What's up guys and welcome back to the channel and today we have got quite an interesting show for you guys i'm gonna be finding and investing into trending crypto that's happening right now this is something that i've wanted to do for a while actually back at the last ball run i wanted to just do that technique that i've heard so much on like tick.

Tock and youtube and all that sort of stuff where you just basically spray and hope for the best like throwing pizza at a wall and hopefully something sticks now i want to do this because it will be fun right and we can see if we can actually make some gains from this so in today's video i'm going to be investing in the top five trending coins on coin.

Market cap right now and then we'll do some sort of update maybe in a few days or a week to see if we can actually make money like this because if we can it's going to be pretty incredible right so you're not going to want to miss this show and if you don't know me already my name's connor and i am not a financial advisor i'm just a guy sitting in his.

Room talking about different ways to make money online and for example in today's video this is the most amount of risk you could possibly do even in the most risky asset which is crypto so don't copy this don't do this go out and do your own research and be safe right be safe out there don't blindly follow people on the internet because it's.

Definitely a bad idea and i'm almost definitely going to lose money doing this but we got to find out right we got to take these experiments to see if it is possible to just make some money randomly while the cryptocurrency world is the way it is so as we see in the crypto market today we have see we have seen bitcoin bounce literally exactly on.

That support line that i was talking about we bounced off it and now we have had two green days we are sitting at around 61 000 per bitcoin and i talk about bitcoin because it controls the whole market so bitcoin is looking bullish in my opinion the cryptocurrency market is still sitting at a 70 which is greed and these.

Are the perfect things that we need for a crazy another old season now we head over to crypto market cap over here we can see we got the trending coins here we got the biggest gainers we got the recently added maybe an interesting idea for the next test we could do recently added like the top five recently added coins let me know down in the comment.

Section if you guys want to see that but for today we're going to be doing trending so we're going to click there we have taboo token empire token everyth flokonomics and simp token now there are a few tokens in here i've taken a look and i have invested in each and every one of these i have taken a look at them.

And they are pretty interesting so let's just quickly go through each one of those so we can know whether or not i'm just throwing my money away it is definitely blind and there has definitely been no research so do not follow me nothing in this video is financial advice so first up we have taboo token now what i want to see from.

These ideally is a low market cap so we have a market cap of 120 million with this coin not as low as i would have liked to see i don't think we're gonna be seeing a hundred x gains from this but for each coin in this list i will be investing 250 dollars so taboo token is a token based around the adult industry i'm not.

Going to go through the website too much because i'll probably get demonetized here on youtube but taboo is an adult nft and streaming media project specializing in highly exclusive content so if we head over to their twitter you can see they have 12 000 followers they have a surprise coming very soon which has something to do with paris hilton.

These are the kind of things that we want to see in order to get you know gains very quickly right if they if paris hilton were to post about this this could potentially see us a hundred percent in a day or anything like that if that does happen i will be taking profits and we will discuss that in the next video but that is coin.

Number one taboo official now remember this coin when we move on to the next ones maybe we can find a new trend that's happening in the market but just before we do move on the network that this is on is finance smart chain remember last bull market back when bitcoin was sitting pretty much where it is right now we saw the poo coin rally.

Right all of those coins rallying and they all sat on the finance smart chain and something that's very interesting that i've discovered through today's video is that most of the trending coins right now are again on the binance smart chain now the reason this is is because the barrier to entry is super low there's not horrible gas fees like there.

Is over on ethereum and it's very easy to get hold of bnb right if you guys do want to get your hands on some bnb in order to buy these tokens you can do that over on finance there is a link down there in my description and you can also buy yourself some bnb directly with cash with flu's trade now flush trade is connected to sire one of the coins that.

We speak about a lot on this channel they're doing very well recently but if you want to you can buy bnb right there without ever having to sign up to binance so if you fancy it both of those links will be down there in the description so let's move on to our second coin now this is empire token we head over back to the top this is number.

Two right so this is the number two trending coin on coin market cap right now they've had a 10 000 increase in the last 30 days 17 in 24 hours but i'm here to throw loads of pizza slices at the wall and see what stick so empire token is an nft marketplace a decentralized exchange they're creating a world like no other.

Developing d-apps and creating solutions is our way to expand the empire and climb to the top remember i haven't researched these projects i don't know if this is a scam if they are really who they say they are if they're gonna do what they say they're gonna do i'm just here to invest in the top trending coins and see what we can do here but 13 000.

Followers on twitter not bad at all so i put 250 and i will show you my overall portfolio at the end of this video so moving on we have ever if this is a coin that has done what 51 in the last day fully diluted market cap at 89 million not huge not small somewhere in the middle there if we head over to the website you hold.

Ever eath you earn ethereum i'm assuming it's one of those coins that when you buy it and you hold it you get rewarded ethereum for simply holding personally i don't really like that sort of thing but hopefully they have a little bit more than just simply holding and rewards because that's what i like to see i like to see coins with utility over here we.

Can see they have an eight percenter holders five percent buyback two percent liquidity does that mean they have a fifteen percent tax on each coin i think it might i don't really like that either but hey 250 dollars goes into ever eath so now we've had three coins so far we've got taboo we've got empire token we've got eva eth and next up we've got.

Flokinomics flokinomics i mean shiba inu's pumping why not flokinomics let's check out their website and they are the number one community focused nft marketplace i mean anyone could really call themselves the number one community focused marketplace there are a lot of nft projects out there some i'm very bullish on others.

May just end up you know floating around in the ether and not really doing much now this could be one of them or this could be a project that's that succeeds but we don't know but that is flokinomics i'm not really sure what that has to do with floki i guess floki is the name of elon's dog and people are trying to jump on that.

Bandwagon but that is number four on the trending tokens and do remember so far all of these coins have been on the finance smart chain very interesting thing to pay attention to here because that could be meaning we are leading into another poo coin rally on the finance smart chain so we need to pay attention to what's trending because.

At the end of the day it really doesn't matter what we believe in for the long run right these sorts of coins are simply here for a little bit of a gambling place so it doesn't matter what is happening in the overall market i see a lot of people who are so focused on specific coins specific things in this market right and i am too ninety percent.

Of my portfolio is in my long term holds but i use that ten percent extra to try and accumulate wealth in order to buy more right that's my game plan i don't really care if it doesn't fit in with my long-term narrative if i see a potential to make money in the short term and this is what this video is here for can we just randomly buy projects that.

Are trending on coin market cap and make a profit in order to buy more of our long-term holds that's simply what this is here for don't forget guys if you do want to stay up to date when i make big trades my own personal trades my long term holds my quick flips those sorts of things if you fancy it you can sign up to the link down there in the.

Description to my patreon there you'll have access to my private community where we have not only my trade alerts my portfolio updates all of that sort of stuff but an amazing group growing so i'd love to see you guys over there remember the link is down there in the description so if we head over back to their twitter we can see they got 12.6.

000 followers now remember that twitter followers instagram followers followers pretty much anywhere can be faked so don't solely rely on twitter followers go into the projects do research find out if the followers are real maybe go into their discords things like that but it is very interesting that they have quite high amounts of followers but not.

Massive right these could be projects that we're getting in early but something like flow economics probably isn't something that's going to be a long standing project in my own opinion right who knows what's going gonna happen next so let's move on to the fifth and the final project and that's simp token now this token is pretty.

Interesting to me not only do they have simp in the name the ticker symbol simp i think has its uh meme value to it right we see a lot of coins just simply pumping due to meme value now the market cap is sitting at 20 million fully diluted and around 13 million with the current circulating supply now this token is by the adult industry.

For the adult industry i'm not sure how much you can trust that i've not looked into the team behind it it doesn't seem like they are docs but they might be i haven't read the white paper or anything like that but the project does have its meme value and its trending value right it's in the adult industry there is so much money in that industry and it has.

Meme value with the word sim so simp ali going on that basis i think there is potential to make some money here so i'm quite excited about this investment actually if we head over to their twitter they got about 15.7 000 followers i don't want to stop too much on the twitter in case we see something that we shouldn't but if they can get.

Celebrities famous people in the social media industry the adult industry all of that stuff on board with this i do think that there is a potential here to actually make some money so i have invested that 250 but we may be seeing a little bit of a trend happening here right we have seen two coins so far in the adult.

Entertainment industry and every single one of the coins we've seen today is on the finance smart chain so those are very interesting trends that we may be honing in on right now adult industry coins built on the binance smart chain with some sort of meme value now those could be the kind of things that we can find super early i do think simp is.

Actually quite early if we check out actually quickly if we go back to the sim token on coin market cap if we estimate between a 13 and 20 million dollar market cap we head over to taboo which with my very quick research is a very similar token you can see they have 120 million 120 million so close to a 10x if simp does the same thing that.

That taboo token does obviously that's not guaranteed who knows but i could potentially turn that 250 into 2500 right that would be pretty sweet so instead of wasting all of your time following me invest in the projects i did it just before i filmed the video so i invested 250 in each of those projects.

That we went through and now right around there as it sits at 1186 so we have lost just under a hundred dollars now this is because of those tokenomics spoken artists on the channel so much i really don't like to economics i think they were an interesting thing a few months ago when they were new but now they're not new anymore i find it.

Annoying i don't really want automatic staking that's my own personal opinion but i bought these coins just about five minutes before i started filming so as of right now where we sit we have empire token that is actually up since i bought it taboo token which is up simp token which is up ever eath token which is up floconomics which is down so these guys.

Are what we have right now that's where we're sitting at just under twelve hundred dollars about a fifty dollar loss when you count when you account for those tokenomics so hopefully i provided you a little bit of value today if you enjoyed this video please do leave me a comment down in the comment section i do read pretty much all of them so if you.

Have any ideas for the next video and now another test we can do here in the cryptocurrency market i would love to hear all of your ideas with all that said smash the like button if you do want to see the update to see if we've made any money during this test and i'll see you guys in the next video peace.


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