Are Home Warranty companies worth it or a ripoff?– my American Home Shield nightmare and victory!

Honestly i have a headache just thinkingabout this — everything we went through it shouldn't it shouldn't be this big of afight to get a company that promises a service to provide said service just nope unacceptablehi friends i am sarah also known as budget girl here on the internet and today i am addressing theentire topic of home warranties i bought a duplex a year ago it was a 230 000 duplex in collegestation texas i am house hacking it aka living in one side renting out the other so i am now alandlord and it's been a really great experience so far honestly overall great experience one ofthe things that my real estate agent recommended during the house purchase was that to get thesellers to pay for a home warranty just in case anything major happens within the first you knowyear of you having the house it's to offset kind.

Of anything that they might have left not in greatcondition or that break suddenly and then you don't necessarily have to pay for the full cost ofthe repair or the replacement you only have to pay like a service fee to this company so she got themto pay for a one-year american home shield shield plus warranty and the cost of that was 795 dollarsand here is what it was supposed to cover air conditioning built-in microwaves clothes washerclothes dryer one kitchen refrigerator dishwasher stock work electrical garbage disposal heatingimproper installations repairs or modification insufficiently maintained equipment mismatchsystems calming clothing stoppages presence of rust and corrosion ranges ovens cooktops re-keysrefrigerant recapture reclaiming disposal removal of defective equipment undetectable pre-existingconditions and water features which is a pretty.

Comprehensive thing there are a few things theysaid they didn't cover for instance when we had the texas winter storms they sent out emailbeing like hey you're gonna have to contact your insurance company on that because we we aren'tdoing that anything that broke during that you had to go through your insurance home insuranceso when i was out searching for properties during that whole process we had everything inspectedvarious people came out made sure that there was nothing major hiding that you know therehadn't been a fire that was covered up or anything that we they thought would just explodeon us or essentially make the house not worth what it was everything came back pretty good there werea few things that were noted that we either just decided to fix ourselves or try to get the sellersto pay for and they paid for a couple of things so.

They didn't pay for a couple things and everythingwas fine utilizing this home warranty was just kind of a benefit to the process they weren'tgonna come down on the price eight hundred dollars otherwise so fun thing to have and i did utilizeit i actually called in nine service requests i ended up only using them for six or seven buti called in nine service requests and every time you do a service request you have to pay a 75fee if they end up coming out you get refunded if they cancel it but that is supposedly all youwill have to pay if you utilize the home warranty which can be really good because for instance ifyour fridge breaks and you only have to pay 75 to get it replaced for just like 1500 bucks thehome warranty that i got american home shield was really good over the past year for somethings and they were really really not good.

For some others and i've gotten this question somany times on the channel anytime i've mentioned it do you recommend home warranties and i'mgonna tell you what i recommend them for what i don't recommend them for and why and kindof my experience in the last year dealing with and utilizing my home warranty and if i willbe renewing my home warranty at my own cost which would be eighty-five dollars a month ora thousand twenty dollars for the year for the upcoming year as my planet expires by the way ifyou like talking money the pros the cons what can save you money what is a waste of money go aheadand like this channel and subscribe because i'm on my way to a hundred thousand subscribers i've beenworking on this for seven years on youtube and i love being here i love being with you guys andi would love to see my channel continue to grow.

So it's free and i would appreciate it so let'sgo over the service requests and the experiences that i had with them on these individual thingsand then some notes of other stuff that you might want to know about a home warranty before you signup for one so the very first service request that i called in was in june and very shortly afteri purchased the property i had a call from the renters and they said their garbage disposalwas broken went over couldn't fix it myself and so i called the home warranty paid the 75i came out within just like a couple of days completely replaced the unit and i only had to paythe 75 bucks that was absolutely awesome because that would have been several hundred dollarsin parts and labor one me home warranty zero in my opinion because that was about a 200 savingsi would say one to 200 bucks it was pretty simple.

Most home warranties actually use local servicementhey're not like dispatching people that just work for them so they're just calling a local companythe same as you would and sending someone out but they're just handling all the payment forit so this one was excellent and yay home warranty for that the second one and i actuallycalled them twice for plumbing related issues once in july of 2020 and once in august of 2020.the first one is not on them this one is on me when i got a washer and dryer for my side of theunit jacob installed them we screwed everything in and on together and when we turned on the waterwater sprayed everywhere and he said he tightened it but he didn't want to strip it so he put ina warranty request paid to 75 bucks someone came out and he proceeded to ten this is a wrenchand he just tightened it a little and it was.

That was it i blamed them for nothing for thisthe the plumber that came out was hilarious he was such a good sport and i know better for nexttime i didn't actually even like try to fuss with it myself i just trusted jacob and that he saidhe turned it on and it sprayed and i was like okay if we have a pipe leak or something let's justcall a professional i did that was probably not necessary but yeah one one and i don't blamethem for that at all the second time i had a plumber come out was in august and it was becausethere was an issue over on the renter's side where when she was turning on the master bathroom showerabout half was coming out of the shower head and about half was still coming out of the spigot soguy came out he fixed that and while he was there and this was a little home warranty trick if youcall for one issue you could get it done on both.

Sides which was nice because he was able to fixthat on that side and he was able to come over to my side and fix my shower handle which had beeninstalled upside down on my shower and the way it was installed was you could either turn it to100 cold or 100 hot but you couldn't get anywhere in between so i have like the the type that's ahandle but it was installed up so i could go 100 cold or 100 hot but i it didn't like there was nomoderation so he was able to flip that upside down in retrospect that is probably something icould have figured out how to do on my own but i'm honestly really glad he did it they weredealing with tile there were lots of little screws and it was outside the area of my expertise orknowledge happy to outsource that especially since we got two things fixed in one shot to me onewarranty next up i called them twice for ac repair.

And one of these times i had to cancel and i'llget into that in a second the first time in june of 2020 i called them because the air conditionercut out and i couldn't figure out how to use it the home that i moved into already had like a nestthermostat installed which was new to both jacob and i we're used to the old janky ones and it justquit working for some reason so that was an option in the system where you could have someone comeout that was like a smart thermostat repair person and he determined that it was the smart thermostatand that we should get it changed through nest actually in retrospect i don't know why he didn'tchange it because i was was paying the 75 fee but we were able to call nest get them to send us anew one at no fee but we had to pay the 75 fee and then it worked so we had tried everything on ourown jacob's actually really good at that kind of.

Thing he installed the nest on the renter side butwe had tried everything and it wasn't working it was a defective one that just defunded for somereason so home warranty to me too for keeping score which i am always the second time i had tocall them for ac was actually on moving day from our old apartment to this new house and the acwent out for no apparent reason i put in a request and they said it would be two weeks before an acrepair person could come out it was move-in day in june in texas and it was extremely hot andwe had to get out of our old apartment we were moving all the furniture and everything there wereprofessional moving people involved it couldn't wait two weeks uh it was extremely it was like 100degrees that day so we ended up having to cancel that acs request and call a local ac person andpay i think 350 bucks for them to come out and.

Flush the system and why we now add some bleach tolike the catch basin system once a month so algae and stuff doesn't grow and get it stopped up thisis not an issue on the other side of the rental or on the rental side because it's like a closedsystem which seems far superior in my opinion but yeah we just we just put a cup of bleach downevery month or so to make sure that nothing grows there by the way my side air conditioner systemis only like three or four years old the one on the other side is like 15 years old so i don'tknow what one that's on our side takes that much more maintenance but it does anyway yeah there wasalgae in the system and overloaded it wouldn't let it fill the local repair guy was able to do itbut there was like a 350 feet out of our pocket so because it took that long or ahs three us twoand then i didn't call in any warranties for like.

Six months but in january of this year 2021 icalled them because the agitator in my washer just kind of like came out and the pieces thatheld it in place were just kind of in the laundry now you can actually still use the washer if theagitator comes out they have agitatorless washers it's just not quite as effective so i put in arequest they came out they ordered a part and i didn't hear from them on that for three monthsat the same time i also because of the whole you can get them to look at two things in the samefield at the same time i was like it's taking like three times to run the dryer to get everythingdry so take a look at that as well while you're here and they decided that they needed itneeded a new timer which would help it heat better or something hey it's been a few monthsand b i don't remember what they said but they.

Were going to order a part and get back tous whenever it came in so here's the thing american owned home shield has their own partwarehouse so while when you have service people come out it's local people they aren't allowed topurchase parts wherever they normally source them to fix the problem i'm sure they're like levelsor something where if it's something small like i guess a garbage disposal you can just replaceit but anything bigger than that like an agitator part or drier part has to be ordered throughamerican home shield they source their parts out of somewhere when it comes to their warehousethey send it on to the specialist and then they come out and replace it however because i believetheory they're sourcing these parts from all over the world the cheapest they can possibly get itthere's often a breakdown and a great great great.

Amount of time where your appliance is going tobe down which is why it took three months for me to finally get them to say this has been a littlelong on the agitator it only took about two months for the dryer part to come in the we're going toget to it the dryer did end up getting a timer and a foot replaced because it was missing a footand that took about two months where unfortunately the dryer was working before but once they cameout and looked at it it quit working entirely so we were without a working dryer for severalweeks which is not the worst thing in the world it's not like a fridge get to that but it wasnot convenient at all and every time i called them i'd get just like the first level of servicerepresentative who are like oh it's on order it should be there in six to ten days or they justlie to me and be like yeah we already sent it out.

And then i'd call the local appliance repairplace and they're like no we haven't heard from them at all we haven't gotten anything fromthem like the first level of service people at this home warranty company made me cry multipletimes we'll get into it more so washer and dryer cut to march i still don't have the washer partand on march 2nd two days into my rental rental my fridge goes out now the february 2021winter storms had all of texas in a huge fun situation where our power was circling on andoff just constantly or in some cases it was out for areas for days we were lucky enough that thelongest we ever had that power was about 14 hours and then for the most part it would we were onthe rolling blackout schedule of a couple hours off an hour on a couple hours off half an houron kind of thing so during that time we were.

Actually able to keep you know the fridge closedkeep everything in there cold but a few days after i guess the i want to say flux capacitor and iknow there's not a flux capacitor in my fridge it's either a compressor or a condenser that wentout i will never get it right which part that is they sound too similar i think it's a compressorthe fridge compressor went out it might as well be a flux capacitor so i immediately call homewarranty we re when we realized the fridge wasn't cooling and they're like okay it'll be about weekand a half two weeks before we can get someone out there i don't find this super acceptablebut at the same time a new fridge is expensive so i'm like okay how can we speed this along iactually call the people i bought the fridge from and they're like for 40 bucks you know youbought it from here we'll send a person out.

To at least diagnose it tell you what's wrong sothey come out they say it's the flux capacitor so i call the home warranty or i call theappliance people that have been assigned to come out in like a week and a half two weeks andi'm like hey i had someone come out they say it's the compressor can you like bring apart can youbring a compressor when you come so we can like speed this along and they're like oh we don't workon flux capacitors we just we don't so i'm like oh well that's good to know i call the home warrantyi'm like the people you assigned don't work on compressors i hired someone who says it's thecompressor and they're like well we can't trust anyone outside of our network i'm like that'sfine but we're pretty sure it's the compressor and the technicians that you've assigned donot work on that could you send someone else.

And they're like oh no they'll work on it we'llmake them and i'm like okay can you do that if that's not something they work on and they'relike no no we'll make sure they do that we'll make sure they fix it if that is the part so they comeout week and a half later it might have been two weeks at this point i'm a little delirious anduh they're like yep it's the capacitor we don't do that so good luck call the home warranty andthey're like oh you should have told us i'm like we'll send out another technician in another twoweeks and at this point obviously i haven't gotten the washer part yet i know what it's like to whattheir their timeline is on these of how long it will take to order this part to get people outet cetera and i have like had it jake and i are eating out every night we're in the middle of thereno and i have i have no ducks left to give and.

So i keep calling and i'm calling like everysingle day and i'm getting this first level of home warranty specialist who i've talked to maybelike five or six of them and each time they're sometimes they're nice and other times they'rejust like that really sucks for you good luck with that and has to speak to their manager andthey're like we'll have a manager call you back nope not once i started like taking downpeople's employee numbers and it gets to the point where i'm like crying on the phonebecause this is taking hours hours and hours of my life i'm having a hard time focusing on workwe don't have food at home we don't even have cold water at home we're trying to do thisrenault too and it's just stressing me the hell out it's really tough being without a fridgeso i keep calling them day after day after day and.

They're like we can't do anything until thissecond person comes out second person cancels on me it just like mysteriously vanishes in thesystem the whole ticket and so i call them back and i'm like yelling at people and i i guaranteeyou i don't usually yell at phone center people i feel like that's one of the worst jobsthere is on this planet but i'm so upset i'm so upset because i don't know when i'm gonnaget this fridge and this is something that they're supposed to cover and i peel over my contractpage after page and nowhere in there does it say how long is acceptable for it to take like theynever say we'll repair or replace your fridge within 21 days or your appliances within x amountof days it's all very subjective and one customer service tells me person tells me this on the phoneand like so you're telling me it could just be.

The same as the washer it could be three monthswithout a fridge and you think that's acceptable and they're like can't do anything we'll have toyou know when the second person comes out we'll have to order the part and uh we don't know howlong that's gonna take so i'm just livid and some stroke of uh actual inspiration it was a women'sday and on i found them on twitter and they made a post about women's day and i was like i am awoman and a customer and i have not had a fridge for three weeks and no one can tell me what'sgoing on or how soon i'll have a fridge if you would like to appreciate women can you start withyour customers please and next thing i know i get a message from someone on the social media teamfor american home shield and uh they're like okay tell me your ticket number let's figure out what'sgoing on and they were actually very nice i mean i.

Do social media if someone brings something to ourlevel we immediately try to address it and i guess we just slightly have a different i don't knowmaybe we can just send it to the right person whereas the first level of customer service mightbe trained in my theory theoried opinion to uh just make people go away maybe like make you madenough you'll just buy the fridge yourself which honestly if you want to get into the battle ofa battle of wills with me when it comes to money like good luck because at that point it was aboutthe principle of the thing i had the money in my bank account i could just go buy a fridge it onlytakes about three days to get a fridge from home depot or lowe's maybe less but i knew that ifi bought one they weren't gonna reimburse me unless it was through their proper channels andat that point i was so mad i was like oh no you're.

Gonna pay for it i've gone through all of this youare going to pay for it that is what this contract is for so yeah i was at that level of crazy andfortunately people from the twitter were able to elevate it to whomever and they're like okaywe're gonna go ahead and process a replacement for both your washer and for the fridge i'm kindof glad the washer thing happened because if not then the fridge thing i would not have had asmuch of a leg to stand on so i was able to go in saying it's been three weeks without a fridge howlong is it gonna take to get this part when it's been three months on this washer part that was adecent argument which i believe it is and so they were able to say all right here's how much theywere able to take the information of the whirlpool washer and the whirlpool fridge and say okay we'rewilling to give you this either a fridge worth up.

To this amount and we'd be happy to order one foryou through our processes and systems which could take months um or you can purchase a new washerand fridge from either like home depot or lowe's or somewhere similar with a one-year warranty andwe will reimburse you up to this amount and for the washer it was like 650 bucks and for thefridge it was like 1300 so i immediately went and ordered a washer and a fridge from home depotand lowe's it was whoever could get us one fastest and i submitted the receipts and then abouta month later they sent me checks for both so happy ending to that however as you've probablysaw if you watched my march budget report video during those three weeks we were without a fridgewe spent a thousand dollars on eating out i could have just bought the fridge but yeah they replacedit on both things i have a brand new fridge with a.

Year warranty and a brand new washer with a yearwarranty they're both nicer than the original ones i had and i think i paid maybe 300 betweenthem because you you order and they reimburse you up to a certain amount so i found somethingwithin that range that was above it and then just paid out of pocket for any excess and shippingand stuff like that it was not worth the fight in retrospect i got mad and i wanted themto fix it out of principle but if it were to happen again i would just order the fridgeand i'd have a new fridge in a couple of days i certainly would not have gone through this hadit been my tenant that would have not been okay as if i were a renter and i was without a fridgefor three weeks waiting on like my landlord to get the home warranty to pay for one no i'dsue or something so for that reason if nothing.

Else i'm not renewing this home warranty becausejust the time and effort i got a headache just thinking about it the hours and hours and hoursand all of the stress and the arguing with people my life is worth more than that and i wouldrather just spend 1500 bucks next time to get a new fridge then go through all of that i'm veryinterested to hear what you guys would do would you fight with them over it or would you just paythe money secret question so a few more notes if you want them to do locks because they say theythey push the lock and re-key thing really hard especially when you first get it and they're likewe'll change all of your locks for you just 75 bucks if you do sign up for that service theywill do like a maximum of four locks and they send you this whole charge list of like all theseextra fees that they're gonna do for these locks.

And it would have ended up costing so much more toget the locks professionally redone than to just purchase the kwikset smart key systems whichi did for every single door in my duplex and those have a little hole and a key where what youcan do is you can put in your current key put in the smart set pull the key out and then insert anyother key pull them both out it re-keys the thing and then you have a new key takes five seconds youdon't have to uninstall the door very very cool i have it listed in my amazon shop they also evenhave like the keypad ones and so now i can re-key either unit of my duplex in five minutes so ifever there is a security issue or if ever i change tenants i can go through and re-key everythingand it's much more secure and quite frankly that was 100 worth it and i'm glad i didn't payfor a professional locksmith to do it through.

The home warranty because they were also like ifyou have multiple types of keys multiple types of door locks we're going to charge you extrait was just it was it would have been bananas to get eight locks replaced because each like thedeadbolt and the key count for two next um they will not blow out your dryer vents just a notethey also really push things like a pre-season ac check they've been pushing that a lot i've gottenmaybe 10 emails from them on that where they come out and they do not repair your air conditioningsystem they just check it out like i don't know if there are fluids in it or not but they supposedlyclean it and do that kind of stuff and they want to charge you i think 100 bucks for it it's likea professional it's like an upgrade it's a pro pro plus plan thing and they really push it andi asked my handyman chris do i need to get one of.

Those i'm a new homeowner i'm willing to learn iwant to maintain stuff um he was like now that's stupid just go get like an ac wash and do that andhe looked at both the units and he's like these are fine so apparently that's not necessarymaybe maybe you guys disagree if you know something i don't please tell me and then finallyif you have a non-emergency fix or something that you're okay with it taking a while to get replacedor it's something where just like a maintenance person or kind of a professional person does veryregularly it might be worth it to have however the moment that you venture over into replacementor having to order any parts for something you're screwed screwed on this with at least thiswarranty company maybe others are better however every time i've mentioned warranties beforei've had so many commenters say like mine was.

Like they wouldn't do anything it was a totalwaste of money so i have a feeling there are a lot of warranty haters out there and i didn't want tobe one especially after the first couple of things where i utilized them and it worked really well ididn't want to be a warranty company hater i was even i was really considering re-upping it justfor the convenience and i would absolutely not recommend paying out of pocket for one if youcan get in a home purchase the sellers to pay for it for a year sure absolutely but be willingto straight on battle them if it comes to it or just be willing to only use them for certainthings would i recommend american home shield no not after all of that with the fridge if i hadnot gone to twitter i would not have a new fridge period my contract would have expired before theygot me something guaranteed and someone mentioned.

When i mentioned this in another video that itmight only be people that are like influencers who have a little bit of following that could evenget like people from their twitter to respond now twitter's my my smallest platform i have maybe800 followers over there which is not much it's more than most people probably have i don't usetwitter that much but and i and i have no idea if they answered me because i complained on awomen's day post and they wanted to deal with that situation or if they answered me because i have800 followers over there or what but it was the only way i was able to get it done so those aremy uh that's my notes and experience with a home warranty company and what i would recommend on iti would love to know your experiences with home warranty company and if you would ever purchaseone or if you've had a nightmare experience and.

How you were able to get them to pay for it or notnext time i'm just i'll just buy a new fridge like i'll just go with and be like fridgei have savings that's what it's for not worth the years off of my life and all of thatstress and time mentally for having to argue with them if you enjoyed this video pleasego ahead and like it and subscribe because once again trying to get to 100k and i like talkingabout money and what things are worth it and what things are not and being transparent about mymistakes and my wins i think more people should talk about looking like that so if you wouldlike to be one of those people feel free to join up and hang out we have fun here when we're notcomplaining and i will see you guys next time bye!

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