7 Tips to Find an Affordable Health Insurance Plan in California for 2018

In this short video we will cover seven tips to find an affordable health insurance plan in 2018 tip number one shop the health insurance marketplace navigate through the insurers by reviewing rates and networks which vary by insurance carrier tip number two check if you qualify for state subsidies an individual earning under $48,000 or a.

Family of four earning under ninety eight thousand dollars in modified adjusted gross income may qualify for subsidies if you have a higher income avoid the on exchange silver plans as you will pay an additional cost share reduction surcharge of approximately 10 percent those earning between 139 and 250% of the federal poverty level.

Qualify for cost-sharing silver plans take advantage of the subsidies if your income is under 400% of the federal poverty level tip number three check to see if your doctor and hospital are available in your health plan network how important is it for you to have a doctor and hospital of your choice a richer provider network correlates with.

A higher premium tip number four are you taking prescription drugs or have frequent medical needs review the medical and drug deductibles along with the out-of-pocket maximum to find a plan that matches your needs in 2018 the silver plans have a drug deductible of a hundred and thirty dollars for an individual for all drug tears even.

Generics tip number five avoid going out of network you will not receive the negotiated rates from your insurance carrier for PPO plans EPO and HMO plans do not cover out of network services unless there is a medical emergency tip number six review the plans out-of-pocket maximums the silver and bronze plants have high.

Out-of-pocket maximums and you should ask yourself how you would pay for it tip number seven consider getting supplemental insurance a metal gap plan complements a metal plan with additional coverage accident and critical illness plans will pay a lump sum to offset your out-of-pocket maximum to help you avoid going into.

Your savings my name is barbara kempen I am the owner of solid health insurance service and my mission is to find you a health plan which fits your budget and medical needs please be advised that my service is free to you and the insurance premium is the same as going directly to the insurance carrier and you will receive a free independent overview of.

All the insurance carriers of the health insurance market please contact me at three one zero nine zero nine six one three five or visit our website at solid health insurance com

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