Hi Myrmidon so I just ordered birth control over the internet for the first time ever and it's absolutely genius I just wanted to share my experience with you I want to let you know who I ordered from but also there's a bunch of other places that you can order from as well so I just want to let you know about that too because to me having birth.

Control or access to birth control is really important and if you're like me and you don't have insurance giving birth control can kind of be a hassle and truly expensive a few months ago I tried to get a pap smear so I just called around to a couple of different doctors and it was like two or three hundred dollars just to get a pap smear.

Like what I understand that it's important for you to go and get a check-up and stuff but I don't like that it's so difficult and expensive to get birth control so having these alternate options is a great way to prevent unwanted pregnancy so as of right now I know of five ways that caters specifically to women that you can get.

Birth control from there are some more like general websites and apps that you can get prescriptions from and talk to doctors and stuff which I have done I can't think of it off the top of my head but I've actually had problems with ordering for birth control from them before but the places that I'm gonna tell you about today are all ways that.

You can get birth control for a very affordable price so I ordered my birth control from Project freebie they have a website where you can go on and basically they have a few they don't have every single birth control available I want to say it's about 10 different brands that you can choose from and you don't have to.

Talk to a doctor they do give you some questions to answer you know regarding your health history kind of your blood pressure are you a smoker and stuff like that and if you want you can talk to a pharmacist to help you decide which birth control pill is the best for you and I think they only offer pills I believe that all of the birth control.

That they offer are $10 for a month but you have to order three months so $60.00 and I think shipping is free so they shipped it to me um about it took maybe less than a week I think and they just sent it in a white box and it says it comes from PCM pharmacy and then they have a big label here I guess anyway on the inside is all of mine that's two I.

Got three of the three birth control um whatever three months worth and yeah it was super easy pretty affordable I used to buy birth control from Walmart it was like nine dollars so this is a little bit more expensive than that but for the price of convenience they ship it to you you don't need to go out to the pharmacy also you don't need to have a.

Prescription from your doctor I chose project for me because they cater to all 50 states now there are other websites and apps that you can use if you are in certain states specifically California and New York Planned Parenthood has an app on which you can order birth control but they only offer it to residents of California.

And I think that on their website they said that you can get birth control from like $15 a month now if you're a resident of California or New York you can use nurse nurse takes insurance or you can also pay cash and I believe their prices start at $15 they only offer birth control but I do want to say that they offer the NuvaRing.

As well in addition to pills when using nurse you don't have to talk to a doctor you just answer a questionnaire about your general health history and appear lucky enough to live in California Florida Michigan New York Ohio Pennsylvania or Washington State you can use lemonade they charge $15 for a visit with a doctor and they offer.

Prescriptions for birth control UTIs and a few other things so check out their website to see what all they offer and finally there is maven clinic not only this maven clinic offer prescriptions for birth control pills but you can also talk to a nutritionist you can talk to a therapist if you feel like you're getting the flu or something.

You can talk to a doctor and they can prescribe you a prescription for your sickness this is so convenient and actually a lot cheaper than having to schedule an appointment with your doctor even if you do have insurance your copay is probably more than 25 or 35 dollars not to mention the wait time when I called a doctor recently they had like a.

Four to six-week wait time with maven you can be talking to a doctor within like 20 minutes so the appointments are about 10 minutes long and you video chat with a doctor through the app maven clinic and these other online pharmacies are making it so much easier and affordable for women to get access to birth control and other.

Healthcare I'm an ambassador for a maven clinic and I'm gonna do a video specifically for that later on but for now if you want to schedule an appointment with a doctor then you can use my code Arielle VIP to get a $25 credit to speak with a doctor that should cover the cost for your first appointment in your appointment you can.

Talk to your doctor and they can prescribe you medication right there check the description box down below to get more information about maven clinic and all of the other places that I talked about in this video I really hope that this video helped you and if it did please give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to the channel thanks so much.

For watching guys ciao and guess what hey guys we are going to go see and Suicide Squad

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