5 Crypto Coins That Will EXPLODE In 2022! BEST Crypto Trends This Year!

Here on the channel throughout 2021 we have actually had some quite great all coin picks with three all coins doing over a 10x being lunaterra solana and matic polygon now based on a lot of different fundamental on-chain metrics for both bitcoin and the rest of the market it seems like the majority of the crypto.

Space is actually going to be quite bullish at some point here in 2022. despite this however there are five specific altcoins that i have been analyzing a lot not only the past couple of days or weeks but actually also the past couple of months that i strongly believe are going to be outperforming the rest of the crypto market to quite a.

High extent hey everyone my name is thor and welcome slash welcome back to the show lit the first and foremost say that this video is not about going in depth with the technical analysis and the chart and the price action for these different coins no this is more of a fundamental in-depth analysis so if this is what you're looking for this.

Fundamental analysis well then i can assure you that you've come to the right place to locate these specific all con investments that are likely to see very positive price movement in 2022 i will be doing a quick presentation on these different all coin picks and all you have to do is sit back and relax for the next 10 to 15 minutes of course you can.

Skip through the different timestamps if there are some specific all kinds that you would like covered but i highly recommend that you actually watch the entire video i would also further really appreciate if you would quickly hit the like button as it really helps out the channel and i further also recommend that you subscribe if you like this kind.

Of content and if you want more updates and more in-depth presentations on these specific all coins why i am so bullish more long term on a lot of these different picks now let me first and foremost say guys that of course there are more than just these five all coins in today's video that are going to be performing great in 2022 however i don't.

Want to make this video too long some of these all kinds that i won't talk about today but still up bullish on here in 2022 include ethereum with the 2.0 upgrade coming this year paul goodatte with their whole ecosystem of perry chains developing i am rather also bullish on the overall d5 trend that we are seeing right now with solana medic.

And avalanche to mention the top performers that i think will also perform great in 2022 but again i won't go in depth with these in today's video so now let's move on to the five all coins that i personally believe will outperform the rest of the market this is of course the ball case if we don't see this extended bear market but not.

Really many indicators are pointing towards this now the first trend that i myself am quite bullish on in 2022 is actually web 3 with a lot of developers which we are seeing right now going from web 2 with facebook with amazon and google and so forth a lot of these really smart developers they are actually moving over to the.

Decentralized web or web 3.0 to develop on a lot of these different blockchain platforms with focus on this i am especially bidding big on the d5 chains in the crypto space that are also under this web 3 trend and here especially i am super bullish on the terra blockchain and the luna native token which currently is my largest investment the.

Price of luna might have already exploded the past couple of months actually over 10x since we first began talking about it here on the channel when it was at around seven dollars per token but despite this i see a lot of potential for the overall terra blockchain and the overall ecosystem but especially also the lunar token in 2022.

I mean it's like looking at ethereum a few years back we might have already seen a major price explosion but we have yet to see the major moves for this investment what you essentially need to know is that i personally bet on trends and as this tweet here also says i will put a link to it down below in the description is that i bid on the.

Stablecoin trend because the terra protocol which is operating the luna native token are issuing these different decentralized stablecoins these algorithmic stablecoins with the largest one being ust this year we've seen this crazy explosion of the market cap of ust like just in the past 90 days going from around two and a half billion dollars to.

Now 10.1 billion dollars in the market cap of ust indicating that there is a lot of demand for these algorithmic stable coins on the terra platform if you guys unfamiliar the way that these stable coins work is essentially that every time new ust is printed the lunar token is burned and therefore with this increased demand for ust a lot of.

Deflationary pressure is put on the luna token which of course is super bullish for the price i personally predict that in 2022 the market cap of ust which has just seen this major explosion the past year is going to go somewhere between 20 and 30 billion dollars in market cap and this is even a conservative bid when looking at the major demand as the tweet.

We just looked at states if the market cap of ust reaches 90 billion dollars the price of luna will hit at least fourteen hundred dollars based on just the current deflationary pressure of course there will also be more hype and demand for luna perhaps sending the price even higher and therefore with this mind i don't necessarily think that.

Ust might hit 90 billion dollars this year but perhaps these 20 to 30 billion and therefore a price of two to four hundred dollars per luna token is definitely possible and is again even a more conservative bet making luna a super super promising investment and this basically also sums up why luna is my largest holding in my own portfolio.

But what essentially is creating all of this ust demand well if we look at d5 llama we can see that the total value locked on the terra blockchain in d5 is 19 billion dollars at the moment and just these past couple of months this has increased to a very high extend with this increase in overall value in d5 across the entire crypto space which.

Went up like fifteen hundred percent this year alone i think that that will add a lot of value to the terra blockchain at the same time tara is the second largest d5 ecosystem and right now just have around 14 protocols on the blockchain compared to the binance smart chain with over a hundred and ethereum with over a hundred we are here in 2022.

Going to see a lot of different protocols actually launched on luna some of these include the maas protocol here which is this borrowing and lending platform we are also going to see prism launch here in the upcoming months we just saw astroport launch here a few weeks ago i mean there are so many different d5 protocols launching on the.

Terra blockchain right now which is driving up the demand to such a high extent for ust the final thing i want to show you guys in regards to luna which is a blog post from a guy called ansem i have left his twitter down below in the description he essentially says that terra luna is the only play in the crypto space where you can directly bet.

On the growth of stable coins and the growth of layer 1 smart contract ecosystems at the same time i wish i had more time in today's video to go in depth with this because this barely just scrapes the service but i have made an in-depth video on luna here that i recommend you checking out and i further really also recommend that you subscribe.

To the channel if you want to stay up to date with the terra ecosystem and the price of luna in the future as i will be covering this project regularly and so now let's move on to the second coin that i think will outperform in 2022 and this is once again in regards to the d fight trend because as we've seen this year these layer one smart contract.

Protocols with d5 integrated into their ecosystem they have just exploded in price with avalanche with medic with so on and so forth and a one a coin that i'm betting big on in 2022 is actually phantom here the reason that i think phantom will outperform a lot of the other layer one smart contract platforms with d5 is that well as we can see their.

Defy ecosystem is growing much faster than a lot of the other chains in the network what i look at here to find the d5 platforms that are likely to outperform is actually using this market cap to total value locked indicator what you essentially want to be looking for here is a low number because that means that there is a lot of value locked in.

The chain compared to the price of the token itself and as you can see phantom has the lowest market cap to total value locked across these top 10 d5 platforms what we are also seeing is that for example compared to matic polygon well there is more value locked in the phantom d5 ecosystem than on medic but the price of medic is still three times.

As large as phantom and that doesn't really make sense does it that's also why i see a lot of upside for phantom in 2022. therefore a 5×4 fans i'm going to watch 30 billion dollars and a price of 13 per phantom token is therefore very much a possibility and this is again also on the more more conservative side now with that being said however let's.

Move on to the third project that i am super bullish on in 2022 and this is adam from the cosmos blockchain a project that we have actually been discussing for a long time here on the channel if you are unfamiliar the cosmos blockchain presents a lot of different tools for example the cosmos sdk which is this toolkit that developers can use.

To build their very own blockchain super super fast that is still very scalable and very secure this is super advantageous and we see that projects like the binance coin like terra krypto.com okey exchange thought chain and a lot of other blockchains have actually built their own blockchain by using this cosmos sdk technology what.

Cosmos further has is the ipc here which essentially stands for the insert blockchain communications protocol which allows all of these different blockchains that are created with the cosmos sdk to communicate with each other really increasing the interoperability in the crypto space and this is really really important actually.

The market cap of the atom token is currently sitting at around 10 billion dollars despite this however the total market cap of the entire cosmos ecosystem is at 173 billion dollars i mean that is crazy and really goes to show that the cosmos or the adam token story is super undervalued compared to the amount of value that is actually in.

The cosmos ecosystem adam is a super long-term investment for me personally because of this superior technology what has been holding back the price the past couple of months is that there has not really been much hype for this project but now we are seeing to a high extent over on twitter that a lot of these larger influencers are beginning to talk.

A lot about atom and the cosmos ecosystem and that is also why the atom token has seen this positive price movement the past couple of days i truly believe that this hype will continue throughout the majority of 2022 as more and more people realize the major value that is in the cosmos ecosystem and at the same time we have a major and i.

Really mean it when i say major price catalyst guys that is coming for the cosmos ecosystem here in the upcoming months this is the gravity bridge and as it also states on the website here gravity will be able to bring erc assets from ethereum into cosmos as well as cosmos assets to ethereum erc20 representations adam and any other asset.

In the cosmos ecosystem will be able to trade on uniswep and other ethereum automated market makers and interact with ethereum d fight like any erc20 token not only will we see a lot of ethereum depths be transferred over to cosmos but we will also see adam being able to be used on a lot of the depths over on ethereum which will increase the.

Utility of this token and the demand to a very high extent more long term in the upcoming months and this is partially also why i am super bullish on adam now let's move on to my fourth all-kind pick that i see a lot of potential in and believe will outperform the rest of the market to a certain extent this is once again a bid on the layer one smart.

Contract platform trend that we really saw explode back in 2021 and i think this is going to continue to quite a high extent here in 2022 this big however is a bit more controversial partly also because of the smaller market cap of the utility token but this is essentially the near protocol this blockchain presents first and foremost a.

Lot of scalability and a lot of security and is further compatible with the ethereum virtual machine what essentially makes me super excited about the near protocol why i think it is likely to outperform some of the other platforms like solana or avalanche or polygon is essentially the news we heard around a month ago as you can see the.

Team behind the near protocol has announced an 800 million fund to help this ecosystem the d5 and nft ecosystem on the near protocol develop and that is a lot of money i must say what we have seen in 2021 is that these ecosystem funds are what to a very high extent creates a lot of demand and a major price explosion for a lot of the tokens.

On these smart contract platforms i mean this was what originally exploded the price of avex what exploded the price of medic and what also exploded the price of ill run with these ecosystem funds near is still in its very early stages we are not seeing a lot of d5 yet but with this major 800 million dollar fund i think that we are likely to see.

Something similar like we saw when we were still very early with solana and a lot of these other d5 layer 1 smart contract platforms is that if we can see this major ecosystem develop in these upcoming months well then the price of the near token is going to explode with this however let's move on to my final all kind and move away from this d5 and.

Layer one smart contract trend because another trend that i think will dominate in 2022 which we have also seen in 2021 is this mesoverse trend this is beginning to pick up steam again like we saw back in october when the overall sector the overall metaverse trend was just exploding and the prices of nfts were going through the roof and here i.

Am really betting on engine and nft and metaverse boom could really take off either in q1 or later in 2022 with some of these larger miz reverse coins like the sandbox like xc infinity and engine really also just taking off exploding in price engine however is my favorite pick amongst these metaverse coins because of the larger amount of fundamental value.

Because of increased utility and a lot more partnerships than actually 99 of the rest of these messengers coins and projects other than being a blue chip metaverse project engine is also launching their own decentralized nft marketplace called affinity on a polka dot pair chain which is launching in march this year by launching on a polka.

Dot pair chain this is going to create a lot of scalability and also interoperability allowing this decentralized nft marketplace to communicate with not only ethereum but also solana and some of the other larger nft marketplace all connecting this in one nft marketplace which is super super beneficial and i see a lot of value in.

This in the future engine has further announced this 100 million dollar affinity metaverse fund which is further really bullish like we just talked about with the newer protocol overall guys my prediction is that 2022 is going to be an extremely wild year in crypto with a lot of adoption and this is going to likely cause a lot of major price.

Rallies and explosions but also some major crypto crashes like we've also seen in 2021 and you guys need to be prepared for both of these things of course it's all about ever knowing how to take advantage of both of these situations i mean for me and for a lot of people here in this crypto community here on the channel we made the most.

Money in the crypto market throughout the summer when we were in this bear trend when we were able to buy solana at around twenty dollars we were able to buy luna at around seven dollars and so forth and i mean by being able to take advantage of these crashes and buying the dips there is a lot of potential in this now if you guys want more updates.

On these specific coins and other coins i'm also bullish on more short term throughout the year make sure to subscribe to stick around for that i should probably also let you guys know that i am not a financial advisor and everything said in this video is for educational use only so please go and do your own research before investing in.

Any of these now i truly hope you enjoyed this video and found it valuable and if you did i would really appreciate you guys hitting the like button as it really helps this video reaching a wider audience and by doing this you support your local small youtuber i further also recommend that you go follow me over on twitter if you haven't already as we.

Stay up to date with everything crypto on a daily basis and it is the easiest way to get in contact with me my name is thor and i'll see you guys next video have a good one

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