2020-2021 Delta Dental Benefits Overview

welcome to Delta Dental your ally in protecting your smile you can choose between Delta Dental PPO and deltaCare USA with PPO you can visit any licensed dentist you'll save the most by staying in-network under deltaCare USA choose a primary care dentist from the deltaCare USA network and visit this dentist to.

Receive benefits your PPO plan covers procedures at set percentages you pay the amount not covered by your plan with deltaCare USA you pay set co-payments for covered procedures PPO plans may have deductibles and maximums there are no deductibles or maximums under deltaCare USA you and your family members are eligible for coverage here's.

A look at your PPO choices maximize your savings by visiting a delta dental PPO dentist your second best bet is a delta dental premier dentist if you choose a non delta dental dentist you'll receive coverage but your out-of-pocket expenses may be higher if your dentist charges more than the set fee for that service you will be responsible for the.

Difference this is called balanced billing it's easy to find a PPO dentists using our online directory you can adjust the range of your search or filter the results by specialty language and more here are the maximums and deductibles under your plan options a benefit maximum is the total your plan pays per person during a single year a.

Deductible is the amount you must pay out of pocket before your dental plan begins to cover services a lifetime orthodontic maximum is the total your plan pays per person for orthodontic treatment it does not reset each year here's how your coverage differs depending on which plan option you choose you are responsible for the.

Amount not paid by your plan if you opt in to smile way wellness benefits you can receive expanded coverage for certain chronic conditions let's take a look at deltaCare USA deltaCare USA is a prepaid fixed co-payment dental plan choose a deltaCare USA dentist and visit this dentist to receive coverage there are no maximums or deductibles and you.

Can count on paying no more than the set co-payment for each covered procedure your plan includes coverage for emergency and specialty care if you need to see a specialist your primary care dentist will coordinate a referral for you to find a deltaCare USA dentist near you just use our online dentist directory.

You can adjust the range of your search or filter the results by specialty language and more when you find the dentist you want make a note of the facility number and update your dentist online or by calling customer service changes received by the 21st of the month will go through the following month check your plan booklet for a full.

List of covered services and co-payments whichever plan you have you can create an online account to keep track of your benefits after registering log in to check your plan details print your ID card and more got a simple question use our automated phone system available 24/7 you can check your benefits info and more just call the customer service.

Number and follow the prompts for more complicated questions call during business hours to talk to a customer service representative

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