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if you find yourself diagnosed with an unexpected illness you want a health insurance company that will provide a high level of care while no health insurance company is perfect you can find the best health insurance company for you by considering your needs wants and budget.

Number one united health group richard t burke founded minneapolis-based united health group in 1977. united health group's mission is helping people live healthier lives and helping make the health system work better for everyone number 2 kaiser permanente.

Kaiser permanente opened its doors in 1945 in response to health care challenges that grew out of the grace depression founders henry j keiser and sydney r garfield sought an affordable way to provide quality care number three founded in 1853 as a life insurance.

Company aitna today is one of the country's largest providers of health benefits since 2018 the hartfield connecticut-based organization has been a subsidiary company of cvs health corporation number four centene sentine corporation made its mark as a non-profit medicaid plan when it was.

Founded in 1984. today it bills itself as the largest medicaid managed care organization in the united states in addition it offers health plans for those who don't qualify for medicaid number five cigna corporation was formed from two other companies the insurance company of north.

America ina founded in 1792 and the connecticut general life insurance company founded in 1865 today the company has a global footprint in more than 30 countries around the world number six blue cross blue shield two companies blue cross and blue shield.

Provided healthcare services in the early 1900s in 1982 they joined to form one giant company blue cross blue shield bcbs you

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