5 Altcoins That Are Ready To EXPLODE In 2021! (URGENT)

I often get people asking me what old coins i am holding what's in my bag so in this video i'm just gonna go over some coins that i think have a good chance of making some tremendous gains near the end of this bull run and some of these coins i think can 10x taking you from 100k to 1 million i think it can definitely happen with some of these.

Coins but before we get into it please drop a like and subscribe for more videos like this all right so first on this list is solana like this is a coin that i hold and you know i was picking this up when it was about 40 bucks a while back my prediction was that it would go to 500 in hindsight that might have been a bit.

Conservative it is what it is solana is absolutely tremendous amazing technology with tremendous backing and it just works well you know when you trade on the ethereum and it takes like minutes and tremendous amounts of money and gas fees well solana basically improves that by orders of magnitude salona processes.

Like 60 000 transactions per second ethereum processes like 15 transactions per second or something solani is even 30 times faster at processing transactions then visa this is some amazing technology and i was saying this a while back and it looks like some people have caught on to it as for where this can go.

I mean i think it's going to hit 500 bucks end of year easy yeah i'm bullish on solana i was a fan of solana before i'm still a fan of solana now that being said the market cap is already pretty huge right now 70 billion the relative gains are not going to be insane as it was back in the day when i.

Was shilling it but i'm still holding on to solano if you're interested in solana and you kind of felt you missed the boat with it radium is part of the solano ecosystem and its market cap is under a billion dollars so it's still a micro cap it's basically the native token that is on the radium decentralized exchange which.

Is based on solana kind of like uni swap it's a good platform you can do liquidity farming all this all the stuff that you can do on a decentralized exchange just for solana so if you think salon is gonna go up so too will radium radium i think is going to see some insane gains by the end of this bull run definitely want to keep in your bag i.

Think this will get to like pretty much a hundred bucks a coin so next on my list is engine now i've been holding engine for a little while engine is a coin that i think has good potential when it comes to cryptocurrency gaming it hasn't really hit its stride yet it's still very experimental developmental the engine project is basically a way.

For cryptocurrency game developers to create a token a native currency into their game with engine as the backer now why is cryptocurrency and blockchain necessary in gaming the whole idea of it well one of the main reasons for having cryptocurrency in gaming to begin with is to reduce fraud in online gaming when there's an online game that has like an.

Economy built into the game there's a lot of temptation for hackers exploiters and buggers to basically take advantage of it and ruin the economy with duplicating items and currency and blah blah blah blockchain is a way to solve this one of the best examples of this is the game new world now that was an mmo where there was a big issue with people.

Duplicating golden items and it basically ruined the economy amazon the game developers basically had to shut down trading with players in the game for like several days like i was a player of new world and i was shocked at how i couldn't trade anything because i had to stop it due to the gold duplication thing projects like engine.

Are trying to eliminate that i think the gaming market is gonna definitely veer towards incorporating blockchain into their games because it genuinely solves a problem that is in online gaming especially considering that a lot of online games the currency of the native game is very closely tied to a real dollar value you can sell x amount of.

Currency in an mmo for actual dollars so like this is a serious problem fraud in online games is a really big deal because it's basically ford in real life if you're playing world of warcraft and you can get a hundred thousand gold in like classic wow you can sell that off for thousands and thousands of dollars in real life so having game currencies.

Built in blockchain is a way to basically prevent that from happening and i think this is something the gaming market is going to veer towards for a coin that is like at a 2.5 billion dollar market cap that's really low it's definitely a low cap coin engine i think the engine project has a lot of potential i think it will get to above a.

12 uh price near the end of this year or at the start of 2022. basic attention token again solves another problem this is a coin that i've been bullish on like i've been speaking about it i really don't think it's seen its best days yet by any means yeah it's still under the all-time.

Highs so like this is not bad at all you know how like if you're watching an ad on youtube or uh on some website you know the only people that are getting paid is the content hosts perhaps some intermediary but the person watching the ad doesn't get anything with basic attention token if you're using the brave browser it basically shuts down.

Most of the ads on your browser but it does show you ads that are inbuilt into the browser now if you see some of these ads you'll actually get paid a little bit of money for seeing those ads in the native cryptocurrency which is basic attention token the brief browser is pretty well made and you know it's monetized in a.

Very unique way even for content creators we actually benefit from basic attention token if you're watching this video on the brave browser i'm getting a little bit of cut when it comes to the ads that are in the brave browser i think this channel makes about a hundred uh basic attention tokens a month just just because i'm a partner with them so.

It's a pretty much win-win scenario right like you've got the people viewing the ads they get paid a little bit of cryptocurrency and basic attention token that makes it worthwhile for them a lot of people will like to have 15 bucks at the end of the month just from using a browser that's pretty decent and then the content creators on my part like we.

Basically get free basic attention token and the advertisers are happy because they get like a cryptocurrency audience that they can advertise to it's pretty sick and one of the ideas behind the brave browser was to basically cut out big tech and the middlemen that are trying to like sell your data and weird stuff that facebook is doing the brave.

Browser doesn't do any of that i think it targets based on ip and pretty much that's it there's probably more to it than that they're not harvesting or selling your data to people like that's not their business model it's pretty equitable in how they monetize it and it's very unique it's it's a cryptocurrency with a genuine use case.

And it's still at a low market cap i i think this is one to watch as to what the price can do i mean i think it can go yeah i think it can go to like ten dollars this ball run so i'm completely biased when it comes to this cryptocurrency i'm the lead developer of boss token now boss token is a cryptocurrency that has some unique.

Aspects and a genuine use case to it the fully diluted market caps at 34 million dollars now boss token is a coin with a cool shiba in you wearing sunglasses in the logo yeah it is a dog coin but it has a really nice use case to it which hasn't even launched yet a use case that we've been developing that directly interfaces with the boss token is boss.

Track boss track is a really nice product that i've been working on and it basically allows you to track the profits and losses of your ethereum and bsc wallets like if you've been using any kind of d5 platform like metamask uh trust wallet and so on you'll realize that it's pretty clunky just to see what your coins value is doing and what the.

Profits and losses are like it's not that easy to track boss track makes it easy it gives you like a breakdown of what your coins are doing what it's done like 24 hours seven days blah blah blah so we're not even launched yet but this is what it looks like you know you can add multiple wallets to this you can check out what.

The p l is doing of the coins you own it basically gives you a breakdown like 576 000 of boss tokens gone up by about 18 uh this wallet's gone up by about two point something percent and it basically gives you a breakdown of what the coins in your wallet is doing you can switch between binance and ethereum and the.

Cool thing about this is it gives boss token a genuine use case if you hold one billion boss token which is about 30 bucks as of this recording you get access to like the p l percentages of your wallet and all the individual coins you own you can also switch the currency like if you want to use indian rupee you can chinese yuan.

Blah blah blah whatever your local currency is you can track that when we launch we'll have banner ads for free users that you can disable by holding one billion boss token in that given tracked wallet it gives boss token a really nice use case like this is so straightforward this is more than you can say for most crypto currencies.

Technically we have more of a use case for nato right now and boss track gets launched man i just think this is there's so much potential with this and the fact that it's at a small market cap as of now a micro market cap dude i think it can go way freaking higher you know all of these coins i'm biased and i hold large holdings of so you have to.

Take what i say with a grain of salt this is not financial advice this is just me saying what coins i own if you enjoyed this video please drop a like and subscribe for more videos like this this is xero waiting signing out

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