So within the past year we've seen an incredibly volatile crypto market the total cryptocurrency market cap has been fluctuated between a huge gap of one to three trillion dollars that is insane price action for just one year and amazing for new investors to open up opportunities to make life-changing gains through their investment starting.

Off the year of 2022 we've seen even more reasons for volatility within the markets with a new administration in office the ukraine and russia feud to record-breaking inflation and of course the development of crypto regulation investors are becoming more and more fearful of the markets today it's times like this though where it's critical to.

Put emotions aside and utilize the investing principles that have been proven to work through many successful investors even in the most recent weeks bitcoin's dominance in the market has gone up 43 for the first time since november when its price was at an all-time high of 69 000 a great number now why is this all.

Happening why are investors pulling money out of all coin and even putting it into bitcoin right now this just has to do with basic investor psychology and being in that state of fear right now investors view all coins as riskier investments compared to bitcoin because of the global recognition of bitcoin and since it has become more widely adopted.

This far but these fearful investors are overlooking an important part about the underlying technology in digital assets and that is the utility that these coins and projects provide even through 2021 it's been proven that most all coins with proven utility outperform bitcoin by significant amount all coin millionaires are made far more often.

Than bitcoin millionaires and when it comes to long-term crypto strategies finding coins with undeniable utility at low prices will make you that crypto bread and work towards your financial freedom everyone has their own personal situations and what works for me or someone else might not work for you so always do your own due diligence and.

Invest within your risk profile now the reason you clicked on this video is not to hear me ramble about bitcoin dominance or the overall state of the crypto market you clicked on this video to know what are the best cryptocurrencies to invest in right now so let me tell you that you're in the right place i spent several hours every.

Day researching so that you don't have to and by sticking around until the very end of this video you'll have a great idea of which cryptocurrencies you should be on the lookout for now before we get into the first coin on my list if you can do me a quick favor and drop a like down below on this video and subscribe if you have not done so.

Already that would mean a lot so the first crypto to invest in 2022 is going to be avalanche so why is avalanche an essential in every investor's portfolio and is it too late to invest in now so among many crypto experts and analysts avax is one of the favorite and most admired ethereum killers the ethereum.

Blockchain is currently the most popular choice for decentralized applications because it's still the first of its kind but as time goes on there has been an increasing number of better alternatives the ethereum blockchain has been struggling with their high transaction costs their proof of work methodology and the speed of transactions completed.

Per second now they've been in the works of launching ethereum 2.0 but the project has been delayed several times and there hasn't been a clear indication on when that date for the new ecosystem to take place would be with the issues in ethereum's blockchain there still has been a ton of competitors that have been looking to replace the flawed ethereum.

Blockchain this is where avax comes into the picture our blazingly fast low-cost and eco-friendly to give you some insight into the speed comparison between ethereum and avax while ethereum can complete just about 30 transactions per second on their blockchain avax can go ahead and complete 6500 transactions while focusing on scalability the issue.

With several blockchains is that once they get large enough there is an inevitable high cost transaction fee required to remain decentralized to solve this issue avalanche has a unique blockchain system that pretty much integrates three different and individual blockchains that all work together in dividing the different.

Computing tasks and creates that insane speed and efficiency as well as those low costs avalanche was launched in september of 2020 and has already become the ninth largest crypto in the entire market with a market price of 92 dollars and is supported by some of the largest d5 companies and decentralized applications in the market during the.

Bull market this past november avax made highs of 135 dollars and in my non-financial opinion i think it may happen once again moving on our list for crypto number two i believe tara luna is an essential that you should also have in your portfolio luna is another blockchain protocol that uses a stablecoin also known as ust in order to.

Create their successful terra ecosystem now the explanation can get a little complicated but all you need to know is that luna and ust are mutually dependent and that luna is used to stabilize the price of that stable coin ust so what makes this unique and a good buy well tara pretty much gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to actually.

Using crypto as a currency with luna you get the borderless benefits of cryptocurrencies with the price stability of fiat currency now the way terra can do this is because they allow you to swap luna and stable coins at a profitable exchange rate so they will always have a balance of supply and demand with stable coins and will.

Incentivize luna holders to swap their tokens if needed with higher exchange rates this makes luna super effective in the functionality of defy with its mirror and anchor protocols terra users can do things like invest in synthetic assets and earn interest on their crypto savings essentially this is anything that you could do through traditional.

Banks but over into the defy world now truth be told i wouldn't have guessed that a stable coin platform would get so popular so quickly as terra is today the total volume transacted over the network went from 50 million dollars to the beginning of last year to over 18 billion this year that's a 36 000 increase and clearly the speed security.

And low fees of the terror network have generated a lot of interest it also helps that with the anchor protocol you can also find yourself earning an annual interest of 20 on your usd holdings this is strong for a coin that's not actually designed to be an investment asset and it makes investing in traditional assets like bonds and cds even less appealing.

Than they already were at today's low interest rates in the big picture as the d5 sector grows the utility of ust is going to grow with it as well more people are going to need stable coins to interact with crypto financial services and ust is better positioned to capitalize on that demand than less stable and less reputable competitors.

That we've seen go through a lot of controversy in the space and if that wasn't enough what i love about luna is that it's also governance token which means that as a luna holder you're able to vote and make your voice heard in future projects and the direction that luna goes in luna is currently trading at a price of 56. and is at a.

Significant discount from its high of 93 dollars just one month ago now the third crypto on this list is going to be cosmos also known as adam cosmos has a unique and innovative blockchain that focuses on solving some challenging problems facing the blockchain industry today apart from its focus on offering a quick low-cost and scalable environment.

It also aimed towards making blockchain technology less complex and difficult for decentralized application engineers and developers by far the coolest feature about the blockchain is the cosmos hub the hub allows for blockchain networks to communicate with each other also known as interoperability this is so important because having the network.

That connects other cryptocurrencies together can allow for even more scalability and cooperation within the space there are hundreds of blockchains in existence and all of them are created to be singular so when we get almost the glue to all these amazing projects we could see some tremendous impact happening within the space as mentioned.

In the white paper cosmos permits blockchains to run concurrently with one another while retaining interoperability the cosmos hub essentially manages a number of other independent blockchains and acts as the central ledger for the entire system that allows anything that you can think of happening on one blockchain to happen on one another in a.

Way you can think of it as while other competing blockchains are looking to beat one another the cosmos hub is looking to own the rest of them and make them their daddy cosmos is currently number 21 in the crypto market with a current price of 28 and has a strong proven support price of around 20.

I do believe that cosmos is currently on a discount but if you are looking for a safer and less risky entry point you can definitely wait to see if the price dips down to the lower 20s now the next cryptocurrency i have on my list is harmony one harmony one has a powerful underlying blockchain technology using a rather old concept known as a sharding.

Sharding has been around for a while but it's not the uh type of sharding that you might be thinking of sharding when it comes to crypto is to simply put a blockchain network that is broken into smaller more manageable segments and instead of having one giant blockchain trying to process everyone's transactions at the same time many.

Blockchains now are getting processed simultaneously and communicate back to the main chain once completed when it comes to blockchain sharding allows for transactions to become processed and validated significantly faster and since harmony 1 was one of the first projects to implement sharding they have that leader's advantage in addition to all.

That harmony 1 is also a proof of stake blockchain that allows for low cost and energy efficient transactions and has an open governance feature as well with all that said i'm not all that surprised that the total value locked or the tvl of harmony went from 135 million dollars to over one billion dollars in the past five months this massive increase was.

Largely due to harmony's team dedicating over 300 million dollars to marketing and showing the crypto community what their platform offers and once word got out developers and users came flooding in so what is tvl and why is this important very simply put for any of our beginners it is overall the value of crypto assets deposited within a d5.

Protocol and it's the key indicator for gauging interest within the crypto community out of the entire 1 billion dollars 56 of that total value locked is in you guessed it defy kingdoms defy kingdoms is also a play to earn game and exchange a liquidity pool opportunity and a marketplace for nfts now if you haven't heard of d5 kingdoms before.

Definitely check it out as it has become one of the most popular games in the crypto world now compared to the other coins on my list harmony one has a lower market cap and a lower price as well at the time of filming this video harmony 1 is ranked number 53 in market cap and is just at the price point of 19 cents within the past one year harmony one has.

Also reached a low of two cents and a high of 38 cents so it goes without saying this is a riskier and more volatile investment so don't yolo your money into this project without doing your full research to add on top of that though in my non-financial advice harmony one has a strong support line at around the 15 cent mark so if you are.

Bullish on this project as well play it safe keep up with the company read their white paper and look for any further updates on the project now the last coin in my list is going to be near protocol and now i know i sound like a broken record because near protocol is another layer one blockchain designed for fast transaction speeds with low cost but.

There is some additional utility added to this project which is why it made my number five list so what that is is nier does a great job in catering their environment for decentralized apps by making it a user-friendly platform now if you are like me and you aren't an it geek or have experience in programming decentralized apps all you need to know.

Is that the near protocol gives users and developers a platform that is similar to what they are familiar with now how has something as complicated as a blockchain be in any way user friendly a simple example is that they use readable account names instead of the cryptographic wallet addresses used in other blockchains as an example if i'm.

Trying to send or receive any type of crypto and you guys have done this too before you're gonna see a random string of numbers which can be fairly long in addition to that nir uses an improved variation of sharding that goes a step beyond the regular sharding process and actually produces a fraction of the next block in the blockchain nir is able to.

Process a hundred thousand transactions per second while being able to keep transactions pretty much at zero dollars and if that wasn't enough for you go read near protocol's plans for q4 2022 when they launched nightshade phase three it goes without saying that nir has some pretty awesome advantages and that is why more and more developers are.

Finding their way to the near protocol or they're getting near it aha drop a like if that was a funny joke newer protocol is also backed by other crypto whales like coinbase and anderson horowitz and currently they're sitting at about 11 and i believe it has plenty of room to grow near was over 20 in its previous all-time high just a month ago.

And factoring in the utility within the project and the support they have financially from vc firms i would definitely keep this coin on your watch list if it has not been there already i know it may be difficult in differentiating the utility in certain blockchains and cryptocurrencies from one another but it is so important for.

You to learn how to do that as well apart from watching this video spend some time going through white papers articles project websites and social media outlets when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies you need to take everything into consideration and do your proper due diligence as well in doing this kind of research you may even.

Find the next cryptocurrency that goes 100x guys if you did enjoy this type of video let me know down below we always do a code word for any of our new subscribers and for that code word in today's video it's going to be peru thank you all so much again for watching today's video and if you guys want to have a chance of joining my private.

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On what i'm up to some things i'm doing maybe even a day in the life of what i'm eating or what i'm hitting at the gym with all that being said you guys thank you again for watching today's video have an amazing day and i'll talk to y'all soon peace

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