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In this video revealing the laziest way to make money online with the metaverse and how complete beginners earning a hundred dollars a day with no experience more than after the intro hey guys how's it going mike fasil here welcome to this video before we actually remind you that several shots have.

Opened up for this week's free workshop where it's the fastest and easiest way to make money online we literally have a 62 year old woman go from zero to 160 grand profit in 90 days so sign up for it now so as of recently this video ended up popping up where you know mark zuckerberg is explaining what the metaverse is where essentially facebook.

Is doing a little bit of a pivot and instead of just being like a social media platform they're going and creating like a virtual reality and augmented reality where you could literally be like here and i could be like and there's just you know a hologram right here where i'm essentially doing.

My work as you can see right here in this video imagine a space where you can tune out you could see like it's little fingers and holograms and it's just like what the heck and it's like all the futuristic things that you thought were impossible or were in an iron man movie now like in real life so he's.

Essentially trying to go ahead and build it right but when people are going ahead and building new platforms there's always new opportunities to go ahead and make money from that right and that's one thing that i'm constantly looking at because when you're able to go ahead and see what they're building you could then.

Heavily invest for example your time into a specific thing that you know for example would make money right so my kind of like idea for this is kind of like very simple to what has worked already in the past right so for example with any single opportunity there is some time before it makes sense to actually go ahead and try making money.

Online with it because sometimes it might be too early and it might just end up dying right uh for example right like a popular app was like clubhouse you know a year or two everyone was talking about it they're like oh my god get on clubhouse get a clubhouse um and everyone started putting all their time and resources into clubhouse and like i.

Haven't heard much about clubhouse as opposed to like tick tock tick tock was like this new thing and the hype was all there and what not uh but then you know like a bunch of weird things happen and people are still you know doing it but now it's like kind of really really hard and you really need to understand when.

The opportunity is because if you could kind of like foresee it then you could actually jump upon it right so for example let's just take what's worked in the past and how i'm for example going to model it with the metaverse so facebook which is metaverse now um was founded in like 2004 right in 2004 they were just kind of getting.

Like you know product market fit they were trying to get their products out there into just like college students and then before you know it within several years they just took over the world and then now they had a distinguished platform the platform was basically not going to go anywhere there was enough people that were already.

Doing it where you could it could only go up from there right and that stems to happen when you know a business has a network effect where the more people that for example are using the app or the product or the software the service the more valuable the thing actually becomes so even though for example facebook wasn't essentially making money.

They didn't have like an advertising platform or whatever they had a critical mass of users that were actually in the business right so that was in 2000 you know for example four then literally a couple years later so three years later in 2007 they launched the facebook ads platform but still it was like super super super early super super super.

Early where you know people were just kind of like figuring it out so that was 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 13 14 15. now 2013 14 15 like seven to eight years after that's what was kind of like the golden age of facebook where literally you could be like a complete dummy and make money like i kid you not i would literally put a picture of a cat t-shirt.

Put it up and make a bunch of money i would even like for example uh you know create like a product that i was like drop shipping put it up without actually a finished website and literally with that business model you could see that we literally went five grand the first 30 days back in 2017 or 15 to 1.6 million that first year right uh but the.

Thing is it wouldn't have happened if i joined like earlier on in the beginning while they're still figuring it out right so that's kind of like the same way that we're in right now in terms of the metaverse right now it's almost as if this is like facebook in 2004. yeah they have like a bunch of money you know you know behind it yeah they have for.

Example already a huge network of users that they already don't need to go ahead and acquire but the thing that i'm seeing is it's like okay there are certain times from when they say they're gonna launch to when a certain like for example ad platform hits to where you know it's so easy because the competition is very very very low like.

Literally very very low and for the year or two literally anybody could go ahead and throw for example an ad or something up on the platform and make a bunch of money right even if they have no experience whatsoever right that's literally what i did for facebook ads and that's kind of what i plan to do.

For example uh with the metaverse because right now for me personally even though like i make good money as you can see like right now we're pulling in anywhere from like my businesses that are dependent off of the metaverse and just you know using things like facebook and youtube and google and all those things we literally pull in like six.

Figures a month as you can see even just like from today and then yesterday right uh so how i'm kind of like seeing it and viewing it is eventually what's gonna happen is the buzz of this is gonna die down soon and then they're gonna actually start building the product right so that'll probably happen for i don't know like a couple of years right.

And then pretty soon more and more users are going to be on it right the more and more users the more and more you know like i said the network effect starts happening and when there's more users actually on it that's when it actually becomes valuable where you know meta or facebook or whatever will start for example launching an ad platform to go.

Ahead and run it on and it's when they launch that ad platform where i'm gonna really like look in on when is the best opportunity for me to jump in right because like the best business that you could possibly do is when you could get a business where you're spending a dollar and then making three dollars.

Back within 24 to 48 hours that's literally like the the name of the game with the advertising business and the lazy way the lazy way to make 100 a day is literally to jump in this is like the adoption curve of any business literally right here right before it goes and hits mass like amount of users that are running ads because.

Then it gets really competitive this is kind of where the facebook and instagram algorithm is right here it's like very competitive right now right but then you literally have for example you know meta coming in and they're building a new platform so think about like a new instagram or a new facebook where like they are potentially going to go ahead.

And sell ads to which is how they make their money right and that's kind of like my lazy way to go ahead and do right now it's literally just waiting literally just waiting to see when they go ahead and adopt more users because if i would have for example went all in onto instagram before uh you know it even like blew up that could be a risky.

Thing to do because i've invested a lot of my time for something that might not actually prove to be something that would work that's why i don't really put a bunch of my time in like new apps like even like for example tick tock i know i lost a bunch of money not like starting a tick tock but i know that my zone of genius and my core competency is just.

Running ads on platforms that you know like i could understand and i use personally right so what i know i know facebook i know youtube i know instagram because i'm an active user of those things right if you really want to make money the lazy way you really gotta choose your battles and and get into opportunities.

Where you have some type of general knowledge of or you actually know how to use the platform right like like for example people that know facebook ads they understand how facebook works people that know youtube ads they understand how youtube works people that sell on ebay they understand how ebay works maybe they were a customer of ebay.

And for me to actually make money the lazy way for example with augmented reality and virtual reality with the metaverse i literally have to wait until i'm an active user of it and i understand it or i have friends that are actively using on it because until that is the time and the place it might be too far in the future where yeah you.

Could go ahead and invest in your time right now but you literally might have to wait a long long long long time and like i said some of the best opportunities is not when you're too early and not when you're too late but when it hits enough critical mass where facebook actually starts monetizing it and then you understand it because then.

They'll probably launch you know an ad platform kind of like for example they did in 2007 so i'm probably just gonna wait a couple of years but after a couple years has passed and you know i see that there's more users coming in people are selling beginning to sell products right the biggest shift to understand especially if you uh want to.

Make money with you know the metaverse you know it's a good opportunity when you literally start seeing people leave facebook ads leave google ads leave youtube ads to start running ads on the metaverse to sell their products and services because even though the metaverse is crazy and insane it's like thinking.

About this like like like holograms pop up you gotta understand that behind every single business is someone or a company selling a product or a service right and when you literally see people go ahead and starting to begin selling products and services just normal ordinary people third party people that aren't actually.

Big companies like facebook or google selling in the metaverse when you see normal ordinary for example they're probably the first people would be the influencers moving over the moment you start seeing influencers selling for example you know in the metaverse right that might be a really good kind of green light to go ahead and start.

Selling either physical products or digital products on the metaverse and make money online that way because of the fact that there's very low competition there's a lot of eyeballs and it's just getting started and like i said when i tapped into those moments like we made a bunch of money like in facebook in 2014 and 15.

Me with no experience whatsoever complete dummy in life went from 0 to 1.5 million plus in 12 months and it's even happening right now in like for example other ad platforms that's how we were able to scale you know to like 10k in a single day you can see previously it was 3k and then now we're averaging about like 5k ish to 7k ish a day of.

Course and it's not just me right we literally have people you know in new platforms that are untapped go from zero to 30 grand a month in five to eight weeks right like dean at age 47 or greg at age 58. the problem is is like said you do not want to be too early or you do not want to be too late you want to pick a platform that's just in like the.

Right stage of puberty where you could literally go ahead and double down in on that new opportunity and the newest opportunity that is in right now isn't actually for example facebook isn't actually metaverse it's a new one that is so obvious you probably can't even see it even though it's hitting you on your face right now and it's the exact.

Same opportunity that got these people from zero to 30 grand a month in five to eight weeks even at age 47 even at age 58 years old and even like francisco from chile where the average income is only 500 a month and if you want to know what that new opportunity is just sign up for the free workshop below as well as check out this video in this.

Podcast right here hopefully this helps love you guys see you guys later

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