So you want to make millions in the crypto market but up until this point you felt like you've missed the boat but guess what you've been given a second chance the crypto market is currently in a sea of red and this in my opinion is a buying opportunity of a lifetime and preceding what could be another march 2020 like event that would give you.

Opportunities to present those next 10 to 100x gains as we lead into the new year hey guys sheldon evans here welcome back or if you're new here don't forget to hit that subscribe button turn on all of those bell notifications and give this video a like if you find any other content useful so on my display right now i have the.

Cryptocurrencies by market cap listed and you can see that most of them are down right now still we did have that major dump just a few days ago but since then we have formed a local bottom at around 40 to 1 000 on bitcoin and the reason that i always chart bitcoin is of course since it is the market leader it determines what the rest of the market.

Does now as i mentioned in previous videos as long as we don't break below this downward facing trend line here and close below it in my opinion we're still okay and we will hold it as support and you can see i've got this blue line turned on here as well which is the 200-day moving average and as i've mentioned in many videos in the past.

This is known as what we call the bull market support band or what we can use as an example of when the bull market is about to resume now currently we are holding this as support which in my opinion means that as long as we hold this we don't close below it we are due for an additional move up in the near future uh and a few other indicators we.

Can look at is of course the rsi we have been in a downtrend in rsi and downtrend in price we did have this bearish divergence here at the top which is which marked the exact top at sixty nine thousand dollars i had this drawn shorter at the time as you would see if you went back to previous videos that would have been a.

Very clear bearish divergence and divergence and sell point which we did take some profits at that point but we have been declining since then at the moment we're nearing the oversold territory and when we have near this in the past this january generally precedes a pump if we head over to the weekly timeframe we can see a very similar uh.

Play happening in the stochastic rsi so every time that we've hit the oversold territory stochastic on the on the weekly we have preceded a major pump into new highs so if we go back here you can see this was a major pump from the very very low into a high go back here this was a start of that major rally from 10k all the way up to about 65 000.

And back here we had that major well major reversal after the the march 2020 dump so currently we're in oversold territory territory we haven't yet reversed but it does indicate that we are possibly due for a pump whether that's near the end of the year or in q1 2022 which might in.

My opinion i think is where we will start seeing new movement in the market new money coming in or slightly before that because there's an expectation of money coming into the market at that point and most people or retail investors will try and front run that and institutional investors will even try and front run them meaning.

We could see a pump in the very near-term future and this goes for many many coins as well whether that's bitcoin whether it's ethereum if we head over to ethereum we can see something very very similar happening as well we have we did have this double top here for the rsi which was a bearish divergence of course we've been going.

Down losing strength on the rsi but we still have not broken that major uptrend that i've mentioned in previous videos if we head over to the daily time time frame that we've been holding since the yearly open so when we broke out around a thousand dollars at the beginning beginning of the year the first of january we have maintained this.

Uptrend since then we are now right just below it if we can close above the 3600 level and break back into it in my opinion that would be quite bullish but from what i can see or what i expect i think we have some more consolidation heading into the end of the year before again a major rally perhaps into the beginning of 2022.

Now in the rest of the video i'm gonna get over some news and see what is presenting in the news that might hinder or perhaps predict where the market is going in the next few days so the first thing that i just want to highlight is a comment that a colleague of mine and a partner in your mom's house nft collection left on a video a month ago.

I'm really looking forward to this artifact could become the next nike now the reason that i have this comment highlighted is pedram has been an integral part of my team for the past four five years and he has made some incredible predictions and together we have worked on incredible projects together and i'm proud to say that he is.

Part of the your mama's house team as we launch this major nft project and the reason that i want to highlight this is this foresight and this sort of vision is why i surround myself with myself with team members and people like this because it really does give you an advantage a toolkit in the market that allows you.

To improve and be better than the others around you and really play the market better than most others can and the reason i say this is this this comment was one month ago and yesterday we got an announcement that artifact is in fact being acquired or was acquired by nike so it's almost as.

If he preempted this he believed this he knew what was coming he understands the market very well and that is why we have team members like this who can pass this knowledge onto the community and pass this knowledge on to your mum's house nft holders this is the kind of information that i think is very very valuable out.

There and can be life-changing information if you use it correctly the reason that i say this is that i posted a tweet yesterday which you can go look on twitter follow me at sheldon evans that this news event that nike is acquiring artifact could be one of the biggest news events in history when it comes to nfts and crypto in general the.

Reason being is it shows that these major corporations are taking a step into the digital realm of blockchain and metaverse and nfts more so than people simply buying bitcoin or buying ethereum because while that is a major move when we see michael sailor buying bitcoin we see uh perhaps google or apple or facebook buying bitcoin and ethereum and.

Investing in cryptocurrency it's a an entirely different ball game when they actually start integrating and working in the the system and in this industry right and by artifact being acquired by nike it just shows that they are dipping their toes more so than their toes they're dipping their entire sneaker their their trousers and their shirt.

Into the metaverse and they're taking this industry by storm the reach that nike and the reach that apple and google have when actually integrating these uh these new age technologies these web three tech technology is what will drive massive adoption more so than people simply trying to maximize their financial gain.

By speculating on the market by buying bitcoin and ethereum and these collaborations and these entries into the metaverse is what brings millions if not billions of eyes as i've said before the collaboration that nike had with nike land and roblox where robots has 40 plus million daily users daily players is what brings all.

Those eyes to this new realm this new world that we are entering a collaborate collaboration like this is incredibly incredibly important and we saw this basically manifest itself in the price rising straight after this announcement so within about an hour of this announcement we saw the floor on clonex murakami nft's rise up to six ethan.

Obviously we just had the reveal a few days ago we do have quite a few of these as well which i believe could potentially be a blue chip project now as well that nike is in the space and owns clonex or well artifact so this in general is a very very bullish step in my opinion and i think it marks.

A very important point in history and why i believe that this bull market and this bull run does have a lot of room to run into the future into next year and possibly even be beyond because these niches as i've said in previous videos and these factions are will will grow and move regardless of.

What the traditional crypto market does and what traditional markets do whether the market is going up or going down does not matter these individual factions rely on human emotions and humans being drawn to this humans buying into this playing these games interacting with these nfts and so on is completely independent from the crypto.

Market on its own and that's why i believe crypto gaming and nfts are so incredibly vital and i'm trying to draw this down everyone's throat at this point as to how important this industry is if you don't want to make insane gains and be ahead of the herd and capitalize as much as you can and.

Uh i want to announce something as well we have also just acquired a doodle so as i've mentioned in previous videos ymh or your mom's house nft is acquiring what we believe to be blue chip nft projects or at least sustainable blue nft projects that have value for the long term and we're ad adding them to the treasury of your mom's house to.

Possibly benefit future holders by perhaps fractionalizing them and distributing them to holders or even just simply giving them away to ymh nft holder so if you do want to stand a chance to win one of these nfts we've currently got i think close to 150 thousand dollars giving away now to future wine ymh nft holders so if you.

Aren't yet i recommend you go follow ymh nft on twitter as well and if you haven't yet joined the discord we're in there we're chatting we're getting the voice chat sometimes you can ask us questions and overall it's a pretty good community pretty healthy pretty fun i really like it so far and i'm really proud of everyone in there because we've.

Actually built such a wonderful community so if you would like to be a part of that i would welcome you there into the discord and let's have a great time now adding on to that news let's take a look at what's happening with idiots as i mentioned in previous videos i did us join the nft world by partnering with.

Board ape which at this point is probably the most highly valued and what would be considered mainstream nft project of course versus crypto punks which has been the traditional long-term uh blue chip nft project the the number one but i do believe that there's a.

Possibility that board apes overtake crypto punks purely based on the hype and the utility that they continually add to their nfts and one such utility is of course is the play to earn game that is coming to board apes in the very near future now board ape has partnered with animaker brands the.

Company that launched decentraland and we do have possibly a game launching in q2 2022. now this could be a major major piece of alpha major piece of information here if we you look at what happened with axe infinity when people actually started playing it one of the major play to end games we saw the axe infinity token go from.

Three dollars all the way to a hundred and sixty dollars so a major major return there so if there's a play to earn game the token that's going to come with this is going to be highly valuable and i would recommend looking into it because there's possible major potential here the reason being is that axe infinity built its brand and built its.

Game from the ground up right didn't have much prior uh adoption or much prior news and and uh people knowing about it in fact whereas board ape has already built that community it has already built that foundation so when this launches they've already got those users they've already.

Got the people they've already got the lifestyle brand behind the game people know exactly what board apes are they they own them they're expensive people want in and if you don't own a board ape or you want to find a way to get into this this might be your step to get into the bald ape game so i think this is a very.

Important piece of information as well and the reason again i'm focusing on all of this this nft news is because it is very important and i believe regardless of what the rest of the market does nfts are going to boom but moving away from nfts let's take a look at what's happening with bitcoin and on-chain data so if you don't yet will clemente is an.

Incredible on-chain analysis he's a analyst he's been doing incredible analysis over the past year he's grown tremendously on twitter because of his fantastic analysis and i do recommend taking a look at his content if you haven't yet so from an on-chain perspective there's a key difference between now and the crash back that we.

Had in may previously strong hands became weak hands now strong hands are buying from the weekends what does this mean well essentially it means that long-term holders of bitcoin back in may were selling off that bitcoin full profit right they we had hit a new all-time high they were exiting the market.

Possibly looking to buy back lower or simply just taking their profits and running this time is entirely different meaning that the people who are selling are short-term holders the ones who have recently purchased bitcoin are getting shaken out it's a simple textbook shakeout of retail investors and newer inexperienced investors being.

Shaken out by the long term stronger hands they create the fund in the market uh they move their coins around to to scare retail investors out they sell they buy from them the stronger hands get stronger and the weaker hands left with their bums burned so i'm not afraid of this i do think that.

If we do end up heading slightly lower than this i think we do have a long run ahead of us moving into the following year into 2022 as i've said many times before lengthening cycles is very very likely and at this point we have a length length and cycle so you cannot dispute that theory so a very bullish q1 2022 in my opinion.

And 2022 throughout the year i think we're gonna have a major bull run some major opportunities presenting themselves right now and as i've said if you do think that you've missed this bull run and you think you've missed these opportunities everybody's made excellent insane games everyone's retiring over jpegs and nfts and off of.

Their crypto gains you have been presented a second opportunity now so with this dip the opportunities are rising there will be more i have continued to dollar cost average throughout this bull market i haven't just been taking profits as i've said many many times i take those profits move them in into my long-term huddle.

Portfolio buy ethereum uh buy a little bit of bitcoin mainly ethereum simply been adding to that stack all this time taking profits on my old coins and so far that strategy has proven to be the best and most profitable strategy that i could have done up until this point with absolutely minimal effort i know.

People are trying to time the market perfectly trying to buy this coin here by that coin there time it swing traded and so on i have done some swing trades that even myself i am impressed uh impressed with when i traded ethereum for ada adafruit luna luna foreign back and so on perfect tops and bottoms that that like i've said before i've.

Explained the tools that i use for these swing trades and they have been very very profitable but again that's only a 30 portion of my portfolio and the coins in that are even fewer the major 70 of my portfolio is essentially ethereum and i simply swing trade those profits back into ethereum and i let it run ethereum.

Is my rainy day fund it's my retirement fund and so far if you have been holding anything if you go back to previous videos you'll see that pretty much everything has underperformed ethereum in the long run at least throughout this bull market there have been some peaks and periods when other coins have outperformed ethereum.

Or not but over the long run over the longer period ethereum has outperformed pretty much everything but with that being said we can take a look at some coins that i do believe will have some potential in the near-term future and the reason being is that either they have recovered from the dip quite dramatically or they haven't quite had.

Their pump or had their their day uh in shining armor is that even a phrase no they haven't had their time to shine just yet and those are of course cardano a coin that i've mentioned a few times on this channel that i've sold and i think has had its pump although it has been in consolidation for an extended period of.

Time now so if you are looking for this once they do actually have a thriving d5 ecosystem is when i would start looking at cardano again when we start seeing indexes and we start seeing nfts really start pumping again we start seeing a full d5 ecosystem start being built out like we have on luna you'll start seeing cardano thriving again and i think.

That's just the nature of the market we are getting productive assets we need actual capital flow in these markets in these coins in order for the value to then pump in the future we've gone over days for the major coins like this a 40 billion dollar market cap to purely rely on hype for its growth and to judge that.

Sentiment can be quite difficult with the past hype that has happened for coins like this so i would say if you are looking to get into cardona or something like that wait for these major events wait for the d5 ecosystems to start thriving before you start dollar cost averaging in or buying back in another coin that i really do like is of.

Course polka dot one that i've been very bullish on this channel since the very very start around four dollars five dollars back in the time back in the day and we we did reach a very very high target close to my target of a hundred dollars which i do believe is still possible in the school run so we could see a forex from here uh to the top of.

Polka dots so if you are looking for those gains polka dot might be an opportunity like that it is one of the major chains of course co-founded by dr gavin wood the co-founder of ethereum uh moved up to polka dot fantastic project i think we do have strong gains in polka dot ahead dogecoin is one that i want to touch on here because even though we.

I've sort of uh clowned on dogecoin in the past and it is a meme coin and and so on we did see a major pump in the past few 24 hours or so and that is because of course elon musk confirms tesla will accept doge for merchandise now i've spoken about this many times as to.

Why i personally am not an investor in doge up until this point is that it has purely relied on hype there is no fundamental reasoning for the value or growth behind dogecoin that's why when it was near one dollar on its way to one dollar as many people expected and they were turning out to be millionaires i said this is probably a great.

Opportunity opportunity to sell off your dogecoin and it in fact was it was the exact top for dogecoin the reason being is because there's no fundamental basis for its value but if we do have a leader like elon musk who again i'm not kissing the butt of elon musk i don't think he's the be all the end or the guard of all of us i do think however that he does.

Have a lot of influence and a lot of power so it it would be a logical and advantageous to see what he does and see how he guides this market and that would potentially help us make gains not necessarily following in the footsteps of him and saying again like kissing his butt but following that influence and as i've.

Said in previous videos judging sentiment if you can find where the sentiment of the market is shifting and where it's moving that's how you can make some good money he seems to have taken dogecoin under his wing at this point and is determined to make it his successful cryptocurrency whether he believes it or not if he's.

Just memeing it doesn't matter we have seen him time and time again say that doe coin's a very big holding of his he's determined to make it a fantastic payment protocol he thinks it's better for payments than bitcoin this sort of constant touch points and touching base with this topic and leading dogecoin could be a potential for a potential.

Catalyst for massive growth in dogecoin so if you are a bit of a gambler if you do like the meme life if you do know how to judge sentiment i would say look at dogecoin for that of course you know my views on terror i've spoken about it many many times on this uh channel crypto.com coin i do believe crypto or crow is going to be.

Probably one of the biggest exchanges in the world they hit the nail on the head with the crypto.com uh domain name that they purchased many years ago and since then it's been growing massively up 10x since we first mentioned it on this channel i said that it had major potential that was back when they launched a chrome mainnet fantastic.

Blockchain built of course on the cosmos sdk many blockchains are in fact built on cosmos sdk we have binance smart chain built on that we have terabytes on that we have crypto.com built on that many of these independent blockchains of course are built on cosmos and that's why i've said many times that cosmos i do believe.

Is one of the most fundamentally strong projects whether that translates into actual financial gain is a different story because the atom token doesn't at this point in fact have much use case in the ecosystem and we are seeing uh these other coins like the terror usd token and stable coins on terra being de facto stable coins for.

All of these other blockchains so it doesn't really have a use for something like atom although the cosmos sdk and the cosmos ecosystem is incredibly important in a blockchain agnostic and blockchain interconnected world so i would say that if you are looking to get into blockchain to get into crypto and understand it better and actually get.

Involved in crypto take a look at cosmos take a look at atom and you'll understand how important and vital it is to the overall growth of the cryptocurrency market where we don't have a leading chain because it doesn't matter because everything is interoperable interconnected and it.

Doesn't matter whether you're on polygon ethereum bitcoin cardano it doesn't matter because they're all connected through the cosmos ibc um connection and you can pretty much work on whichever blockchain you like it's the internet of blockchains in the future possibly will be thousands.

Hundreds of thousands of blockchains connected to one another like we do have cities uh provinces countries capitals uh continents connected to one another in the in the world so that's pretty much what cosmos is doing with blockchain so i would say look at that polygon of course is a fantastic project i do.

Believe five dollars is possible in the near future because as adoption happens whether it's for ethereum or for any sort of major cryptocurrency and fees are incredibly high and as ethereum slowly increases in value so will the fees we are going to need polygons so as i've said i use polygon.

As almost an oscillator to ethereum so when ethereum is rising and we see the adoption of ethereum happening increasing transaction count and the increase in the number of transactions microtransactions are happening in games that are built on ethereum i would say take a look at polygon.

Because they will be vital to the micro transactions and the hundreds of thousands of microtransactions that we will have for these play to end games and many of these games in the future so take a look at polygon still fantastic project litecoin again as i've said before an oscillator for bitcoin if you so feel chain link a coin who which has.

Under underperformed uh throughout the throughout this market and i've mentioned this a few times i do think chain link has been under performer the reason being it's sort of become this dyno coin at this point there's no real need for the value of chaining to increase perhaps it's the sort of de facto entry into arbitram or your.

Exposure to arbitrarily since arbitrary doesn't have a token so when the arbitrary when arbitrarily launched many people were buying chain link to sort of expose themselves to arbitrary growth didn't really work too much so i would say chain link if you are looking for better bets i would simply stick with ethereum.

We've got uni swap i believe uh decentralized exchanges are still going to be huge in the future possibly well definitely way bigger than they are right now so i would say uni swap is a no-brainer to hold if you do want some exposure to the decentralized market and of course pretty much all of the level one blockchain so whether that's.

Elrond whether it's algorand whether it's uh terra whether it's cardano avalanche all of these polka dots i would say having some exposure to l1 perhaps even having an l1 section in your portfolio where you have a sort of index of layer one protocols because when one pumps the others don't.

Necessarily pump in unison but they are minor pumps throughout the market so if you are looking for pumps on layer one protocols which in my opinion i think is the strongest bet if you want sort of passive gains without monitoring the market too much and trying to track trends whether it's gaming whether it's nfts whether it's layer one and so on i.

Think layer one is the trend that is here to stay and you're likely to make gains in it as the market grows because layer ones are the base basis to the growth of the market in in any in any world so if you are looking to exposure to market i would say that then we have sandbox and decentraland two of the major metaverses that i believe are.

Possibly going to be the blue chips of metaversus where they get acquired by let's say meta or facebook or whether they integrate with them or compete with them i think these are having the what we call the big brother effect or the the first mover advantage they were here first they're here to stay they are actually in fact.

Very good uh there is a lot of improvement made but to be made but they are the first movers they do have that advantage they have do do have more large market caps there are people using them so i would say if you want exposure to the metaverse these are probably your blue chips uh besides maybe getting into.

Other as i've mentioned in previous videos uh gaming ecosystems or gaming studios rather than individual games because predicting predicting which game is going to be big or adopted is quite difficult the only thing you can really look at is perhaps the number of users and people playing those games but if you want a sort of a solid bit look at.

Studios like it for example like gala that are building multiple games and invest in the underlying gaming studio because they do have this advantage of if one game fails it doesn't matter they will build another one and they'll build another one build another one and over time they will grow.

So with that being said i think there are tons of coins that you can invest in right now that have major potential as i mentioned months ago if you threw a dart at the board and picked pretty much any cryptocurrency you're likely to make some gains those days are slightly blurry right now we don't really have those major opportunities where you can.

Pretty much throw your money at anything on the board and make gains but i would say that if you pick the blue chips pick the project that have been performing throughout the boom market that have had significant gains and have recovered during these dips significantly look at what where the sentiment is what are the funds buying what are the major.

Influences buying what does the sentiment look like is michael saylor still buying bitcoin is nancy pelosi going to buy ethereum take a look at what's happening in the macro market follow those trends and you're guaranteed to make some money in the long run no financial advice here to end of the video let's take a look at.

What is happening uh also from tech dev an account which i've recommended in the past as well according to him we are hitting the log 618 again fib level and this is has preceded major pumps in the past but as i've said before looking at what the previous market has done and what the market has done in the past to predict.

What is going to happen in the future is an indicator a tool that we can use but it's just not necessarily a deterministic factor as to what's going to happen in the long run it's fun to look at it's fun to see what could potentially happen in the near-term future but when these models break they break entirely and the the past sort of.

Gets obliterated and it doesn't matter what happened in the past it doesn't necessarily have to repeat itself in the future and i think most people will have some ptsd from previous cycles trying to time the market tops trying to not get wrecked because they absolutely got destroyed in 2017 and before that so i.

Would say looking at previous market cycles have it in your head hold these thoughts in your head always be aware that at the top could be at any moment keep an eye on the indicators that i've mentioned in previous videos of trying to predict the top using rsis using weekly rsis using bull market support bands using moving averages these are.

All the tools that you can use that can work to your advantage along with other things like the crypto fee and greed index when it's fearful that's likely near or at the very bottom judge compared to previous fear angry index periods like i've said we do generally maintain a longer period of time when we're at extreme fear so as.

Long as we have some consolidation at the extreme fear end of the scale maybe we get down all the way to 10 we could have an additional dump before we have a pump into new all-time highs but these are the tools that i work with tools that i look to make major gains in the market and predict quite accurately the swing as the swings.

Of the market and so far has so far so good is what i was going to say but i hope you guys enjoyed that video i hope you liked the content if you did like it please give the video a thumbs up comment down in the description below if you made it all the way to the end of this video blueberry pie and as always i.

Shall see you in the next video cheers

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