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Hey guys it's dr. Nate here again I thrived on unorthodox and today I'm with Chelsea and we're gonna be talking some insurance okay so I've been working with Chelsea for a very long time she has an insane knowledge about insurance and orthodontics and now she's gained more into the general dentistry but we're gonna try to probably focus mainly on.

Orthodontics maybe dabble into general dentistry just a little bit okay so I want to I want to give you guys a little kind of background here of how this works so we have patients coming in they they get their exam done I see them I let them know how long do treatments gonna be I tell them if we need any appliances if we're gonna do any.

Extractions if we're gonna do anything fun like that and then this lady takes over so I have a couple questions for her because I don't know the ins and outs of this stuff as well okay let's go with the hardest question I think this is the hardest question first what okay somebody comes in and they have two different insurances so they have two.

Different insurances how do we determine which one we're going to use can we use both of them is one a primary secondary how does that work so typically we contact the insurance to check which one will be primary secondary they typically will know most of the time it's gonna be whoever has the birthday month earliest in the year.

That's typically primary so the mom or the dad who has the birth month first yes they have the same month they go with the day if they have the same day they go with the year okay so we don't go hey this insurance I have three thousand dollars of benefit and this one I just have one thousand let's let's use two 3000 as primary exactly yeah okay.

I've tried that a lot of times they'll deny it and you request the money back or something like that they always end up finding out there's two insurances and then one of them ends up saying no they tell you which is primary secondary that's interesting so the insurance is actually they talk to each other is there like an.

Intern like a national database technically when we get their primary secondary it's entered in our system so when the claim goes out it says legally if we are not putting primary secondary back okay so we got the primary secondary so say we have in a primary we have three one thousand dollars worth of insurance that we can use out and then.

When do we know like when do we know if or when the secondary is ever gonna kick in does it kick in like hey once that $1,000 is fully paid or does it kick in yeah wasn't it good so we usually will we filed a primary it's all electronic so it goes the same day out then once that primary sends us payment we take that a OB or the explanation of benefits.

And send it to the secondary and once they receive that knowing the estimate abut primary sedima their send us a payment oh so you don't have to fully pay out the first one no oh okay okay so we got primary secondary no that's a question a lot of people have to ask okay so anyway I come in do the consult.

You do your thing how does a typical console for you work so you go over the finances like what are the finances you're going over what are some of the differences between like maybe metal braces clear braces yeah what do you typically tell patients usually we go over the three options if they're eligible for metals silver I call it.

Silver but we say metal wind or silver clear and Invisalign we go over the payment options available with the total price is going to be sorry to interrupt what's the most expensive typically Invisalign is expensive people don't often know that but Invisalign is definitely the most yes okay.

Insurance will ok 99.9% I'm only pay the same benefit they would pay based on the metal or silver bracelet so whether the fee is higher and bislane higher for clear they're typically only going to pay what they would pay for the memo a lot of times people are like no it's 50% why aren't they paying 50% or why you know whatever the benefit level but it.

Doesn't always apply because they don't pay that cosmetic hungry Oh interesting okay so it doesn't matter if you then fee is more it won't matter than sure it's gonna pay the same out yeah so we say cool you're the patient or the kid or whoever it is they want metal braces for us what are our options our options first and foremost as we do offer a.

Friendly discount if you're planning to pay in full which a lot of people well some people don't know that you can use health savings and flex pinning for that so you get a tax benefit and you get a discount for paying in full you can mix and match cash credit healthy things like spinning and then our secondary option is Care Credit and that one you.

Get up to 12 months there's no interest there's no down payment so you get braces put on and not even pay a dime then you have our in-house option and our down payment for braces typically starts 399 and our down payment forbids line kind of ranges because it depends what level of a mizzling you are yeah but it can be anywhere from 800 to.

Sometimes 1300 just depending on what level of benefit you have let's talk about Care Credit for a minute yeah I don't know this actually what is there okay say their out-of-pocket is like two thousand or so yeah do we know is there like a specific credit score that they're looking for or like income level that we don't know that they it's a few.

Things they look for your history they look for your they do look it for your level of credit and then they look for your monthly income but the monthly income and a lot of people don't know this too when they're applying they look for your total household in oh that's not just yourself it's all money that can be placed or bills and so whenever.

Plugging that in but I do know the minimum credit score is very reasonable it's usually like in the fives oh wow and so it doesn't necessarily but the people that maybe don't have as much credit history you may not get approved yet because you don't have that level of history yeah okay so we've we've been over all the.

Options we've been over insurance let's see can they start the same day no you're already here so you know we want to make the most of your time and we typically do start putting top and bottom braces on that day or if it's in visiting we impress and go forward yeah I think that for me I mean that's all the questions I have insurance and all.

This stuff is kind of confusing so if you have any questions or concerns please let me know we can try to answer them just leave them in the comments below and once again guys thank you very much for watching alright guys thanks for watching and once again please subscribe below and if you have any comments.

Questions also please leave them below and I will try my best to answer all your questions thank you so much

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