7 Crypto Coins That Will 15x Early 2022 (Last Chance)

Can we still make five x's 10 x's 20 x's and crypto is there any money left yes guys there is and in this video i'm going to show you exactly where to look i'm going to show you exact coins that i'm also looking at as well starting with conservative stuff at the top of the video the more risky stuff that can get those higher returns that being said.

Let's address elf in the room i know what you're thinking how the is this guy sitting here talking about making money in crypto is he had too many bomb pops because he's speaking lunacy one i really like bomb pops they're pretty good but look guys i have to get real i'm gonna drop the character not even do a crazy intro this video.

Because look i know a lot of you guys are hurting right now and i'm not here to beat you up as you know i am the most woke empty house crypto fat advice guy with a great body who's also pg family friendly and has a six-pack and is also science yes we're that now too and i'm not here to make you guys feel bad or remind you of you know stuff like you.

Going to thanksgiving and telling everybody how much money you have in crypto i'm not here to remind you your father probably thinks you're a failure now i'm not here to beat you up and do that stuff i'm not here to remind you that you bought cardano at three dollars i mean charles hodgson he does have great llamas and you know it's not that.

Bad that your girlfriend's new boyfriend lives in your house and makes you wear a mask inside i'm not here to remind you about that i'm not here to remind you about you posting on facebook about the metaverse when sandbox was up 600x that was that was a logical thing to do at the time no one could have seen it coming a dip at all no one could have.

Seen that and i'm i'm not here to remind you that bitcoin came nowhere close to 100k but it's not your fault again i'm not here to remind you that michael saylor he has a boat behind him you should totally listen to him he post exciting things about hornets why would it not go to 100k totally not your fault i'm here as.

You know to remind you of how to be a man in crypto and bring you in and pull that clown nose off your face you look ridiculous pick you back up and say you know what we're in a dip it's probably gonna get better it might not we might not lose all of our money but we might not and in that might not circumstance if the market comes back the projects.

I'm gonna be talking about in this video are going to probably explode so let's get into it as always follow me on twitter at css becker because i can't talk about really small projects on this channel because i'm way too famous and you'll get notified about things like neo-tokyo drops and stuff way sooner if you've been on that you would have made.

Like a 10x by now you should have followed me cspecker let's go all right guys we're back in the chair front of coin market cap because we can't work the fancy ta charts we don't need those 2022 new year new expectations delivering the same disappointing.

Content you guys are in for a treat this year because we're not changing up the thing i know what i can get away with anyways let's talk about the market it's terrible right now and what i know you guys want me to talk about because we always talk about the market beginning videos is what's going.

To happen next unlike every other influencer with their magic wingding ta charts i'm gonna tell you the same thing i always do i don't i don't know dude i i really don't it's very very difficult to call and predict what bitcoin does because it leads the pack and as you know the way i like to trade is waiting based on what bitcoin and the top coins.

Do and then buy micro caps based on that that's what i do in these videos that's how i let a lot of success the last run up i don't know what it's going to do i'm waiting to see what happens and i'm going to buy accordingly i'm very much out of the market right now i told you guys at the sandbox peak that i was going to.

Start taking really aggressive profits that's exactly what i did and the timing of that was very very very lucky that said look if you were buying bitcoin at 65 000 telling your grandmother it's time to buy avax and cardano at thanksgiving you're an apple there's there's there's nothing more to it you you're in.

A tough spot so i don't i don't have any condolences to really offer right there but i do want to give a little bit of feedback on what i think the market is going to do because i think there's going to be a silver lining here if there isn't i'm just going to keep my wait and see play that we talked about in the last micro.

Cap video here's what i think is happening guys so we had a massive massive run up okay and what's happening and what everyone's terrified of is the fed increasing rates and that putting us into a somewhat of a recession okay and that's obviously going to hurt the crypto market yada.

Could that happen yes definitely okay here's what i think needs to happen all right so everybody's terrified of one of these let's go look at the old crypto crashes where it goes up and it goes in this crater terrible place i don't really see this happening because in in this olden days back in the ye old days of baby.

Diaper bitcoin there was really no justification for most of this stuff to exist now let's be straight there's no reason for most of it to exist right now but some of it there there is a justification crypto's gone mainstream here at this point in time you didn't see celebrities.

Getting in you didn't see big funds buying in you didn't see major major companies buying and investing in uh crypto assets and crypto video games and nfts you didn't see a d you just didn't see that look guys we've the genie is out of the bubble in my opinion encrypted we're not at a point where we're going to go back down to these.

These terrible bear markets i just don't think we're going to see that again i think we can see bear markets but here's how i think we're going to see the next bear market so what we're looking at right now is everybody getting scared of the fed but in my opinion the only thing that's going to take out the crypto market is going to be a big.

Big old recession which i think is coming i think we're we're heading towards like the great depression again something just as bad as that i think we're heading there however before that i think we're going to see one massive runoff because what's happening is everybody's taking all their money out of all the markets and like oh no is.

This the big dip and then when we don't actually dip and we don't actually crash and a recession doesn't start quite yet everyone's going to get drunker than they've ever gotten before i think that's what's going to happen and that thing is going to be to blow up top to all markets because what's going on right now and all markets combined.

Retail anything really is we're in an everything bubble prices are skyrocketing on everything because people just won't stop people are racking up debt it's just it's out of control until we get a big pp slap in the entire mark and we fall into a recession i.

Don't see it stopping that also being said crypto again it's gone mainstream i don't see it stopping right now what what is going to stop it there are so many good use cases and adaptations and ways to actually build really really super profitable businesses in crypto right now isn't like it was in 2017 so i just really.

Don't i really don't like comparing these these ups with this up it's just it's a completely different scenario and while the the dumps are very similar i don't think we're going to see these these 80 90 dips on bitcoin in the top 10 coins okay so what do we want to do at this point okay so there's a few.

Things we need to do first thing we need to do guys is we need to go down there's this one coin that just it hasn't been doing very well we talked about on the channel a while back i don't want to rub it in i don't like to rub this in i don't like to gloat as you guys know i'm very humble but as we know everybody in cardano's been doing really bad since we.

Told them to sell it about three dollars so the first thing we really need to do guys on this channel is is we need to go out and we need to buy lots of ham yes yes ham why because most cardinal holders they're having to let their girlfriend's boyfriend live with them now uh because they can't pay rent and on top of having to wear a mask.

In the house the the new boyfriend is obviously eating all the ham if you've ever seen cardinal holders they're just grumpy everywhere they look like they don't have enough ham give them some fam maybe give them some cheese to put on top of it the guys are hungry they're people too let them have some ham because their girlfriend's boyfriend is.

Not letting them have any ham so guys first thing we need to do like i said we need to go to the store right now guys buy these guys some ham because they're not eating right now all right they're just sitting in the corner at their house uh playing animal crossing and at least feeling rich in an imaginary world it's it's okay i mean they're probably.

Massively in debt to the tom nook too because these people can't manage money so please donate some ham now let's talk about the other coins guys what's going to be in the marketplace the animal crossing won that that got me sorry i i'm yes i'm laughing at my own.

Jokes and sunglasses in a dark room it doesn't get much lower than this so look how can we make money here guys so i'm gonna go through a big list of coins but let's talk about how i made a ton ton ton of money in the last run-up okay and i think we're getting right around there all right so as you guys know in.

The last video i waited and of course i totally called bitcoin wrong that's what i do it's kind of like my channel's attraction the one influencer that calls bitcoin wrong they all get it right but i thought bitcoin was going a lot lower about right here all right and it didn't and that's fine because i saw this big run up right here.

And this signal to me that the market cycle was resetting okay especially around like right here and about right here when we had a really confirmed bounce like the market was horny that's when all the micro cap coins and the coins that we're going to be talking about in this video really started to start pumping so for example cdfi was.

One of the things we got into we got in like 85 cents it went all the way to 15 uh this last cycle and you can see shortly after the bitcoin bump that's when all these micro caps start bumping this is the same story for every micro cap and even things that aren't micro caps like ones that have a range of 500 to.

A billion dollars we really start to see everything starting to pump after bitcoin now look if you bought right here you made an okay return if you bought right here you made a return we don't want to be buying it even when things are okay we wouldn't be buying when things are terrible okay so i'm not telling you to buy right now.

And personally this isn't financial advice in any way shape or form like i said the start of the video this is just my personal thoughts if i was being conservative right now i'd wait for it to go lower it might not what i feel is happening right now with bitcoin is the same exact thing we saw right here okay because i everyone's.

Getting super bearish i'm getting comically bearish and you know everybody thinks 32 000 or something's on the table right now i think 38 000 on the table so that really means it's probably going to sweep like 39 000 and then start going up again i think that's about what's going to happen this reminds me of this.

Dump right here so much again if you're being conservative i would wait i would wait for a concert confirmed bitcoin uprising okay if you want to catch the things this is the difference in the roi you're gonna get right here if you want to catch the things when they're right here versus right here which is about 50.

Higher or 100 higher actually you get in right now you get in when things are really bad if you want to really make good bucks you need to wait and be a little bit fast in the trigger after bitcoin starts pumping if you want to make okay buck bucks wait for a strong confirmation okay if we buy right here there's no guarantee that bitcoin.

Doesn't just go down to 20k because it is a useless piece of um and that's what useless pizza should do so let's talk about coins so where do we need to be looking in this next run-up if i think the best return safe coin if we can call crypto safe is going to be solana okay if you are a if you are a.

Guy that likes to speed in your mother's minivan over five miles per hour that makes you upset you wear your mask in the van while you're driving around salon is probably for you that's probably about as greasy and dirty as you need to be getting okay now going on down the coins that i'm looking at it's the same coins i've always been looking.

At guys but i think this is a really great buy position for these coins because like look all right so avex like right here not awesome like we're this there wasn't really a good buy opportunity like in any of these points right here these were not good buy opportunities but if we go back about when bitcoin started the pump.

October plenty of time to get a really really like you had plenty of time to get a great deal on abex okay and it's just it's just up it's just really up we're all aware of that we're all wherever it's been people are really interested in avex like really really interested in it if we go a little bit lower yeah it's going to go a little bit.

Lower we get that confirmed reset or this might even happen before the reset that's the hard thing about these these top 25 coins is they can reset before bitcoin does they can actually help start the bitcoin reset so they're really hard to call you just have to hold them which is what i'm doing with avax and a few other coins i'm going to.

Talk about that being said we're getting an opportunity right now where it's really cooled off and we can finally get in probably at a good price i do see a 300 avex if the cycle continues okay this is not me posting 300 on the wall where everybody posts on twitter and yeah it's around this three hundred dollars if the.

Market cycle goes outrageous like i talked about i think a 300 avex is is completely doable on the table now zk roll ups are going to be really really big why because elliot he's just he's just talking about him a whole lot all right when elliot starts talking about stuff people get really excited they get fully erect and then he.

Combines it with actually knowing what he's talking about and so everybody just goes and bangs the biggest trend all at once it's gross i was there for gaming crypto yeah that being said polygon it really ties in that narrative super well it's leading that eth.

Is going to keep going he desperately needs polygon polygon is another one i think is going to do just super duper well now if we're getting down to some funny money ones if we really want to make a lot of money i'm really thinking that phantom is going to pull an avax okay.

It's going to go back up to the market cap that avax is at right now i think abax is going to go right under the solana market cap uh when it was pumped up and i am looking at dot ecosystem stuff but i mean dot just it just hasn't been playing that game it's been it's been.

Its dick in and out of the refrigerator all year long i'm tired of it eat the ham or don't eat the ham this is a very ham themed episode if you can't tell so what else is on the table those are my kind of safer picks i think cosmos is going to do very well just because of the narrative as you guys know i just.

Read people on how the market's going people are really really interested in cosmos and i think luna is also a fantastic buy as well those are my those are my you can you can talk about them with dinner without your father taking off the belt and beating you kind of coins okay this this is the stuff that you can talk about in church and no.

One's going to make you eat ham and that's your cardano holder then you're gonna be talking about in church all non-stop because you need that ham you're a hammy boy put your mask back on all right so let's talk about the more degenerate stuff guys so if we're talking about mid-level.

Degeneracy i really just have two really good mid-level degenerate coins remark gonna be huge on the kusama network slash dot narrative huge made averse play i think this i think this sucker is going to 150 bucks and that's just what it is look into it you guys know i'm really in the maid verse and everything's being built there.

Remark is a very very big play i think it's two really cool things another one moon river i still got good feelings about moon river it's back right at where i bought it at and why didn't i sell it with these with these higher market cap coins at the 500 million.

Marks i'm really not looking to flip and dip these things okay because the best they're going to do is five six x's so you really just gotta sit back and hold i think if we get a strong market moon river's gonna do stupid things okay because i think dot's going to take off here eventually someday all right and because i believe.

In dot and what they're doing over there i think moon river and remark are really really good plays and i think this has a really good chance to pull phantom aka go to maybe a two to five billion dollar market cap i think it has such a good chance to do that um so i understand what i'm trying to do with these coins because i talk a lot about selling on.

These channels and so of course i've held a backs i've pulled i've held phantom all the way through a 50 dip hold it right back to where it is right now i just don't really try i just don't really try and trade these coins okay i'll sell these coins when i think we're at the market top i just don't think we're at the market top and if we're not.

Well i don't know what to tell you it's going to suck i'm not going to be like one person like well just hold till next time no no i'm not going to be thrilled about holding in diamond handing you you do technically lose lots of money uh even if you don't sell so.

That's what i think and that's why i'm holding them i'm just holding these until they get to where i want them to go it's not really these are not short-term trades now let's talk about the dank stuff what i like to dabble in where i make the bucks the things i use.

To pay for baby corgis like scoot it's a pricey dog you gotta you gotta make the big bucks to own a scoot but seriously let's get into it also real quick shameless shill i'm gonna throw in do you know dino tokyo is hosting the largest nft gaming tournament of all time all time partnered with twitch.

And g fuel and animoka brands did you know we're doing that in like on the 22nd if not you should tune in because you can run play on it live on twitch we're giving away a million dollars in prizes or you can just watch people fight for a million dollars for our entertainment it's going to be super duper cool you should attend we're going.

To be giving away the first hand of the citadel nft for neo tokyo it is overall going to be amusing and it doesn't cost you a dime to watch so put put on your diaper cover your ham and some cheese if you're cardona holder tell your girlfriend's boyfriend it is your turn to use the computer to watch this tournament all right let's.

Get back to it so let's have a quick pow-wow because this is really interesting to me and you need to be looking at in this way in my opinion i don't care if we go bare okay i do like the i'm not going to be looking at my ten dollar moon river and be like yeah well you know the tech is great i i i do care if we go bare but where my.

Primary focus is in crypto and where i've made all my money lots and lots of it like 85 of it and where i'm going to make all my money is going to be gaming crypto i work in the space i also work in nfts very heavily there is nothing that's going to stop gaming crypto or nfts this year why okay bitcoin if you look at the top 25.

Coins they're speculative no one's using like you don't go to bank in america and you have an ethereum machine there where they're like transferring stuff in ethereum it's not being used except to trade things it's just not there are some uses for all these things there's some examples but we're not we're not seeing it mainstream you're not you're.

Not seeing checkout or checking stations at events uh being worked through through crypto you're not seeing you're not seeing it being used it's all speculative nfts have a use case right now and they have a value that is rock solid.

Vanity and luxury when we're talking about the jpegs nfts with other stuff that's coming in the future contracts real estate deals that's gonna be even bigger but right now it is a rock solid foundation reality people buy nfts just like they do a rolex people hold their rolexes they don't panic sell their rolexes can you imagine a person worth.

Five million dollars panic selling their rolex because the crypto market's down they're not going to do that that's what's happening with board apes that's what happened with all their nfts and those ties super deeply into crypto games gaming desperately needs cryptocurrency to run off right now and it also def.

Desperately needs nfts so people can own assets in space i know normal gaming environment doesn't like that it doesn't matter it's going to come whether they like it or not it's too damn it's too damn alluring for the player it just is so this year we're already seeing crypto gaming taking off actually already has player bases we're seeing other games.

With player bases we're seeing nfts with a rock solid foundation in their first use case which is vanity luxury and waving your dick around virtually and their second use case is going to be digital ownership of assets like for example real estate if you own a big plot of land and sandbox a lot of people play that you can put a billboard there.

With with a picture of me on it you should do that and that space right there will be worth a lot of money because people see it every single day it's the same basis of putting ads on websites virtual real estate it's just a different type of virtual real estate same exact thing that's what nfts are going to do so those three use.

Cases aren't slowing down anywhere so i'm heavily focused on those investing them and they're all in the dumpster right now and they are going to come back or everyone's going to make fun of me so let's make these predictions because everybody loves these so what are we seeing in the space right now as far as.

Games go sand is super down axis super down everything's super down if you ever want to buy sand it's still way up all right i'm not buying sand right now okay i'm i'm waiting i'm waiting to see what bitcoin does and again with all these that i'm about to talk about wait to see what bitcoin does that being said follow me.

On twitter at css becker i routinely post big list of coins and what you need to be doing right now is you need to have a list of coins of projects you like please watch my micro cap trading video before this and create your own list of coins okay however you need to be not buying these coins right now but watching bitcoin and.

Then sitting and watching these a few of these won't pump when bitcoin starts to pump and you can go and grab them up i'm not saying use this list i'm saying make your own damn list and use my logic i'm going to share with you in this video all right you lost all your money once don't do it again learn learn your trade this time okay that that's exactly what.

Happened to me in the first big crash earlier this year i was going off other people's recommendations and i sat back and actually learned my trade that i'm trying to make money with everything go up for bid i made money do the same thing here all right so again if you want ideas and stuff to.

Look at there's a lot of cool stuff going on right here so that being said when i'm when i'm working with these i want to see good 50 x's because i know the gaming market i know to pick games when they're very very low okay if you're trying to play it safe and you just really been in gaming you really can't go wrong with sandbox gala.

You can't go wrong with engine axes even super duper low right now you can just really pick the top ones all right i would go with gallon sandbox personally i'd also go with alluvium that's probably going to pump super duper hard and so those are going to the higher tiers okay ufo is also probably going to come charging back like a a mana core it.

Just probably will because it has a lot of followers has a lot of attention really good marketing they just run they just run a really tight ship over there so where is where the goofy money the fast moving going to come from let's talk about these smaller ones down here all.

Right i think vulcan forge is going to do an absolute super duper turn around right here and i'll talk about why okay first off yes this is my biggest bag that i still have in gaming crypto so let's do a whole feature case on it and hope people uh take interest i'm just.

Kidding all right let's talk about this for real so vulcan forged just got hacked up here someone took tons and tons and tons of the money that's shame on them thing you need to realize is they're the same company as when the coin was up here all right the coin price really doesn't matter as far as the company.

Goes imagine what people think of the company and the risk to holding the coin they fixed the problem or if they if they're they're still having it they're very very very close to fixing it i'm not saying come pick this dude up right here i'm saying this is probably going to go back up to 60 70 bucks.

If it does make a recovery i'm really confident the project which is why i haven't sold when it got hacked i'm like all right look i've been through this with paid network i went through this with d-race every single time things get hacked it's just an amazing opportunity to make a lot of money if.

You go look at like for example paid network way back in wherever the f this was got hacked right here nuclear nuclear fallout did terrible and then bam just right back up you would have done very well and then uh this didn't look great forge has a lot of users coming online.

They're coming to building a whole lot of things decks games i i really like that one i think cdfi is going right back up to 15 minus the larna is really under the radar in my opinion there is tons and tons and tons and tons of players playing it all right as soon as it gets picked up i think mines of the alarm has a strong chance.

To pull a mini axi okay the other one i'm really looking at and i lost a lot of money in recently but i'm still holding is going to be thetan arena and i don't know where that is right here okay and the whole basis of these ones that i just mentioned is going to be the fact that they have millions of.

Players coming on like people are actively using these games it's a matter of time before they pull the same exact thing axi did which is where the coin starts being in demand so much from the user base that starts to pump really hard okay so that's what i'm looking for in those and i think those ones can do huge ones all right axi has like a four.

Billion dollar market cap i think they can be easy 10 x's when the market picks back up and then we get the real gaming crypto bull run that i strongly believe is going to happen this year so as we go down the list of course good old d-race i think they're going to do very very well the premise of that game is just.

Great situs is very low right now actually it's very very high but i think compared to where the market is like this would be very like star atlas launch with like an automatic billion dollar market cap sis in the same league if not better in my opinion i think i think a 500 million.

Dollar market cap is on the table no problem for that game i also just invest in this minecraft mod almost that i think is going to do really well but i'm not going to talk about this channel the one i want to talk about is also really low in my opinion it's just monkeybone the cool thing we're.

Seeing with like a lot of these that just ideoed is they did they did very poorly compared to the amount of hype around their ido and i think monkey ball will easily get to an overvaluation of like 200 million dollars at least so i think i think monkey ball at this point could possibly be a 10x has a lot of hype has really great.

Marketing and i mean it does have a really good gameplay loop and basis around it as well another one spin which i recently just took props in but i have long term investments in it spin is a huge huge network of tons of pay-to-earn games i think it can be.

Almost like a pay-to-earn kind of casino i think it's do really really well i think you can pull a gala games or vulcan forge kind of valuation again very very low at the market cap right here and again guys i'm not i'm so stressing in this video do not buy these right now if you go and buy these after i talk about the videos if there's some.

Inevitable pump i'm trying to talk about a lot of coins so there isn't a pump you go buy these and you lose money i won i don't really care you're gonna lose money and you're doing you're just being an idiot okay do not buy these right now wait for the bitcoin reset and look at my micro cap buying video if you've not watched my.

Micro cat buying video you have no you have no no business being within 50 feet of these things if you're new to kryptos your first couple months you have no business being within 50 feet of these things stick to the more conservative things i talked about and learn how to lose money and make.

Money and then we can get into this because you can do what everybody else did at the last cycle and lose all their money again and then there's just so many other good projects like definia i mean just way down eight million dollar market cap and so look guys i i post a lot of lists on on.

My twitter all the time i suggest you go and look through a lot of those look at the projects you like find the future really really enjoy and then apply the thinking and logic i have for my microcap video and learn how to make your own list and if you're in the really gaming crypto learn how i.

Look at gaming cryptos the thing is like when i made a lot of money in this last run everything was sitting at like a 5 million dollar market cap five to eight and so when i'm seeing things that are really good like made a gods for example a really good game sitting at these ten five million dollar market caps i see meta wars at.

Nine mil you know i i see all these really low market caps on these projects and it just reminds me of like when i found d-race when it was at a five million dollar market cap you know and this thing went to eight bucks we got it like 85 cents 70 cents on this channel i mean altura was at a 3 million market cap when i got into it it slung shot to.

A 200 million dollar one when i sold it again it's in a back good buy range right here but when i see these games with these five eight million dollar market caps that i mean if we go a little bit lower gonna be right back in those five million dollar range and that's that's where i made tons and tons of money with that's where all my good.

Trades were because we bought everything like altura way back here before everybody started foaming into it like we were buying all this stuff like right here you know so this is what we want to be doing and this is about the market caps where where i made those moves at and and and then we all got in we waited and.

Then bam everybody else started getting into it way later on down the line so that's my two cents guys that's where i think the market is right now i want to get you a really really strong recap video of what i'm looking at what i think the market is doing this video has been way too long i think we got a lot of good ham jokes in so i.

Don't think we need to end the video on a joke the ham jokes are on point today so follow me on twitter at cssbecker and uh i don't have anything else to say you

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