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Hello friends welcome back to my new video in this video i'm going to share you brand new trx earning platform the link is in description simply you have to click on it and come on that interface first you have to register your account here and you have to enter your email address login password security password your code is a given.

Induction box you have to put it and click on sign up after registration you see here the latest announcement and you can read everything as you see these are telegram customer service also white they were also available here and you can see activity per second two you can leave everything here and you have to.

Recharge the hundred years then you have to get to 10 trx as a a bonus and you can see i have currently 10 thousand years as a signup bonus you can see if you are registered here then you get to 10 000 trx as our registration importance as absolutely for free and there's a deposit withdraw.

Share and here it is the volatility you can see i have the promotion here and joined to be our tour millionaire and is my platform you can see and economic profit and membership you as you see about us and we are at our best platform you can.

See and here is the globe partners you can see what's in x and going dx binance between you can see after clicking on trading you can see the website giving you the 10 percent as a vip one and cloud mining is now working and there is a trading pla profit and after this you can see many items.

Are there for investing you can see one day cycle for three days cycle and the highest is for 30 days and in which you get 20 percent as a profit now here is a sharing the word invite your contacts or friends to earn rewards and here's my profile link if you share your any subordinates or any friend or family member you got a reward and which.

Is absolutely for free now i'm going to click on mine after clicking one man you see he is i have 1000 trx as a bonus and a reported video and you can see i have zero trx available because i don't uh deposit here and now here is many options team financial records.

And share and log out modify login password and modify your security password many options are available here as you see now you can see here's also our level making and after go back you can see i have to share you 100 trx as a financial reward you as you see.

And after i am clicking on deposit you see here is a two two modes of payment as you see trading transfer to pc account and transfer to production account and now i'm going to click on transfer to basic account you have to copy your address and qr code also.

Available here you can you have to click on the send so now click on send i have to enter my address and the trx will attend after click on continue you have to click on continue and after continue the tracks will be sent to the respective address.

And you can forward click on confirmation directory and now you have to click on the charge completed after click on completed you have to take questions for our 10 or 5 minutes so friend as you see i received 10 trx in my.

Website wallet and now i am going to show you the proof of video clicking on video and after this you have to enter the amount so there is a limit for 10 percent so i entered here for one trx as a withdrawal so i done one trx withdraw one and now i'm going to.

Paste my payment link so you have to verification notice you have to go you have to contact customer service and verify your account for activation now it is done and now you have to enter your security password and you have to updates like

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