Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Vs. Aetna: Who is Better?

Do you know which insurance companies better anthem blue cross blue shield or Aetna well I stick around that's what we're talking about today I was going everybody up Joey jungle with jungle insurance and today we're gonna keep the fun going with the insurance company comparisons as we pit two of the biggest players on the national stage in health.

Insurance against each other and see how they stack up so here our jungle insurance I helped hundreds of people every year sign up for their health insurance and everyone always wants to know which health insurance company is best better good and it's an important question it's something that you should want to know and the answer is generally.

Relative in a lot of cases but there are a few hard and fast rules that you can abide by we hope to provide in this video here is a comparison to help break down these two companies and how they might actually work for you so we have a complete company history on both anthem and Aetna over on our site jungle insurance not calm you can find in our.

Blog article I'm going to go ahead and link it up right here for you if you want to click through and actually read through the detailed company history of both companies but know that it has been around a really freaking long time and by a long time I mean like 1853 a long time anthem they have been around as long but traces of the company do date.

Back all the way to 1922 so let's actually get into the thing that you care about the most and that's the actual plans these companies have to offer anthem is going to provide you with 14 different options whether it's through or if you're buying it outside of the government system on your own directly from the.

Company they're going to have a total of five bronze seven silver one gold no platinum plans and then they will have one catastrophic plan and in complete stark contrast Aetna only has five plans that you can purchase again whether that's through or on your own directly through the company without going through the government system.

They're going to have to bronze to silver and one gold no platinum so as we can see simple math is going to tell you that anthem has more choices pretty pretty obvious right but having the most plans doesn't make you the best just like having the least plans doesn't make you the worst so what does that all mean well it just matters if one of.

Those five or fourteen works for you so beyond the plans that you're actually purchasing you're going to want to know where you can go receive treatment from these companies what type of network of doctors and hospitals do they have at your disposal for you to take advantage of and we're going to have to be painfully honest here neither company.

Does a really great job in this department they are really falling behind since the start of Obamacare kicked in back in 2014 both anthem at Aetna have taken the approach of limiting your choice and really following you to one primary hospital system within your major city now if your Hospital happens to be one of those.

That these one of these companies have chosen well maybe it works out maybe it doesn't here's the reason because the biggest risk that you run by limiting your choices if you ever were to come across a relatively serious important diagnosis that you wouldn't want the as many options as possible if you want to have the top of the top specialist and.

He's not in that net you know that hospital system well then you might be out of luck now of course that's up to you that's a decision that you have to make but that's the worst case scenario is if you are only limited to one hospital system as if you need a really specialized doctor for something and he's not in.

That system then you might be finding yourself out of luck or faced with the choice to go see that doctor and pay substantially I'm talking extravagantly more to see that doctor so now that you know who you can maybe see from these health insurance companies as far as doctors and hospitals go what does it actually cost and again much like their.

Networks this is where anthem and Aetna are really fighting for the fourth and fifth place on the proverbial podium I mean they're probably not even making the podium if we're being honest at this point both companies really have little interest in offering you rates that are going to be attractive over other companies companies like Medical Mutual.

And in health are for the most part coming out on top pretty consistently especially Medical Mutual who constantly wins the price war if you want to know a little bit more about those companies I've got that linked up right here as we've compared those two head-to-head as well and on top of being more expensive than.

Those those other companies let's not forget what we just talked about and how limited they're doctors networks are going to be now unless either company makes significant changes for 2016 we can expect this trend to continue but at the end of the day I really doubt that you're going to find either one of these companies as a.

Serious option or contender based on how expensive they are and the limited amount of choice that you have in doctors and hospitals you're just going to find out that there are better more affordable more comprehensive options that are available to you but I just please don't whatever you do just do not buy one of these policies because you've.

Heard of the name because oh hey I know that right I've heard of those guys at some point don't do that because honestly I would much rather you consider a plan from a company that even if you might not be as familiar with them that's going to provide you with absolutely everything or almost everything that you need so if you want.

To learn a little bit more about why these companies are not working out if you want to actually see it for yourself how these companies might not work out for you and test that price battle and throw some of these plans side-by-side well let's go ahead take it one step further next up let's look into these things a little bit more in-depth and.

See how these plans actually work out for you it's going to click right here on my face to make that happen we will go ahead and get that started otherwise there is a link in the video's description if you don't want to click on my face if you feel like you don't want to disturb it at all I can I can understand that I guess so but anyways I.

Do appreciate you for taking the time to watch this video I do greatly appreciate it of course I am Joey doing all the with jungle insurance take it easy everybody

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