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In this video we are going to talk about top 10 health insurance companies so before starting this video please like this video and subscribe to our channel for future updates the right health insurance plan can go a long way toward assisting you in covering your expenses and reducing the likelihood that a serious illness or.

Injury will result in financial ruin for you or your family by comparing plans from the best health insurance companies it is possible to find coverage that is tailored to your needs while also being within your financial means a list of the best health insurance companies has been compiled to assist.

You in determining where to begin your search for health coverage your access will be determined by where you live but there is a good chance that you will be able to find a plan that works for you and your family's needs let's start with our list number 10 healthcare service corporation according to the ethosphere institute.

Healthcare service corporation hcsc is one of the world's most ethical companies with 15 million members in five states hcsc has 3.42 of the healthcare market share and is the largest consumer-owned health insurance because it offers a variety of hmo.

Options this organization has comparatively low premiums there are also a lot of online tools and wellness programs available number nine capital district physicians health plan some of the highest rated plans in the market are offered by this not-for-profit.

Physician-directed health plan two plans received a 5.0 overall rating from ncqa and were among the five private plans in the country to receive a 5.0 customer satisfaction rating cdphp's third plan which received a 4.5 was at the top and the company's medicare advantage plan also received strong marks.

The plans are available in 29 of the 62 counties in new york eight of the company's 15 board members are doctors according to the corporation number eight harvard pilgrim this non-profit organization in new england has 4.5 rated plans in two states maine and massachusetts one of which also received a 4.5 for prevention.

And a 4.0 rated plan in new hampshire harvard pilgrim and united healthcare have partnered to offer the harvard pilgrim passport and access america plans which give members access to a nationwide network of doctors hundreds of hospitals and flexible health benefits.

Number seven health partners this corporation sells medicare plans in minnesota wisconsin north dakota south dakota iowa and illinois under the names group health plan inc and health partners insurance company ncqa gave all three of its private plans a 4.5 overall rating.

15 diabetes patients may appreciate this plan because one of healthpartner's pledges to customers is to supply monthly insulin refills for no more than 25 depending on where you reside in your unique coverage needs the firm offers three different plans in minnesota and two different options in wisconsin.

Those who live in the twin cities area of minnesota have the most alternatives number six united healthcare would you like to keep track of your health with an apple watch that's how you find doctors online of consumers shop for healthcare on a computer or with a mobile app consumer-driven digital healthcare.

Includes wearables for diabetes management infant smart monitors and activity trackers that can offer monetary awards to their users eleven plans in five states iowa massachusetts nebraska new hampshire and wisconsin earned a 4.0 overall rating from ncqa.

24 of its medicare advantage plans earned top marks including the well-known sierra health and life insurance company inc united provides health benefit programs for individuals employers and medicare and medicaid beneficiaries it links directly with more than 1.3.

Million physicians and 6500 other care facilities in the united states the ppo and hmo plans both offer hsas and fsa access fsas for the extra features it may be worth it for the higher price number five kaiser foundation health plan with one plan mid-atlantic states.

Receiving a top overall ncqa score of 5.0 and seven other plans ranging from georgia to california receiving 4.0 to 4.5 ratings the nonprofit insurer kaiser foundation health plan inc part of kaiser permanente won exceptional ratings for private insurance.

Kaiser was also a victor in the medicare advantage market with eight plans in the top echelon california colorado georgia hawaii maryland oregon virginia and washington dc are among the states where the corporation operates hmos are used in all of kaiser's highly.

Rated private and medicare advantage plans hmos have lower premiums no deductibles reduced copays and lower prescription drug expenses which is fantastic news for individuals on a tight budget the disadvantage of an hmo is that you must use only doctors hospitals and other services that are.

Part of the network save in emergencies the plans on the other hand provide the same essential services as a ppo plan kaiser's insurance policies feature minimal premiums number four humana eyeglasses and contacts as well as dental checkups crowns and appliances.

Are frequently not covered by health insurance coverage humana a broad-based health and well-being organization provides private policies in all of these areas and it offers a variety of plans for people with chronic illnesses including transitions from the hospital to home care and meal delivery.

Humana is also one of the firms that provides special needs insurance for persons who have a severe or disabling chronic ailment or who are in a long-term care facility humana no longer offers individual medical plans focusing instead on healthcare solutions for businesses and medicare plans.

Ncqa gave high marks to four private humana plans kansas missouri wisconsin and two in illinois and three humana medicare advantage plans florida illinois and tennessee according to statistics from the acsi poll humana led the pac in terms of.

Customer satisfaction among health insurers in 2020. humana's insurance for hmos are reasonably inexpensive number three cigna it's no surprise that a company called global health advantage would be at the top of our list for worldwide coverage this global health service corporation.

Serves 17 million medical clients globally through a global network of 1.5 million healthcare professionals who have access to doctors in more than 30 countries it employs over 70 000 people cigna joined forces with express scripts the nation's largest pharmacy benefit manager in 2018 to decrease costs and.

Improve treatment following in the footsteps of aetna and cvs health in the united states four private cigna plans received the highest ncqa rating although cigna was a top performer in customer satisfaction in illinois indiana virginia new jersey and ohio in jd power's 2021 u.s commercial member.

Health plan study the american customer satisfaction index acsi put it among the lowest in its category for member satisfaction in 2020 cigna offers medical and dental coverage in all 50 states as well as washington dc individual plans are available on

In 220 counties across 10 states cigna also increased coverage in five new states for 2021 bringing its medicare advantage plans to a total of 369 counties in 23 states number two blue cross blue shield blue cross blue shield of california ensures one out of every three americans anthem independence hawaii medical.

Service association highmark and wellmark are among the state plan's names while the 35 independent and regionally controlled blue cross blue shield firms operate in all 50 states washington dc and puerto rico more than 80 of doctors and 90 of hospitals in the.

United states work with blue cross blue shield firms more than any other insurer in 2019 ncqa awarded moderate to high ratings to more than 40 blue cross blue shield corporate plans based on clinical quality and member satisfaction while 10 anthem plans including some with lower overall ratings.

Performed admirably in the customer satisfaction category blue cross blue shield offers group insurance individual policies through and medicare plans in a number of options medigap prescription drugs part d and medicare advantage.

Number one aetna in 2019 aetna medicare advantage plans sold in 37 states and the district of columbia got top ncqa ratings 4.0 or higher with connecticut and main standing out aetna medicare advantage plans will be accessible in 264 new counties across the u.s in 2020.

Offering coverage to millions more medicare enrollees in addition to prescription medication coverage the insurer distributes medicare supplement plans medigap in all 50 states in addition to these they provide a supplemental medicare program that combines dentistry vision and hearing in several states.

Aetna is a large supplier of employer-based health insurance in the private sector in 2019 four aetna plans serving idaho iowa pennsylvania utah and wyoming were ranked first by ncqa while the ohio maryland and virginia aetna plans were ranked second by the jd power us commercial health plan study in.

2021 furthermore aetna's pricing appears to be lower than that of several competitors aetna was acquired by cvs health company in november 2018 and synergies between the two companies are starting to appear aetna medical plan members with high.

Blood pressure for example can acquire a free home monitor from cvs cvs stores may also have chronic disease monitoring equipment what topic do you suggest for our next video please let us know in the comment section if you liked this video and want to hear from me again.

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