About Rising Health Insurance Rates in California

hi my name is susan combs and i'm an insurance broker for clemson company about rising health insurance rates in california all across the country insurance rates are going up you're seeing it you know on your your annual renewals one of the things that we tell our.

Our clients is you can have good insurance you can have cheap insurance but you can't typically have both so you as the consumer really need to know how you utilize the health insurance i mean are you somebody that has children that are always climbing trees and falling out of them and need to go to the hospital or.

You have a kid that's allergic to things and always needs to have you know allergy shots or are you somebody that hasn't been to the hospital in five years you go for your annual physical and things like that you know with insurance it's a scale so either you're going to pay.

More out in premium so that you're going to pay out less when you go to the doctor or hospital or you're going to pay a lower premium so that when you do utilize the insurance you're going to be paying out more so the best thing to do is to talk to a broker.

A broker can kind of help you navigate to the system through the system because rates are going up and so if rates are going up what can you do as a consumer to make the rates go down so you really have to look at how you're utilizing the insurance and a broker can help you navigate through this system.


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