2022 businesses become “crypto-ready 2022 #XRP Ready 2022 #CRO Ready Defi Tonic VVS USDT Usdc Update

Trading giant d or w to offer crypto options trading giant he also says also says we feel like that's where the market is heading we're seeing development and the interest building the interest and the development is growing in this new asset class.

So we are putting a ton of resources into making sure that we're going to be the best provider of this product have no fear the evolution of money and bullzilla is here and when we blow ain't no total souls imma be close.

Suit headed for the moon with my hodo gang crew had the 20 20 vision yeah we all knew now we're pulling up in something brand new new house on the avenue holy cow i missed the showdown ain't no getting it now 2022.

Is the year for xrp 2022 is also the year for cro and we're going to show you why in today's show also d5 godfather d5 godfather quits crypto this is a very interesting article also this uh d5 godfather ties to 30 to 40 projects very notable big name project so we'll talk about that and then we're going to.

Talk about the cro krypto.com weekly update they released very interesting article and also we're going to take a look at my stake in pools of course of course we are the kings and the queens to the no town and we all loud party last all year round xrp hold us down and we got the new crown so you back hold on why didn't the thumbnail.

Change why didn't the thumbnail change v5 godfather quits as total value and

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