to buy again there's got so many wells crazy marketing and then if you just go on my twitter and type in vault you'll see the amount of the likes and stuff i get so this seems to have a lot of hype and so that is a coin that i like and i think if it can start putting.

In a structure here i think this could be the next coin you can buy and this can easily just do like 100x with not a lot of money and you know i'm not a big trader but even i can move the market so very high risk please don't risk any you know the five coins that i talked about you can risk a bit more capital this one please be very careful and the other.

Ones you'll have to be even more careful so jets is one so one of my friends is quite big on this it's a game fight token and it's looking to break out now so if it can break out and hold here guys you can look to buy some which stop below and then if this is accumulation before the next rally up this could.

Easily head towards a four uh four and five cent um 40 40 and 50 cent quite quickly and again i posted this setup and this is probably out of the meme coins this is probably my favorite ones to share and your comment below on my twitter and i'll review your coins and maybe pump your coins as well and make a youtube.

Video on this but jetstar is probably my favorite one out of the three that potentially potentially very very high risk could be fundamentally a good coin as well and he's trying to trend changes as long as it's holding above that level i think this could get a nice move up so i really like this coin the other one again i wasn't sure whether to include.

This or not it's luna pad it's a pod or luna pad there seems to be a lot of hyper on this coin it's like a binary smart chain and luna combined but there's some fun around it as well so please do your own research again same as everything else if we break floor so that is one of the first things i teach if you learn one thing from me it's.

Floor breaking if this breaks floor get out guys not just walk away run away but this looks good for now i think this is it could be a potential accumulation zone and again if the hype catches on it's got all the right things for a high bsc luna anything you can ask for this has got all of that in the big twitter following and all that good stuff so if.

We start flipping above there i'm going to post on twitter and youtube with your trend changes but those are the scam moon coins that could you know hundred x thousand x or could just go to zero so that's the video guys hope you guys enjoyed it let me know what you guys think about this type of videos i'll try and if i get.

Enough likes and subscribes i'll i'll make this a monthly thing so let me know what you guys think so this structure as well talking about bitcoin some bigger caps some smaller in the moon caps let me know in the comment section below before in the video what is your favorite coin comment below your favorite coin for february and 2022 if.

It's a good coin i'll review it and potentially make a video and try and pump your coins so thank you very much for watching this video guys if you are interested in rockstar trading group taking a train to the next level live stream telegram group get access to my trading strategy for a short time and check out the group now for less.

Than 30 bucks you get all of that so thank you very much smash that like button subscribe to the channel i am doing a live stream later on in the week i try and do a free livestream on youtube every other month or a couple of times a month so make sure you subscribe and turn on the notification button so you get notified when i'm going live.

Thank you very much smash that like button subscribe to the channel and i'll see you guys soon with another great video thank you very much

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