🔴 Facebook Metaverse NFTs Are Coming | This Week in Crypto – Nov 1, 2021

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🔥 Here’s what happened this week in Crypto. For the complete stories visit: https://bit.ly/3jUR9zn

0:23 Facebook’s Metaverse Will Support NFTs – https://bit.ly/3w3g9JD
0:48 Mastercard Unveils New Crypto Services – https://bit.ly/3jOFHW0
1:10 El Salvador Buys 420 Bitcoins in the Dip – https://bit.ly/3buo6xW
1:32 Squid Game’s Token is Up More Than 100,000% in a Week – https://bit.ly/3jTLiu5
2:01 Coinbase’s App Topped the Apple App Store Rankings – https://bit.ly/2ZG0yDS
2:24 Photoshop Will Get a ‘Prepare as NFT’ Option – https://adobe.ly/3nJJDsr
2:46 Tom Brady Offers Fan One Bitcoin to Get His Ball Back – https://on.mktw.net/318RRT6
3:07 Matt Damon is the New Face of Crypto.com – https://youtu.be/9hBC5TVdYT8
3:27 No fees NFT Domains on Unstoppable Domains with Polygon – https://bit.ly/2Ztz6t3

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