2 Ways to Get TikTok Coins for Free! (WORKING)

What's up everyone welcome back to the channel today we're going to be talking about how to get tick tock coins for absolutely free so if you guys don't know what tech talk coins are basically tech talk has its own currency so when you want to donate to streamers or content creators or if you want to donate to certain posts anything.

Like that you can donate through emojis or symbols that go through tick tock coins and to purchase tick tock coins they can go from five dollars to twenty dollars to 100 anywhere from there but with this app that i'm going to show you today i'm going to show you exactly how to get any.

Amount of coins for free and as you guys can tell right here i do have the app and let me just recharge it real fast so yep we're back to 83. i don't know if you guys can see that right there 8300 or yeah 83 000 coins i should say so now i can go and take this amount and i can.

Donate to any or any tech talk streamer any tick tock creator that allows it basically and yeah i'm saving how much did i say probably just like 500 bucks right there from one tap of a button so i'm gonna show you guys how to do that today let's get into it all right guys so before we get into the.

Tutorial i actually just want to show you guys that it does work uh the demonstration i just showed you wasn't really up close and you know i didn't show you exactly what you can do and all that so i'm just gonna sign on back to the app real fast so yeah like i said it's called tick tock plus plus right there and the only.

Difference between this app and regular tick tock is that you can get these coins for free um other than that it's not modded you can't get free followers or anything like that from what i know all i know is that you can get the free coins like i was talking about so what we're going to do is we can open the app and right now our balance is zero and.

Every time i recharge it it automatically goes back up to 83 000 so one i recharge it by tapping this button right here boom so now we're back at 83 000 coins and all the prices are immediately dropped down to zero bucks i just saved around roughly i don't know maybe 600 700 right there.

Just by pressing the recharge button so now i can go donate this money or this coin balance i should say to any streamer on tick tock any tech talk you're a content creator it's absolutely crazy so what we're going to do is i will show you guys how to install it but first we need to make sure that your phone is capable i know that this works.

On ios 10 and above and i haven't seen a restriction for iphones but i do know that you have to have at least ios 10 or above so the way to check that you can go to your settings you can go to general you can go to uh where is it about right here and then.

Right here at the second option we'll say software version and that will be your ios setting right there so i'm on 14.8.1 which is obviously above ios 10. so my phone is obviously capable to do this and i already showed you guys that i do have it installed so once you guys know that you're above ios.

10 i will or we can go on with the tutorial so first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna go back to the main uh settings screen and then we can go to let's just put on do not disturb real fast and then we can go to um.

The battery section and this top option right here which is the low power mode you want to make sure that this is turned off and obviously you can tell it's on right now i don't know why messages are coming through right now but obviously you can tell it's on right now because the battery symbol is yellow and when it's.

Yellow that means the low power mode is on so if you want to turn it off all you have to do is just press that button another way to make sure to turn it off or another way to turn it off is if you swipe down and access your control panel uh the icon down here which is the battery icon you can turn it off and on just by pressing which is really good.

And it's just you know much easier than going all the way to your settings and all that so once you guys know that it's off what we're gonna do now is you're gonna go back to the general section of the settings tab and then you're going to go to the background app refresh which is right there and then you want to go to the top.

Section which says background app refresh and you want to make sure it is set to either wi-fi or wi-fi and data all i know is that if it is turned off then for some reason you can't even open the app i don't know why i've tried it a couple times and for some reason these settings are just what makes it work so what you want to do is.

Make sure you you are on either wi-fi and data or just wi-fi alone so now we are done with all the tutorial instructions for that now what we're going to do is open your web browser it doesn't matter if it's chrome or safari i usually use safari and you're going to type in y u l u.

S t o r e dot c o m so right there y y-u-l-u-s-s-t-o-r or s-t-o-r-e.com i believe it's ulu store that's just what i like to call it and once you hit enter it'll bring you to this website where you can download a bunch of apps but right now we're just gonna talk about the tick tock app so if you just type in tick then tick.

Tock plus plus comes up and you can press this blue button right here to start the installation and as you guys can see right here it does say downloading tick tock plus plus dot gg which is good so we're just going to give it a couple minutes i honestly it doesn't even take more than like 30 seconds as you guys.

Can tell we just passed the halfway mark we're about to hit the end just gotta wait a couple seconds and a pop-up menu will appear once this is done all right so here's the pop-up menu uh it's going to download a profile to your phone so you have to tap allow right there and then you hit close you can.

Close out of your browser and then go back to your settings which is right here and then what you want to do is make sure you are on the main page of the settings and just scroll up until you see the profile downloaded section so you tap that and here is the tick tock plus plus.

Installer so you just tap install at the top put in your password tire tap next and then install and then right at the bottom here install again and then done and now you can scroll out and here is the tick tock plus or plus plus app that we just downloaded this.

Was the one that i showed you guys in the beginning and here's the one that we just got so you obviously know that i just downloaded a new one so thank you guys for watching the video i hope you guys can go and take this free coins and go donate it to you know anything or anyone basically it's all up.

To you if you guys did enjoy this video please make sure to hit the like button it does help out the channel and hit subscribe if you guys do like videos like this other than that i hope you guys have a great day peace

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