7 Dirty Tricks Insurance Companies Will Play After an Auto Accident

my name is Lee Pearlman falafel with Devon girl today I'm going to discuss the seven most common dirty tricks that insurance companies will attempt to play in personal injury claims this is not all the dirty tricks but these are the seven most common we see in a day-in.

Day-out basis now the first is they're going to settle with you very quickly it's clear that somebody else is involved there's a policy in play to cover the acts what they're gonna do is try and settle for room it's actually pennies on the dollar in fact there are studies that show that approximately four hundred percent can be the.

Difference with somebody who settles you right off the bat with insurance company versus somebody who's actually represented by an attorney who knows what shirts gonna lose you're attempting to do that settlement early on will not include any of the medical treatment necessary for you lost wages pain and suffering or any other factors that can.

Come into play over stories so never sell right off the bat with the trance company until we really know what the injuries are and what is going to be required to truly represent this case and recover a full value of it now the second most common dirty trim that chance management plays they'll try to prevent you from actually seeing a.

Doctor or really talking to an attorney and the reason they do this is again going back to the first issue they know you talk to the truth they know when you talk to a doctor now there can be issues with a case they require actual litigation and there's a lot of factors that go into it and if you learn that there's actually a benefit to talk you'd.

Benefit to seeing a doctor that prevents them from sending this case to the lowest possible value which remember is really what they're attempting to do so again it's not about actually helping you it's not about actually making you whole or even being here it's about getting this case settled being really quickly for essentially.

Nothing so keep those factors in line the third common dirty trick that we deal with especially early on personal injury cases is that the insurance company won't tell you what the actual value of the policy that is in play on your particular car accident may be and it's exceptionally boring to know that to understand what the amount of.

Medical treatment you can receive and have covered by the policy might be what your personal recovery might be for your pain and suffering lost wages things of that effect so they won't tell you what that is intentionally so that you stay in the dark of what might actually be recoverable on your case and that's something that you absolutely must know.

In an impersonal in your case the fourth common dirty trick that insurance companies with plays they'll stall out the case they'll stall out even telling you that the investigation is finalized that they've made a determination well they might know right away but time is on their side most people want to be able to be finalized with an accident to.

Have a money in their pocket right away that it's the wrong call almost often time so just because they delay they stall doesn't mean that your cases very strong that you don't have the possibility we're having very good recovery yet you can't run an insurance company dictate the course pace you have to stay with the fifth dirty trick that.

Trans companies play fairly regularly is they will make the opening play very differently so what should be a very straightforward easy process call on reporting urine accident finding out the at-fault property or persons insurance information all those things should be straightforward but they'll make it intentional difficult they'll add layers.

Of bureaucracy so that instead of just having a straightforward plan and being able to determine the information quickly and efficiently they'll not return phone calls not returning emails push you to other adjusters from time to time all the processors intent to make it more difficult for you to be able to ascertain the information you need now.

The sixth and fairly common dirty Trillium insurance company will play is they'll find it sent you to either their own doctors for treatment if you make it clear that you do need and want medical treatment or their own auto repair shop the reason that they like to do this is they know if they sent you to a doctor they are their monthly going to give an.

Opinion the medical opinion that is beneficial for the insurance company and not the injured party this is a regular practice something that you have to avoid or at least know about before you go in that direction and the same logic applies Lian repair shop it says maybe turtling out of here and giving you a full return.

On them tell the glue blocker or fair market by you what the vehicle would be it might attempt to repair it and have a huge devaluation in your property and and the ownership interest you have in that car again they're sending you to an auto repair shop because they know there will be better outcome over them as opposed.

To with the right outcome she and the seventh most common dirty trick that we see insurance companies attempt to pull on injured parties is denial of personal injury protection yep personal injury protection is something is in effect through every individual's own insurance policy now there are other ways that pip could come into play even.

You don't necessarily have insurance auto insurance of your own but generally will come into play it through your own policy and it's something it must be preserved within 14 days of an accident now the problem is with soft tissue injury sometimes the injury doesn't make itself a parent or become as painful and it's difficult as it can be in that.

Two-week period just because people is not preserved does not mean that you cannot go forward on personal injury claim and the son received regularly but insurance companies will attempt to stay well there was no pip no protection because nothing was done in that 14-day window so therefore you donor policy and we even see that they try and present.

This information on the general public they're different median different means but the reality is in no way does that prevent you from one firm especially did as I said soft tissue which becomes more apparent as time goes on often you can absolutely move forward to make sure that you receive medical treatment.

And have the ability to recover against an insurance company when a policy is in effect and you are injured innocence damages so these are the most common dirty tricks that we see again this isn't all of them but this is what we see on a day to day basis and it's something that you need to be aware of as you go forward if you are an injured.

Party in any automobile accident so in this situation please calm water endemic Roman we are happy to speak to you offer free consultation and go through every aspect that we believe would be relevant to your case so that we can help

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