All about the Delta Dental PPO network

Welcome to your Delta Dental PPO plan! Delta Dental what? PPO stands for preferred provider organization. In Texas, it’s called a DPO plan, or dentalprovider organization. This type of dental plan gives you the flexibilityto go to any licensed dentist. So, where does “preferred provider” comein? Even though you can visit any licensed dentist,there are some serious advantages to choosing a dentist in the Delta Dental PPO network. If you visit a dentist in the Delta DentalPPO network, you’ll usually save more.

PPO dentists have agreed to discounted fees, so they can’t charge you more than that amount. This means added savings for you and no unexpectedout-of-pocket costs for covered services. If, for example, your plan covers a cleaningat 100% and you visit a PPO dentist, you’ll pay nothing out of pocket. But that’s not all. With a PPO dentist, you’ll also get qualityassurance. PPO dentists meet our licensing, cleanlinessand safety requirements. And it’s easy.

No claim forms to fill out, no checks in the mail. You pay your share to the dentist, and yourplan will take care of the rest. So how can you find a PPO dentist? Just use Delta Dental’s online dentist directoryat Enter your location and select “Delta DentalPPO” from the menu. Looking for a specialist? A dentist who speaks your language? An office that’s open on the weekend? Just refine your search to find the rightdentist for your needs.

You can even see Yelp ratings from real patientsto help you choose. Make the most of your plan with a PPO networkdentist. Let’s shine together! Delta Dental PPO is underwritten by thesecompanies in these states. In Texas, Delta Dental Insurance Company providesa dental provider organization (DPO) plan.

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