15 Crypto Gaming & Metaverse Gems that are Still Undervalued | SUPER, ATRI, SOUL, POLC & MORE

Hustlepedia is back today with another crypto gaming video today we are covering 15 different crypto gaming coins that I think are either still undervalued today, are not done pumping, or are at complete value entry prices today, amidst the current metaverse and crypto gaming pump this week. We briefly cover some projects we have recently done very well on, Bloktopia, DFSocial, Virtue Poker, Ultra, Defina, MetaWars, Altura and more, then we dive into 15 coins I still believe have run up potential here at the end of Q4 2021, as Crypto Gamings surge is literally just beginning. The cryto gaming and metaverse market cap will see a literal 10-100x in size in the next few years, and we are getting ourselves well positioned for this. We look at coins with massive value or with more run up potential, such as SuperFarm, DeRace, DeathRoad, Polka City, ATARI, Phantasma and many many more, and exactly why I am bullish on each asset, and thoughts on where each price could head soon.

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0:00 Intro
1:22 Reviewing Projects We Recently Covered
7:20 DeRace
8:09 Verasity
9:54 Polkacity – GTA Style Metaverse on Polkadot
12:53 UFO Gaming – Metaverse Meme Coin of Crypto Gaming
14:14 Phantasma – SmartNFT Protocol Built for Gaming
15:51 Atari Token – SUPER Undervalued & Backed by ATARI & Animoca Brands
18:36 Death Road – Metaverse Racing Game with GFX By Illuvium
20:14 Nakamoto Games
22:04 Project Quantum – AAA Blockchain First Person Shooter
22:55 Aurory
23:53 Bonus: The Monopolist – Blockchain Monopoly
25:03 3 Projects Launching in 10 Days (IMX, GoG, CRYOWAR)
25:21 Final Thoughts


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