100% ACCURACY How to Know When A Coin Will PUMP on Binance (Cryptocurrency Trading Tips)

So i heard you want to know when a coin will pump but no one can tell you how to figure that one out well look no further i will show you exactly how to do that today in this video so if you love cryptocurrency if you love making money don't forget to smack the like button and also subscribe if you're new to the channel it helps out a lot and it only.

Takes you half a second to do it so without further ado if you're trading on binance this is going to be especially useful because i will use binance as an example to kind of show you how to spot a coin that will pump and no this is not a scam this is something that actually works from a technical standpoint it definitely works so.

Let's say you're trading on binance and you see all these coins having huge gains wow i i knew something was weird but jesus is the light mode bad and i just need the dark mode everywhere you know so anyway here's what i do i go over on coin gecko right so once you're on coin gecko on the main homepage of coin gecko you want to go to the search.

Bar and kind of search for binance or really any exchange that you're using and you don't want to click on bnb or any of the cryptocurrencies you want to find below its categories and then below that it's exchanges so you want to use the binance exchange or if you're based in the united states you want to use the binance us preferably so.

Also one important thing is you gotta use the dark mode light mode is just not acceptable so the next thing we want to look at is the 24 hour trading volume so as you can see this is for the whole of finance it's 20 billion dollar trading volume in the past 24 hours we got 30 we got 329 coins and a few of those 329 coins will.

Be the ones to pump a lot but you need to find them so here's how i so here's how i try and find them what you want to do is search around the top 20 to top 30 area and kind of see which one of these coins are not familiar to you and then try and figure out if those coins are not very popular and their market cap is low so if all that kind of aligns then.

What you want to do is look at the 24 hour trading volume for that particular coin so if the volume is very high the trading volume is very high the coin is unpopular you've never heard of it it has a low market cap that means that this coin will pump now let's try to find an example and i'll explain further so for example never.

Heard of this coin i know maybe some of you have i've definitely not heard of it it's on the 20th spot and has a 24 hour trading volume of 205 million dollars now that's half the market cap that it has so the 24 hour trading volume is is half the market cap that this coin has so this is probably one of the coins that.

Will soon explode because this means that whales are accumulating this is what this means people that know stuff you don't are buying this coin among other coins for example here's another one radium i've never heard of this coin either it has a 24 hour trading volume of 400 million dollars and this market cap is.

700 million dollars so almost the whole market cap more than half also this coin will probably pump in the next week or month because whales are accumulating look at the volume here look at the big spike in the volume but no spike in price so that's an another so that's another thing that's also very very very bullish and basically this is.

How you spot coins that will pump for sure when you see that the trading volume the 24 hour trading volume is very high and the coin is unknown has a little market cap means that whales are accumulating keep that in mind and when whales accumulate coins go boom so let's go to trading view and kind of check out.

Tlm uh which is this coin alien world alien world's tlm it's the 20th right now as of me recording this video i'm recording on the 29th august on a sunday so by the time you see this video it might already pass so you can just go ahead and check out this coin and see if it actually pumped because at this point i don't even know.

If it's gonna pump but this is how i find the coins that are next to pump right so i checked the technical analysis for tlm on trading you are first go to the daily yeah this is this is something that usually happens when a coin gets the us dollar when a coin gets the usd t pair just gets traded like crazy one to five point nine dollars.

Might even be a bug but uh let's check tlm with bdc and yeah it looks kind of similar actually it looks very similar so i'm gonna go back to usdt because this is definitely true so uh looking at the 50 millimeter chart if you look at the volume the biggest volume is here which is below its current price obviously but this is when.

The volume spike was the biggest so it's so people that bought here are 20 in profit now if they haven't already sold but i would say they've already sold once they've been in profit here and just plummeted down but those people that have not sold are still in profit just a little bit at this point or a lot of people have also sold in the negative.

Right here which is just a shame people that sold here you just you hate to see it man you hate to see it you just don't want people who bought up here to sell down here it's just such a shame and it always happens especially to new traders and it just makes them not enter the crypto space ever again and it's just all such a.

Freaking shame man but when we're looking as we're looking at the 15 minute time frame we clearly see we're in an uptrend and looking at the rsi it's also in an uptrend if the rsi was going down that would be a bearish divergence but in this case we don't have a bearish divergence so it's all good we don't have the money flow yet.

We're going up so that's all good but this is still just the short term if i go for example to the one hour it doesn't look like that at all it just looks a little bit different kind of looks like it it was starting to make a cup and handle formation and maybe it did maybe it did this is what normally a cup and handle looks like it does looks.

Just like this and how you want to trade a cup and handle is you trade the breakout right here so let me actually try and draw this a little bit more precise so i can show you guys what i mean but doing technical analysis for small coins um doesn't always play out the way you need it to play out or the way you read it it's going to play out.

But nevertheless i digress uh let's still draw the trend lines let's still draw the cup and handle and kind of see where we end up right so this is the cup in which case this will be the kind of handle so we will trade the break out let me go to the five five minutes yeah we already.

Had the breakout and we have the confirmation of support right here and yeah it's actually real i might actually even put a trade in this is all looking very very good but as i said technical analysis doesn't always play out the way it should on the smaller time frames and especially.

On the smaller coins that have a lower market cap like this one has a 400 millimeter cap that is not a low number by any stretch of the imagination but comparing it to for example cardano which has almost 100 billion or even bitcoin which has over a trillion at fifty thousand dollars at fifty three thousand dollars actually it's just that.

With bitcoin with cardano with ethereum you have so much more data to play with and we have when you have a lot of data it just makes reading the market a lot easier right but uh either way just by looking at the volume the 24 hour volume right here the accumulation process for this coin uh it is definitely one of the next coins that's going to pump but this.

Is not a video telling you what coin to buy this is a video showing you how to spot the next coin that will pump for yourself so i hope this helped i hope you will use this to your advantage as always i'm not a financial advisor but what i am is a youtuber a crypto youtuber who knows how to dig way deep down and find the good stuff for you.

Guys so that's what i did today hopefully it helps my name is tony i'll see you next time

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