AARP® Dental Insurance Plan – PPO Plan

Dental insurance yikes finding the right dental plan can be complicated or that's what I thought before I discovered the AARP dental insurance plan it's endorsed by AARP so you can trust that it's geared toward keeping your smile and your budget healthy so first things first sit back and relax with the Delta Dental.

Preferred provider organization plan also known as the PPO plan you'll enjoy a wide range of dental coverage greater cost savings when visiting a PPO dentist a fixed rate for two years and peace of mind knowing you're covered now because Delta Dental wants you to find the right plan for your smile there are two plan options plan a and Plan B most benefits.

Are identical under both plan a and Plan B including immediate coverage for preventive and basic services including three cleanings and exams for calendar year expanded coverage for things like dental implants crowns and bridges after a 12 month waiting period whoo that was a mouthful but it just goes to show how many benefits you can enjoy with a PPO.

Plan and it's such an affordable rate now let's talk about the differences between plan a and plan B they both offer great rates and benefits it just depends on what's best for your smile PPO plan a provides benefits for most dental procedures at a moderate premium so you pay a little bit more for more coverage with this PPO plan option you.

Only pay a $50 deductible and will enjoy a $1,500 calendar year maximum with PPO plan B you pay lower premiums than with plan a but have slightly lower coverage for some preventive and basic services like exams and cleanings the deductible for Plan B is $100 and the calendar year maximum is $1,000 with both plan a and Plan B you have access to large dentists.

Networks with the freedom to visit any licensed dentist but how much you pay depends on which type of dentist you choose to visit there are three dentists networks from which to choose well there are many dentists who are out of network you may be charged their full cost ask to pay upfront and have to submit a claim for.

Reimbursement next up is the premier Network Delta Dental pre negotiates their fees but they are not necessarily as low as PPO dentists fees which takes us to our next stop PPO dentists with PPO dentists you'll save the most since they've agreed to reduced fees having three dentists networks gives you complete freedom of choice so you can.

Keep your smile healthy for all the years to come want to learn more click below to read all about each plans great benefits and find out which plan is right for you you you you

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