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In this video we'll be looking at some apps for making money online by playing games these are mobile games that you can simply download onto your phone play and some coins which you can then convert into bitcoin or real money so we'll be looking at six of those different games which are available worldwide you can simply download them.

Today start playing collect points and end some money do stick around to find out more details if you are interested in making money by simply downloading apps on your phone playing different games and cashing out if you are new here welcome to the channel my name is queen magomani i share information on how to make money online and i share.

Some of the easiest ways and strategies and websites for making money online so if you are interested in that type of information you are definitely in the right channel do consider subscribing and joining us on the road to 40 000 subscribers i would really appreciate that also did give this video a thumbs up if you do find value in it but.

Remember you have to watch it first to find out without wasting any more time let's get started with today's video all right guys so the first app that we're going to look at is going to pay you bitcoin for playing different games it is absolutely free for you to download and install this uh money making app or game app to start earning.

Money and it's available worldwide another great thing about this one is the fact that playing games is not the only way you can end or generate some extra income with this money making app there are other tasks which you can opt to do if you get tired of playing games and so on only disadvantage is that it's only available for android users however.

If you are an ios user or you use another operating system you don't have to worry because you can still play games on this money making app on your desktop computer laptop or any other device which you have besides your phone is called cointiply it is this one that i'm looking at here on my screen as you can see over three million dollars.

Paid to players and people who are doing different tasks on this platform you earn free bitcoin yes and this is true you don't have to pay anything for you to get started ending with this platform so you can simply fill in your email address and click the start inning button to start but i just want to show you guys a bit more information about.

This platform you end crypto by playing fun games online you get rewards for watching videos shopping online or signing up for exciting services so these are the extra tasks which you can opt to do should you get tired of playing games on this platform you can also share your opinion on popular products and businesses and and real.

Crypto currency so to get started here simply sign up and start earning so this is going to play download the app from there from their website i'll also leave you guys links to all the website that i'll speak about on my description box down below so you can find them easier alternatively you can simply google the names of the websites to find them the.

Second app that we are going to look at is called m gamer m gamer is a big platform which has got different kinds of money making mobile game apps yes by coming onto the platform you'll be able to download an app for android and unfortunately again on this one or for this one there is no ios version however i like the fact that.

With this platform or with their games there is something for everyone so m gamer is this website that i am looking at right now as you can see they say win free diamonds you see royal pass and cash and they've got different payout options which you get to find out once you are there so to get started and to see the different kinds of games which.

They have on this platform simply click on their homepage play games you will land on a page that looks like this one so once you are here you will see that they have games in different categories such as action games as you can see here they've got eight games so if you love action there's something for you if you love adventure arcade platform games.

Puzzles racing shooting and yeah and so on so they have games for every kind of taste on this platform and you simply have to go and download the app play your favorite games and end money by doing so the third app is called it's called kesham all this app is definitely a legit app where you can make money paypal money by playing different kinds.

Of games it's also only available for android users only unfortunately it's not yet available for ios users but you don't have to worry because the next two games are also available for use on ios so do stick around to find out more information on that now before we get on with app number four if you are finding value in this channel on this video.

Remember to give it a thumbs up i would really appreciate that it does also help the channel by letting uh youtube know that you are finding some value on my videos and that helps a lot and i really appreciate it now let's look at the fourth game that we're going to uh look here and this app is also available for ios users so it's both on android and.

Ios you can make money with this platform by playing games i've been using this money making app for the last two days and so far i've made two dollars and five cents this is the app it's called gameme you'll find it on gameme.com or you can simply go to the google play store and look for gamey so what you can.

Expect to do here is to play uh win the jackpot spin the wheel which is what i've been doing for the last two days to earn um two dollars and five cents you can also refer friends and then you also end money for logging in every day so log in seven days in a row to spin the wheel of cash and then you win money like that and it's available for both.

Android and ios the minimum cash out that i showed on this app is ten dollars as soon as you reach ten dollars you can cash out to paypal this is the app and it is a legit app that is currently paying people worldwide so check it out to find out more information now the next app that we'll be looking at is called app camera this is also another.

App that you can download on your phone to make paypal money as you can see they say and rewards playing with apps and it's free it's definitely free all you have to do is to come on to app comma and then click on get app comma for you to start the the sign up process and you know the download process and so on so on this app you will be downloading.

Different apps on your phone and you with some of them you will need to keep them for a certain period of time you'll be able to play games and so on and end cash rewards for doing that now the last one for this list is this app here called their current app the current app is popularly known for earning money by listening to music however you can also.

End money on this platform by playing different games now this option is only found on the app so once you download the app you can navigate there to find the different games which you know can pay you money for playing on a daily basis so these are the different mobile apps which you can download to make money online by simply playing games on.

A daily basis now i know that there's quite a lot of different games online which you can download to make money however it is a real challenge to find legit ones or you know ones that really work and upon doing research and testing these different apps i found out that these apps that i've shared with you guys really really work so if you are.

Interested do download them do check them out and let us know in the comment section how it works out for you and if you have used these apps to make money by playing different games do let us know your experience on the comment section down below i believe it can help the community in making a decision thank you so much for watching this video i.

Will see you on the next one until next time have a great time
These are my best apps for making money by playing games on your phone. These legit money making apps works worldwide. Find the apps here: https://cointiply.com/ https://mgamer.app/ https://www.appkarma.io/ https://bit.ly/3gfvbVF https://bit.ly/3eMapw7 https://bit.ly/3GdR02h Thanks for watching: https://youtu.be/Z5lc21LaqTo Please like and share: https://bit.ly/Queen_Magomani Grow Your Channel With SEO: VidIQ: https://bit.ly/2CMqbqR Tubebuddy: https://bit.ly/Tubebuddy20201 Sign-up to Bluehost: https://bit.ly/3jZZUG4 FREE! Resources: Canva Pro: https://bit.ly/3aEfVzN https://bit.ly/YouTubeVideoUploadChecklist DISCLAIMER: PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR OR A CAREER ADVISOR. All the information shared on the channel is for entertainment only. If you require professional help, please contact a professional adviser. Some links in my description are affiliate links, so if you click through and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

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