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A home is one of the most important purchases you will ever make protecting your investment is important and homeowners insurance is an important part of this protection home owners insurance is designed to help you financially when certain unforeseen events damage your home.

Such as a fire or storm if you are buying your home with a mortgage insuring it is just more than a clever purchase it is necessary to protect the loan in this video we are going to tell you about the top 10 home insurance companies watch the video till the end to find a.

Perfect company for your home insurance as we start subscribe to the channel and turn the notifications on now let's start number 10 american family american family mutual insurance provides personal and commercial property and casualty insurance nationwide.

These include auto home owners travels farms and retail business it also provides life insurance annuity and additional health plans with the standard insurance policies additional plumbing and sewer backup identity theft and equipment breakdown can be added.

Number 9. amica amica homeowners insurance has a very good customer satisfaction score earning a leading place in jd power's research of all widely available insurance companies it is available in 48 states unlike other insurers on this list a bika insurance policies offer benefits.

Where the money is refunded to you on average amica's share policies return between 5 and 20 of annual premiums codes are available online without an agent making it easy to compare with other insurers number eight nationwide nationwide is the best choice for homeowners.

Who want to reduce the cost of homeowners insurance without sacrificing quality low prices and national coverage give homeowners across the country access to affordable use it offers the best homeowners premiums in many states including arizona pennsylvania and nebraska.

Number seven erie the erie homeowner's insurance includes the assured replacement cost coverage which allows homeowners to rebuild their homes just the way they were before the incident without a limit on policy they also have full roof coverage that pays for the cost of replacing a roof.

Damaged by an accident such as a hail storm or hurricane number six hippo hippo takes the price for a surprisingly fast and seamless home insurance coating the process for applying for hippo is actually quite surprising you were promised a code within 60 seconds.

To apply all you have to do is type in your address and hippo quickly shoots you a code and hippo quickly shoots you a code and information about your home specs number five metlife metlife offers traditional home insurance coverage but also offers customized offers to meet your specific needs.

They have a 24 7 claim service available to their customers matlab's biggest selling point is the significant discounts they offer to employer groups and company associations sometimes up to forty percent or more number four state farm state farm offers a number of additions to the general homeowner policy.

Its dwelling limit extension is relatively inexpensive and automatically increases replacement cost coverage by up to 20 as long as the home is insured up to its estimated cost of replacement various options can be included in the homeowner policy for an additional fee its website.

Provides a great interface in easy access to file claims get a code and get information about your policy number three travelers with agents in all 50 states and in washington dc travelers is the most accessible company although travelers already offer low prices it also offers various discounts.

To help policy owners save more travelers also offer a discount on new home purchases if a policyholder have bought their home within 12 months of the start of their policy they can save money number two lemonade lemonade ranks second in our list.

Because it is almost completely online you can register claim make changes to your policy or cancel your insurance through the mobile app or its website laminate offers the option of extra coverage without a deductible for expensive personal belongings such as jewelry.

Camera equipment and musical instruments it also prides itself on donating to charity through its give back program number one allstate allstate has the best homeowner insurance in the industry because of its customer service ease of customization and accessibility while most insurance.

Companies have a claims center open 24 7 but limited hours of policy sales and payment inquiries allstate has 24 7 customer service for all insurance inquiries if you prefer to do it yourself rather than talk to a customer representative you can use an online website or mobile.

App to manage your policy and file a claim so these were our top 10 home insurance companies we hope you got the one you were looking for like and share the video and also let us know your thoughts in the comment section bye.


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