What's up everyone and welcome back to the channel so today's video is a little bit late because i've been super duper busy today with loads of stuff that's got nothing to do with crypto so sorry this video is a bit late but i did want to quickly get a video out to you to just talk about what's happening in the market the news the charts all of.

That sort of good stuff so if you like that sort of thing smash the like button hit the subscribe button and remember nothing in this video is financial advice because hey i'm just a guy sitting in his room talking about different ways to make the money online so with all of that said let's jump onto the charts so as you can see today.

Yesterday the day before the day before that have been amazing for bitcoin things are looking very good in my opinion this little pool back here very healthy of course people are taking profits if anyone got in around here short-term traders that sort of thing got in around here they have made such huge huge profits so of course profit.

Taken will be happening it's very good to see that we didn't quickly come back down we're actually holding those gains very nicely here at the 54 000 mark if we can hold this for the next few days it would be very good and that would give the perfect opportunity for us to finally see some huge altcoin action now that's something that i think is going.

To come very soon because if we head over to coin market cap we can see that we could potentially be back in poo coin season look at this absolute rubbish absolutely pumping so what we're seeing is probably an indicator that a lot of retail fomo is entering the market which in turn will result in hopefully a pump.

Right that's what we're looking for we've seen bitcoin pump now if we can see bitcoin range sideways for a little bit that will give the ultimate opportunity for us to make those seriously huge altcoin games that we're all waiting for we've been waiting for for about how long has it been months right we've been waiting for these mad.

Games to come we did make some lovely gains here but i do genuinely think that we're going to see some huge huge gains coming in to the market very soon now obviously you need to come up with your game plan how you're going to play this you need to keep yourself safe in my opinion taking profits is always something that should be considered i.

Take profits when i see huge gains especially the altcoin gains if they pump you know hundreds of percent in a short period of time always like to take some profit off the table to protect myself because as warren buffett says there's two rules to investing uh one of them is make sure you make a lot of money and the second one is make sure.

You keep all of that money something like that right that sounds like something you would say but you gotta keep that money so taking profits is how i do that personally now as well as taking profit i also like to hedge my bets of course i've spoken about on the channel before but i stake a lot of my crypto my long-term crypto.

Over here on block fi i put my bitcoin my ethereum and my stable coins over here to get interest right this is passive income on tether you get eight point two five percent passive income four point five percent on bitcoin five percent on ethereum this is paid out to you every single month in whatever crypto you want i personally choose.

Bitcoin because that lets me dollar cost average into the market completely passively so you guys can do whatever you like but down there in my description there is a link and if you use that link you'll get up to 250 bonus when you do sign up so with all of that said if you fancy it the link is down there in the description so the way.

The market is looking right now massively greedy a lot of retail fomo coming into the market which in turn will probably mean that we'll see some nice pumps in the overall altcoin market but that's not to say that we won't have a pullback coming soon normally we do see things go up and then we see pullbacks and then another leg right so.

We may see that so don't be dumping all of your money directly into the market take time dollar cost average that sort of good stuff but what we are seeing is institutions buying up bitcoin rather than gold as inflation cracks up so jp morgan who was against bitcoin at some point just like all these other banks is super bullish on bitcoin and they're.

Directly saying that more people are investing in bitcoin than gold as an inflation hedge so because of inflation it makes bitcoin so so powerful it's a hedge against inflation big money seeing that and the money is flowing in continually right so that's something that is super super bullish for bitcoin now also the amount of ethereum held by.

Miners reaches the highest level since 2016 so it's been five years this is the highest level in five years so what you're seeing is people who are very very heavily invested into ethereum because they are the miners things like that are now holding the ethereum because they don't want to sell it now because they think the price is going to.

Go up so you've got to follow big money right they're normally the ones who know the most rather than us little fishes in the sea right so we've got so many opportunities right now i do personally believe that we are entering and continuing this bull run there are loads of opportunities we are seeing like i've said on this channel so many times we.

Want to find those projects that are being built on the different ecosystems avalanche solana polka dot phantom these are the places that i personally believe we're gonna see the most amounts of gains so getting into projects early on those ecosystems is a great plan and something that i'm going to be doing also nfts so nfts have been making some.

Crazy money one thing i want to talk about quickly is mecca verse i don't know if you guys have heard about that but basically it was released yesterday there was a raffle basically no one got in some people did but basically no one got in but i was watching this very closely and something that could have been done to make a lot of money over to.

Ethereum would be buying these the second they hit the secondary market and then selling them the next day let's say so that's something that you guys should definitely look out to do i wish i had done it personally i was considering it but i hadn't really been involved in an nft drop that was this hyped up before but we saw huge gains so one thing that.

You guys could look into is trying to get to these nfts early by getting involved in their white lists or their raffles but then also buying and flipping on open c can be very profitable but obviously you need to find these projects with a mass a mass amount of hype around them and also producing something good and that way.

You can kind of be a little bit more safe for yourself but obviously you can lose your entire bag getting involved in nfts and also remember nfts aren't as liquid as our fungible token markets so you have to find a direct buyer that wants to buy your nft in order for you to cash out so do keep that in mind while we are on a note of nfts i'm.

Finding these gems if you guys do want to come and sign up to my patreon there is a link down there in the description and we have a chat specifically there for nfts and we're pretty good at spotting these nfts pretty early so if you do want to come and join a pretty awesome group of people talking about nfts crypto finding gems keeping up to.

Date with my trades if you are interested in that sort of thing then come join the patreon the link is down there in the description now on the side of nfts you've got open c which is based on ethereum and ethereum's gas feeds are horrible so something that i'm definitely checking out these days it's a mutable x this is a layer 2 that sits.

On top of ethereum i'm actually going to make a video describing how you get involved in this but there are nfts that are on this platform and they are completely gas free so i think that this is going to be absolutely huge if you can get in on projects on immutable x i really do think that this is going to be a cash cow right now so we saw this even.

Yesterday with astro bros the floor price yesterday was 0.2 today it's 0.3 they saw a high of 0.4 so you can see that there's definitely hype and gains to be made here one thing to keep in mind it is gasless but you have to get your ethereum onto the immutable x platform which will cost you some gas so do keep that in mind before you think.

It's totally gasless because it isn't but i do think there is going to be some sweet sweet gains to be made so all of that said that's everything i wanted to bring you today do remember that over the weekend things can get a little bit rough we have seen some good green weekends recently but it's not uncommon that we see a pullback over the weekend.

When less people are trading on their computers and that sort of thing so do keep that in mind try and keep panic out of the equation stay safe zoom out chill out and i'll see you guys next week peace you.


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