Okay so recently the crypto market has provided us with these dips and corrections another opportunity to get back into the markets and get those gains that we thoroughly deserve in the crypto space now none of this is financial advice i'm not a financial advisor there's no guarantee that cryptocurrency is going to be the be-all.

End-all of the world economic space but what it's showing us right now what it's proving to us as well with the adoption in south america and also the legalities that will come about in 2022 is that the adoption of crypto is happening right now we're in the bull run right now in the bull cycle that we're in and there will be dips and corrections on the way.

And you've seen that quote before probably on crypto twitter around the the twitter sphere and also online as well of buy the dip now that is not financial advice and you know you can say that as much as you like but what we do in these corrections and dips is that we do we do buy the dip and cross these sort of times and so in today's video.

I'm going to show you five cryptocurrency projects five old coins that have great upside potential for 2022 further adoption great teams great white papers and importantly great technology that can also compete with the likes of ethereum and also bitcoin because what we've seen right now in the 2020 2021 ball cycle this is most likely.

Gonna be extended also into 2022 we've seen the 100 000 bitcoin denied for this year that is still on the cards for next year as well if you look at all of the data that is in front of us if we look at the start to flow model if we look at the adoption across the world this is important to look at here as well guys if you look at the dot-com boom as well.

There was that correction that happened after that but then from that people rebuilt and they also regained and out of that came the likes of facebook netflix google and many others as well they started in the 90s but they came and they really got their gains in the 2000s and late 2020s as well that's important to look at here right now.

Today and so in today's video we're going through everything that you need to know about what's happening in the cryptocurrency space and as i mentioned there is a bit of extreme fear and he's seen that quote again guys as well be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful this is important to note warren buffett has.

Also mentioned that in the past as well one of the best traders one of the best stock market brokers has been out there in the world period and he said you know when there's blood on the streets be greedy and that's what's happening right now especially right now why is crypto down today it is because of the amount of um.

Fear that's out there in the markets not only in cryptocurrency but just in general in the whole world at the moment you know you've got these certain things happening we've i'm sure you're all aware of this as well for the past 20 months or so nearly for the past two years it has affected and this has also affected the stock market which does.

Also affect the cryptocurrency space as well but what is good to see and what is noteworthy is that you know coupled with that is that bitcoin ethereum solana and many others are out there are proving that they are a store of value and they also are a hedge against the inflation that we're seeing right now in the world which is absolutely insane if so people.

Have worked very hard their whole lives to save up for a cash pile reserve for whenever there is an emergency or just for retirement and what we're seeing right now with these inflations across the world you know with inflation happening in the united kingdom and also in the states also in europe and many other places as well is that this.

Inflation these interest rates they will eat into the cash reserves the cash pileups that has happened and has been saved up by many people across the world that have worked very hard for their money and at the end of the day you need to put that money to good news you need to put it into something that will keep it driving across as well that can be.

The stock market it can also in my opinion also be the cryptocurrency spaces right now and what we've seen as well throughout the you know throughout the the year of 2021 is a massive insane ride uh for cryptocurrency and for bitcoin as well as you can see from the beginning of this year it went from around to the likes of you know twenty.

Thousand dollars a little bit lower than that all the way up to 69 000 and that is also insane to think that as well because that capital will soon flow into the coins and so the first cryptocurrency that i think has got a massive upside potential in 2022 and also my prediction for it as well is to one dollar is v chain now v chain is.

Solving a huge issue at the moment it's the supply chain logistics it's going to be solving this as well in 2022 and in my opinion i think this will be a cryptocurrency project is going to do well as well so i'm going to be picking up some more v chain at this current price and if there's any further dips and corrections throughout the month of.

December then i will be picking up some more v chain as well this is a long-term perspective thing you've got to keep in mind here guys you know it's not going to happen tomorrow you know v chained to one dollar is not going to happen tomorrow xrp to 589 or 100 or 10 whatever you like to call it is not going to happen tomorrow bitcoin to 100.

000 is not going to happen tomorrow so this is also no worthy to take down as well is that whenever you see these sort of prices and also these predictions as well you may be thinking that's going to happen tomorrow it's not going to happen tomorrow you have to have that long-term perspective if you have a look the likes of um you know amazon and also apple it.

Took decades for them to get to all the all-time highs and so people have been holding for decades and that's what's important to note as well this isn't just you know a quick you know get-rich-thing it's not the case this is a long-term thing to be taking into account as well and you know when you zoom out.

Now is looking good for when it would be in the future as well so that's the first one that is v chain you can pick it up i believe on binance you can also pick it up on many other leading cryptocurrency exchanges that are out there and that's really important as well it's not loading at the moment but that's all good next one is ftx and.

Coupled with that is any form of cryptocurrency exchange coin as well so the likes of uh binance coin and also swiss ball token as well these are platforms and cryptocurrencies that are thinking to do well in 2022 and also beyond because of their platforms and the amount of volume that goes through um you know the exchanges as well and.

Then also what you have seen in the past with the likes of kucoin shares and also binance coin they did really well in the crypto winter so there's a bit of a pump throughout the crypto winter of 2018 2019 i believe it happened in 2019 and most of these coins there was a hype around uh you know exchange coins as well so this is also a good hedge.

Whenever you see some form of downside in the cryptocurrency space as well for an extended period of time so an exchange coin like ftx and also the likes of binance and uh swissborg as well we're big fans of swissborg is going to be one that's going to do really well as well another one is xrp now we've seen a lot of people mention.

On crypto twitter and also on youtube as well that this thing is going to go to 10 tomorrow it's not going to be the case this will also take time as well this cryptocurrency xrp has been around since 2013 2014 and that is a long time in the cryptocurrency space but this will take more time as well you have to be patient.

When it comes to these sort of things and many people are saying that with this sec lawsuit something could be solved fairly soon potentially by the end of this month by the end of this year but most likely in my opinion it's gonna be solved in q1 of 2092 and then from there potentially even q2 but i think next year will certainly be the.

Year of the resolution for this case or the bit being solved and then i think from there we could be seeing xrp have its day and have this plan because it's the only cryptocurrency in the top 10 top 20 i believe in the top 50 as well that hasn't reached a new all-time high in the spawn cycle that we're seeing right.

Now and also coupled with that again as i talk about these this ball cycle i've been around since the 2017 ball cycle and i saw i i experienced what euphoria or the euphoric stage was like in cryptocurrency and i haven't experienced that just as of yet and that is again just a feeling and you can't really use data to back that up but it is also.

Important because at the end of the day the stock market you know shares uh you know the precious metals even cryptocurrency it's all based on people's opinions and whether they're feeling good or whether they're feeling bad and right now you know again if you look into the extreme fear and extreme greed this is also to be taken into.

Account as well you know people's emotions in the cryptocurrency space in the trading space have also to be have taken into account as well when people think if things are going to go bad then most likely things will go bad if if you think things are going to go good over an extended period of time over you know sort of a short percentage then i think.

Over over time good things can happen you know it's sort of a mental state at the end of the day when it comes to these sort of things so i think with xrp i think it can go to 10 in 2022 but this will take time in my opinion so that's xrp that's the next pick the next one is also chaining chaining i think it's going to do well in 2022 i think it's.

Potentially go harder than where it is right now it's currently trading 18 it has been around sort of 50 before but i think it can go also higher than that thing going to 100 may potentially even 200 in this pool cycle that we're seeing right now if you have a look at the overall market cap for crypto it's 2.1.

Trillion dollars and um you know when you compare that to the likes of gold which is just one item out of the whole asset class that is 12 trillion dollars so the asset class of gold is precious metals and gold itself just gold its market cap is 12 trillion dollars so it shows and it proves how early we are how in a way how immature the cryptocurrency.

Space is and how it has also have to have a lot more time to be matured over the coming weeks months and also years and the likes of training i think is going to do really well when you take into account web 3 and then also if you take into account big data that's important and putting you know any sort of data that you can onto the blockchain.

And have it be accessible across the world that is also important when it comes to these sort of things so there's also chaining and the last one as well is you trust you trust i think is going to do really well in 2022 further adoption in the states this is going to be important for ut's success i think it can go back to its all-time high of 1.40.

I think it can go higher than that potentially even two dollars potentially even highness as well and i believe you can also get you trust on finance and most leading exchanges that are out there but again that i think it's going to do a cryptocurrency project that's going to do really well it is sort of like the paypal for crypto and um yeah i.

Think it's going to be a project that um you know with the team with the white paper with its underlying technology is doing really well and will continue to do well in 2022 so what we're seeing right now again we're seeing that dip and corrections along the way and i will be using these tips and corrections along the way to pick up some more.

Credits and currencies and these projects that we do stand by you know we do our research at crypto busy and there'll be more videos like this in december of this year to describe to you guys to explain to you guys look this is what's happening and this is what's in store for 2022. i also bring your attention to iot x-pad this is an.

Interesting uh project and it's the first native ideo launch pad to an incubation platform um launch pads to be built on io xt um so this is another cryptocurrency project that i think is going to be doing really well in 2022 and um this is ioxt network is for emerging projects powered by ioxt now if you don't know iost it's involved in the.

Internet of things another technology another form or materialistic thing that will come out of the industrial revolution 4.0 which we're going through right now again so that's important to be aware of so it's the first ever launch pad on io xt and it becomes the first primary incubator for native and your launch pads for all of.

The leading io xt projects so this is really important as well and you can go through their websites much further detail leave all of that necessary information linked down in the description below as well they have a tiered system for bronze silver and gold you look at their gold requirements staking requirements is ten thousand the.

Staking length required is four hours before the allocation opens and also the uh the whitelist requirement on twitter is is none but you can see here on the other ones here you have to like and retweet and that's also something to be aware of you can also like and retweet and follow them on twitter it's also important there guys.

And their pool weight is 11. you have the emerald and also the vip so some really cool stuff that here they've got different tiers which is really cool you can contact them with info at iot expat dot network and um yeah this is a really cool project again further to this as well announcing our audio a detailed overview this will be also leave links.

Down in the description below as well the audio price will be 10 cents the listing price will also be 10 cents as well the initial market cap will be 280 000 so very low and the circular supply will be 2.8 million so again a fairly low as well on the circulating supply you can see the seeding fund or seed funding that's 420 000 and the strategic.

Funding is one point uh 1.5 um so you can see here over time tier one will be on december 19th tier two on the 20th and also tier you know tier three will also be on the 20th as well so some really cool stuff that's happening the dates to be aware of is also the 21st for the listing and also their time um and then also top of that as well on the.

Pancake swap will be on december 21st 11 am utc so all of the necessary information will be linked down description below you can follow them on twitter it is over subscribed at the moment so over half a million entries and again what's important to see is it's built on top of the iotx network which is also super significant.

And i think it's another cryptocurrency project that's going to do well in 2022 they can also follow us on twitter as well it's very much appreciated if you do that as well because we do go through things that's behind the scenes we've got some extra content on there for you on there and if you want to get a much clearer picture what's happening in the.

Market including a road to 100x portfolio and also low cap reach low cap gem research and that's also our vip coins gold on there for through patreon on discourse make sure that you have discord for that one there as well that's all linked down below and lastly looking at what's happening with the.

Um you know bitcoin monthly returns for bitcoin um it's still in the red the bitcoin at the moment and this is again another reason why i do think 2022 is setting up to be a very interesting year so to recap the five projects are v chain ftx xrp and also chain link and then also you trust as well do comment down below whether you agree with me.

Whether you disagree with me all comments are very much welcome but right now what we're in in the fourth industrial revolution in this pool cycle that we're seeing right now of 2020 2021 and also 2022 this is gonna be an interesting time for the cryptocurrency space and we are here for it so if you like this video make sure to leave a.

Like and if you're new and you want to see more videos like this be sure to subscribe to creative busy today and again do comment down below all of your thoughts and opinions uh all feedback is very much welcome and we're constantly looking to improve the channel so again all sort of feedback is very much welcome my name has been tom and i'll.

See you guys in the next one bye for now you

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