5 Best Car Insurance Companies of 2020: See What’s Out There For You

hi I'm Sara finders insurance writer and today we're gonna talk about the best car insurance companies across the u.s. there are over 300 to choose from which means picking one can be an overwhelming process but not if you know what you're looking for so to compare insurers you can look at the types of coverage they.

Offer along with their cost their customer service or discounts you qualify for such as being a safe driver or bundling coverage okay so here are our picks for the best car insurance companies in 2020 for cheap rates we chose Geico you've probably seen GEICO's renowned commercials on TV and the advertising is true this insurer has.

Some of the most competitive rates in the game along with a low base rates you can also get a long list of discounts such as if you work for the federal government if you are a student or if you qualify as a safe driver Geico also ensures high-risk drivers so if you've had a few violations or traffic accidents on record and thanks.

To its mobile app you can do everything online from scheduling a repair to filing a claim for customer experience Amica is a great option as a policyholder you might need to interact with your insurance company to update coverage or file a claim so you want to make sure your insurer is both friendly and.

Responsive that's where Amica shines Amica isn't a big household name or anything but its customer satisfaction scores are off the charts it's also a mutual company which means you can earn dividends every year based on the company's profits plus Amica offers stacks of discounts such as for safe driving being a good student or owning.

More than one car for unique coverage we chose State Farm State Farm is one of the most popular car insurance companies out there and for good reason it offers unique coverage you won't find everywhere such as if you need an sr-22 form if you need temporary car insurance or rideshare coverage as an uber or lyft driver you will be paired with an agent.

Who knows the ins and outs of car insurance laws in your state which means you'll get to talk to the same person each and every time you call if you also need to insure your home or other property you can score a bundling discount by insuring with State Farm what if you don't drive all that often well you can pay for only the miles you.

Do drive with Metro mile the first telematics insurance company in the US Metro mile works by tracking your driving via an app or a device installed in your car and then charging you accordingly its base rate starts at $29 per month and then charges you a few extra pennies on top of that for every mile you drive.

But if you drive more than 250 miles in one day the extra miles are free that's not a word you hear an insurance very often speaking of freebies allstate has some of the best perks we've seen especially if you own a luxury car if you own a brand new car you'll automatically score a discount plus you can lower your premiums even further.

With discounts for safe driving going paperless or getting good grades as a student you'll be assigned to an Allstate agent and one of their first jobs is helping you find even more ways to save if you're on YouTube click the link in the description box to compare more options on finder com thanks for watching.


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