What are the best cheap altcoins to buy right now on binance well in this video i want to cover off some of my favorite cheap coins on binance that i think still have big potential in this market the big gains don't come from buying the tops on overly hyped coins quite.

The opposite you should be looking for coins that have high potential but that maybe the market isn't paying enough attention to right now but if you look for that high potential coin chances are they will start paying attention to that coin so in this video i will share.

Five such coins my name's lark and every day i make videos about investing in cryptocurrency so if you want to learn more on that particular topic i highly recommend you subscribe to the channel and also click on that notification bell.

Just right down here to know when i put out a new video by the way i am talking about coins on binance so you can also find these coins in other exchanges like uni swap and stuff but if you do need an account over on binance to buy these coins or lots of other great coins that are listed on the.

Exchange then use the link down below in the description to start your account and you'll get 10 off of your fees and up to 700 dollars in trading bonuses quick note as well obviously you need to do your own research for investing your own money this video is just a short.

Overview of these coins furthermore no one has paid me to discuss any of these cryptocurrencies just free information for you because i know you guys are always out there on the hunt for hot low cap gems also i do own the coins i'll be discussing today now with all that being said let's.

Get into this the first coin i want to discuss with you is polygon the artist formerly known as matic which is the highest market cap coin that i will be discussing with you today the current market cap is around 1.8 billion.

Dollars but in spite of the high market cap i currently believe that this is a coin with some serious potential that the wider market really seems to not understand at this time polygon right now is the number one ethereum layer 2 scaling solution which considering ethereum's high fees.

Right now that's a pretty big deal it also has an ecosystem that is bigger than many other blockchains which actually have higher market caps than polygon in which you know those blockchains are basically zombie chains with very few users very few applications all that stuff.

Polygons totally opposite lots of users lots applications mean that by comparison polygon is undervalued now polygon is also attracting some of the biggest names from ethereum d5 to actually come over and use its layer 2 environment in particular over the last.

Week we've seen ave decentraland and pool together which have all recently announced that they will be integrating with polygon that is incredible news because obvi is like the third biggest d5 protocol central lands a massive ft player meaning that right now you can use the top ethereum.

Applications on polygon for a fraction of a penny per transaction instead of hundreds of dollars per transaction that is pretty damn big i can still see polygon doing a 10 x from the current price during this bull run but remember it's a bigger cap.

Coin so don't expect that to happen overnight this is a bit of a longer term play here the next coin on our list is injective protocol now this is a decentralized exchange and derivatives platform based on the cosmos tendermint meaning that is massively scale we've talked about this coin quite a few times on the channels time.

To revisit it now because their main net is coming up soon but this is a beast it's using layer 2 technology meaning that they're able to offer literally zero gas fee trades which is a welcome change from uni swaps fifty to one hundred dollars per trade paid in gas fees.

They also offer derivatives the potential use cases are nearly endless and go way beyond just crypto trading we're looking at stuff like commodities stocks right on out into other asset classes basically everything you can imagine can be turned into something tradable on.

Injective including of course futures contracts which are something that have proven to be wildly popular with cryptocurrency traders injective is currently still in its test net phase although you can start staking your tokens right now to start earning some passive.

Income if you are an injective token holder the test net results have been very good so far and the upcoming main net release i think is going to be massive injective is currently at a very nice market cap for a pre-mainnet coin they've been able to deliver during the test net they've got a lot of people.

Interested in what they're doing currently it's just under 200 million dollar market cap and when the main net launches i expect this coin will see some price appreciation and that it will cross into the unicorn status and be worth over 1 billion dollars in total.

Market cap the third coin on our list today is marlin which is a high performance layer zero blockchain network with a focus on delivering high quality infrastructure for d5 now what marlin does is basically to allow any blockchain network to improve.

Their performance think of it like a high octane gas that they can use to make things go better they do this by providing improved throughput better storage capacities and also higher more efficient gas now this is um one that i have mentioned here on the channel a few times actually.

I hope that some of you actually took advantage of the floment campaign to get yourself some free tokens they were giving away lots of free tokens to stakers on a couple different networks marlin has been actually nailing down loads of interesting partnerships recently including with siri network which we discussed just last week on the.

Channel injected protocol which we discussed like 30 seconds ago anchor staffy and lots of others as well the flow meant program worked with major blockchains like polkadot cosmos and binance chain with a market cap of just a little more than a hundred million dollars this is a coin that does.

Have the potential to see some good price growth moving forward if of course they can keep nailing down those partnerships and delivering what they need to deliver in terms of technology stake rewards right now are currently massive with around 80 percent apy which is pretty gosh.

Darn cool the fourth coin on the list today is cava now this is a very underrated but a very powerful d5 protocol haven't talked about kava here on the channel in a while but they've been out there building and delivering i'm still holding my cover tokens kava allows you to lend.

Borrow earn an exchange via its platform all done with cheap fees and high speeds thanks to being built on the cosmos sdk currently the platform offers very high earn rates on bitcoin binance dollars and x r p which makes it a very attractive option for those of you on the hunt for some hot high yields especially for xrp.

Because you don't get the potential to earn high yields on that in many places bitcoin very competitive market for yields but they have very good rates the main product at this stage is their lending platform which is something like maker dow in that it allows you to lend out a.

Wide range of different assets get a dollar stable coin in return for that kava is currently developing an automated market maker product which will be something like uni swaps liquidity program cava is also developing a robo advisor right now which will be something like.

Wire and finances products so they've got a lot in the pipeline technology wise still coming hitting some of the most important areas of d5 meaning that the market has not yet woke up to this reality this new suite of products that kava is bringing out to the market so very interesting to keep.

An eye on this in terms of partnerships kava has nailed down some impressive names like binance and kraken which are actually using their d5 products and then offering it to customers via their centralized exchange services so that's really cool to see that high level.

Integration i've been bullish on cava for a long time i still think it will be a billion dollar plus market cap cryptocurrency so just a matter of time really the fifth coin today is called open ocean which is actually still in its token sale phase with the sale scheduled for.

Uh later this month so why is something that is still in a token sale phase on my list of top five binance coins well because binance is a lead investor in open ocean and binance almost always lists the coins that they are an investor in.

Not always straight away which means that when this lists out on uni swap you will likely have a chance to be able to get this before its inevitable listing on binance later anyway so what the heck is open ocean well it is an aggregator working across decentralized and centralized exchange.

Services so aggravators basically go out and find the best possible rates for you on the market the main idea is that it'll help you find those great prices while at the same time giving you the lowest slippage possible for.

Your orders you'll have support for most of the popular chains and applications like ethereum finance smart chain of course the most popular decentralized finance applications on those chains like uni swap and pancake swap you can access this all from one.

Simple trading terminal as well as support for binance's main exchange so again that bridge between c5 and d5 right and the cool part here is that this is not a white paper in a dream kind of crypto they already have a working product you can go and play with.

Now if you want more integrations are planned soon in terms of blockchains and applications that they're working with they already are showing too that they can give the best results with the lowest fees so they've already been running this right so they're able to.

Show that you can get amazing rates by using their product basically making this a one-stop shop for traders now if you want to get some more details about the upcoming sale then make sure to follow them over on twitter to stay up to date with their announcements regarding the sale of.

The token and one final note before i finish today i just have to jam in two quick honorable mentions really quickly terra virtua and ramp d5 i'm just throwing those names out there because i just want you to know that i'm still super bullish on these two cryptocurrencies.

I have talked about them so much on the channel recently though that i wanted to spotlight some other coins today but just so you know still bullish on both of those anyway your question for today what is your top five list of coins that you are mega mega bullish on right now let us know.

Down below in the comment section thanks so much for watching today's video and peace out till next time you

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