I think you are like sitting down. No, I think that's my length. He extended his handto me. My first friend. I'm sure there is acheat for this game… Door. Why did it turn black? That's not what we meantwhen we said metaverse. Metaverse has probably becomeone of the most heard things lately. Everyone says something and everygame maker thinks they're making Metaverse. In order for it to be thecore and true Metaverse,…

…which we get referencefrom “Ready Player One”,… …all companies must uniteand form a singular structure. Virtual reality glasses will become moreuseful when Google, Microsoft, Meta, Nvidia… …will set aside their own interests andmeet on a common ground. No way, what else? Is it possible? Ofcourse it's possible. But the real problem isthat they are marketed… …to us as if they couldhappen today or tomorrow. Even though games likeVR Chat are referred to as… …Metaverse, I don'tunderstand according to whom.

I'm not going to say, “Guys, whenwe look at the Volume indicator here,”… …because fundamental analysis hasbeen dysfunctional for a long time. Yes, now, we have a VRdevice, phone, and a computer. I'm going to log into all the games in theMetaverse for 24 hours and try them all. Now we are facing HorizonWorlds, made by one of the… …largest companies in theworld, Facebook, that is Meta. It's a nice marketing effort, but I don'tthink it has anything to do with Metavers. It is based on a completelycentralized system. The gaming experienceis far from reality.

I don't understand what kindof Metaverse is, since it is not… …possible to buy items with NFT ortrade with crypto money in the game. I think the demo isvalid for certain countries,… …when I try to download itshows as “Coming soon”… …and I couldn't find anyinformation on how to… …download it, so I couldn'tplay the game either. Let's skip this. Here we are with Decentraland. One of the first true Metaverses,Decentraland consists…

…of 90,000 parcels and eachparcel averages around $10,000. You can build the structure or experienceyou want inside the parcels you buy. It is even possible to create your owngames and create a different economy. I think the biggestproblem of this platform… …is the character limitper parcel you buy. So if you want to create abig game or an application… …with a large file size, youhave to buy a lot of parcels. In the video of buying aland from Metaverse, which… …I made in the past months,the price of the land that…

…I bought for 13,000 dollars,is currently around 7,500 dollars… …, and I have lostnearly 40% of its value. This has to do withthe market decline. But I did not profitfrom the land I bought… …from Decentraland, onthe contrary, I lost 40%. We are now at theDecentraland login screen. There is an exhibition, whatis it? They designed clothes. Well, they did somethinglike a show shop. I entered a small gamewith thousands of people,…

…where you are miningby hitting the stone. We'll see, I'll try. Idon't think it will be… …very efficient or makeme money, but let's mine it. I'm sure there is acheat for this game… …they put the characters automatically,they go and mine as the stone comes. I'm sure there is. It gave me titanium, iron andsomething called WonderCoin. While we wait for the stoneto spawn, let me show you this,… …we can change the character'stype and everything here.

As NFT, we canwear glasses, wings,… …clothes, etc. that wehave purchased before. For example, Let me take offmy glasses. I'm single eyebrowed. I've been mining the meteorfor an hour and a half… …, but I didn't evenhave money to buy onion. I couldn't find anythingelse to do in Decentraland. Let's skip that. Now, there is the Over platform,which has adopted the concept of… …mixed reality, where we can playwith augmented reality on the phone.

In my previous Metaverse video, Ipurchased the land from this platform. I bought a place in one ofthe most expensive districts… …of Istanbul by spending100 dollars and 200 dollars. I created myself a hot chillipepper gallery on this platform. We'll get into that, but firstwe need to create a character. Let me show you how youcreate your own avatar in the game. Although it is my avatar,we can edit it from here. Now that's me, I can turnmyself around and look. It takes your facialexpressions from the…

…front camera and putsthem on the character. In other words, youravatar's mouth moves while… …you are playing the gameand talking to someone. I wore a suit. Let me takea picture of my face now. Let's see how this will makemy face in 3D I was wondering. It wasn't bad. My type lookslike minor league players. But that's okay. My avatar is complete.Let's enter the gallery. Very exciting. This ismy Metaverse gallery.

It's very beautiful,I like it very much. I made NFT shortvideo clips of people… …who ate hot andburned incredibly in our… …previous hot saucevideos and put them in… …the gallery here. It'snot a difficult thing. Here we have a chilli pepperhere. At the same time, we… …talked with Over andorganized a token hunt event. You can go out and collectthese peppers on the street. If you enter the ranking,you can earn money.

To walk, we double clicksomewhere and teleport. When we look up and click on thevideo, the video here starts to play. They sing the song”Antebin Hamamları”. -Let me give you a Ayran.-Give me a another one. There's someone over there. Let's go and say hello. I see you. Turn towards me, I see your hip. Yes.

Your face is amazing. Looks funny. Does my mouth move when I speak? Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday, Friday, Saturday. It is moving. If you want to visit the gallery, Ileft the gallery link in the description. This place has been incrediblyfunny, innovative and technological. I think you should visit, you wouldn'tsay “I've never had such an experience”. I went to another event wherethe DJ show will start in a few hours.

There are people here who comeearly. You can talk to them, you can chat. Everyone looksincredibly realistic. They put Pear instead ofApple, it's nice as a logo. Events for 50 thousandpeople can be held here. In Over, you can create yourown experience and your own space. You can adjust the experiences herethanks to the system on Over's site. There are ready-made themes that you canuse. You can create something from scratch. You can upload thingsthat you have modeled… …in any 3D program,such as Blender or Unreal.

You can also use what someoneelse has posted on Sketch. In terms of image quality,I think this is the best. You can go inside like that. Youcan set a table and change its color. You can put your ownNFTs instead of the objects… …here and you can createyour own NFT gallery. Very nice. In addition, there are manyactivities in the game, for example… …I found four art galleriesside by side in Beşiktaş… …in Turkey, very beautifulworks of art are on display.

If you don't want to go, youcan visit the app by entering it. We want to go token huntingin Over before it gets dark. There are chests placed all overTurkey, you can think of it like pokémon. We'll open these chestsand try to find tokens. Let's see how muchwe'll earn. Let's go. We went out. From the application, we clickand open the “Orkun Iştırmak Token Hunt”. On the map over there, itshows us where the chest is… …closest to us and thereare peppers we can collect. Each square is a parcel.

It shows oneright here. Let's try. It's on the corner, weneed to get in a little bit. Just beyond that line, bad luck. I have to go 11 meterstowards there to get it. Yeah, guys? We are hunting pokémons. Okay then go ahead. I collected something. I collected that one, yes.

Let's find chilli peppers. I found oneflying chilli pepper. I collected this pepper, let's continue. Here… …it's on the street inthe back to the left. Look at that, it'shidden there like a cat. If you share your videos with#comeonover and tag the OVR account… …while you are on a token hunt,you can earn 200 OVR tokens. We are waiting for your videos,let's continue the token hunt.

I found the pepper, why is thepepper in the middle of traffic? It flies on the car. I collected. I picked5-6 peppers and I'm first… …in the ranking becauseI'm the first to do it. A total of 2700 tokens will bedistributed to the top 5 in this ranking. This way you can win, collectpepper, pass me and win. Our next game is Rec Room. We can play with virtual realityglasses, this game briefly… …you can think of it like Roblox orMinecraft with virtual reality support.

There are millions ofmini-games, costumes, people,… …chat rooms, competitionsand tournaments in it. Welcome to Rec Room. Okay, where are we going? I can actually eat. Look, it's me. Coming, going, coming,going, that's not gonna work. Can I drink water? I don't think so. Give me water bro. Give me that ball.

Nice shot. How will I do? Am I wearing a costume? It's a beautiful costume. If we canbuy it with money, it has become NFT. Thank you very much,she gave me the watch. I can browsesomething on the watch. Let's enter paintball. I can jump right?Where are the others? Come here.

What should I do if I needto change my magazine? I shot someone,good, but I got shot. Come here. Come here! He left. I was going to shot him. Look, he's shootingfrom here, you noob. I can draw. What!.

Yeah bro, this justlooks like a masterpiece. Do you see amasterpiece over here bro? Didn't you like it? Come here, why are youmaking fun of my drawing? I'm about to fight in themetaverse. Come here. Bro, what are you looking at? Look at this *beep*,he's making fun of me. Oh my god. Where is the eraser?Who got the eraser?.

Why? People come and goswearing, what is this? You'll get depressedin two days here. Might be the most bulliedgame I've ever seen in my life. I got angry and left because the peoplewho came made fun of me and cursed me. The average age ofthis game is like five. Look, the voicesare still coming. Disaster. Next up, Axie Infinity is one of thefirst play turn games to come out.

Play turn means games wheremoney is earned while playing the game. You have recentlystarted to see examples. When it first entered the stockmarket, we can say that this… …project rose to an incrediblelevel and even broke a record. It is a game where we fight on a turn-basedbasis, like Pokemon or Hearthstone. You have three mana eachturn, you try to beat the opponent… …by using the cards youreceive in the best way possible. We switched to Axie Infinity, if we wantto fight with others and make money… …it was necessary to completethe story mode of the game first.

I'm starting here, Ihave time, let's start. I've been in the training phase of thegame for about two and a half hours. If I finish this, I will fightthe guys and make money. It doesn't seemlike it will end. Thank goodness I'll finallybe able to fight someone. What? There is ranked. Did he hit 5000k? I'm2v1 and can't beat it. I died. There is a problemwith this game as well.

You need strong charactersto beat your opponent. Powerful charactersare very expensive to… …get, so it didn't turnout the way I thought. 4 or 5 hours of our time wasted. I've now turned onthe see through mode,… …I can see you thanks tothe camera on the top. It tracks my handsmovements well, by the way. I'm going to go to the kitchenlike this and try to get something. I'll put my GoPro on it.

It's not that bad. Door. Why did it turn black? It says “You're out of bounds”. You can't see the menu rightnow because we can't record it. Where is the fridge?Is that the fridge? I can not see anything. You may be seeing clearlybecause you are seeing it from GoPro. Is this a grape? What'sthis? I have no idea. What's this? Lookslike strawberrys.

It's not even 360p, it's 144p, it'svery bright and looks like minecraft. What shall we eat? Let's eatgrapes. Would you like to eat grapes? Good, good, wait,wait, you can eat it. Life has become two-dimensional.The cat has arrived. Where did you come from? It's like I'm eating something in GTA. Itwas the hardest grape eating of my life. My perception of lifehas become strange. Do you want to enterthe metaverse? Come. Put it on your head,enter the Metaverse.

I decided to try some more VR. Why did I try to put on theheadset? My head is completely gone. I hurt all over. Let's continuewith the Rec Room. Could you pleaseshut the *beep* up? Shut up. Get me out of here. “Battle island”, let's get in. I haven't seen anything aboutwar in the game, there is always talk.

How so? I'm notjumping out of here. Is this a joke?Will I really jump? My hands and feet trembled,I have a fear of heights. It's a shame toexperience it in VR… I can climb. I will climb with one handas my other hand is full. Come on. My arm hurt. It'slike VR fitness. Does it look like I have a gun?.

That's not what we meantwhen we said metaverse. I felt weird again. I didn't even know if Ihad to take the parachute. Don't shoot. He extended his handto me. Thank you. Isthere such a thing? My first friend. SwiftKitten6068 Hello. I became friends with him,now I'm kind of in love with him. Who died? Is my frienddead? Anyway, let me take this.

More weapons… I think it took two minutes for me toget stabbed in the back by my first friend. Shame on you. Hello. Can I hit him? I can hit him. Give me that blue gun, thanks. How so? I want to use the gun, Ijust don't want to hold… …it, I'm going to hit himon the head like this?.

Can someone putthat gun in my hand? Finally a usable weapon. The best 6000 game coinsI've ever spent in my life. How much did I pay? I paid10 dollars for it? Best 10 dollars. If the gun goes away whenyou die… Where is the gun? Did I pay 6000 game money forthe gun once? Very wrong move. Get me out of this game,get me out completely. This is kindergarten,not the metaverse. I switched to VR chat and Idon't want to look at the clock.

I can't do most thingsbecause I'm not tall enough. I came to the cinema, but whereis the entrance to watch movies? Am I not tall enough? Can I take a nap here? Get me out of here too. This is like Kral Oyun. (FamousTurkish browser game site) I finally figured it out, themetaverse is actually Kral Oyun. You are kidding. Howcan I play with this size? Dude I can't see.

I think you are like sitting down. No, I think that's my length. It looks like you are squating. How do I get up? Can you access like a menuwith the worlds stat at the bottom? Ah, yes. Why did they putthis in the menu? I came across a kindperson. I sat through the whole… …game because I didn't knowthere was a option for that.

Let me play theknight like this. At the end of this, if wewin an NFT and these… …transactions are on theblockchain, it will be a metaverse. Yes, it's 7 am, I tooka shower, I'm tired. My back hurts a lot, it'snot good to play games… …with VR in the head, Iguess my back is bent. It wasn't 24 hours, but itwas 20-21 hours or something. That's enough for me. Projects claiming to be a new metaversewill continue to emerge every day.

They will exist for many years inthose with the largest community. In the future, the metaverse will beused a lot and will change our lives. But Facebook, Zuckerbergplease *beep* off. How many years does it take youto make that tool like those glasses? You will solve the processorproblem, the camera… …problem, the tracks and youwill solve the battery problem. We have a long way to go. Mesut Çevik has a very nice saying,”Will it be called the Zuckerbergverse?”. I agree with that, what do youthink, I'm waiting for your comments.

Don't forget to like the video andsubscribe for more such videos. This is a topic that Ihave kept inside me for… …a long time andwanted to talk about a lot. I am very interested inthat, I love it and I follow it. You got the point, see you.

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