21 New Sega Genesis & Megadrive Games in Development in 2022

The SGDK Patreon. I have no personal affiliation with SGDK, I just use it to create games and would love to see it get more support:

Here are the links to the games featured in this episode (note that I have no personal involvement with any of these):

Resident Evil – PSCD:

Bone Marrow – PSCD:


Irena Genesis Metal Fury – White Ninja:

Last Defence – AAR:

Street Fighter Zero – Davila Games:

King of Fighters 98:

Insane Pain – Mr Edit (this Kickstarter was already successfully funded last year):

Rocket Panda – Space Pants Games:

Metal Dragon – Kai Magazine Software:

Metal Slug – MST:

Metal Slug Warfare – Vetea:

Mega Man: The Sequel Wars – SokJaJelo:

Sunset Riders:

Ellenica RPG – Er Valdemar:

Crypt of Dracula & Chords – MatteusBeus:

Greg Gallardo’s menacer and driving games:

Mr Macho’s Rhythm Game:

SplatterHouse – Master Linkuei:

Arkagis Escape – Sik:

0:00 Intro
1:39 Castlevania SotN & GG Shinobi
2:44 Resident Evil
4:51 Bone Marrow
6:18 ZPF
7:02 Irena Genesis Metal Fury
7:44 Last Defence
8:39 Street Fighter Zero
9:34 KoF 98
10:34 Insane Pain
11:10 Rocket Panda
11:44 Metal Dragon
12:34 Metal Slug (MST)
12:55 Metal Slug Warfare (Vetea)
13:32 Megaman: The Sequel Wars
14:44 Sunset Heroes
16:05 Ellenica RPG
16:45 Crypt of Dracula
17:31 Chords
18:23 Greg Gellardo’s Menacer Light Gun Game
19:00 Greg Gellardo’s Racing Game
19:29 Mr Macho’s Rhythm Game
20:02 Splatterhouse
20:55 Arkagis Escape
21:33 Why are there no Mega CD games being developed?
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21 New Sega Genesis & Megadrive Games in Development in 2022

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