Best Insurance Company for Plan G Medicare Supplement

Hi my name is Stephanie apt and I'm here that and today I'm going to be talking about the best insurance company for Medicare supplement plan G so stick around hi everyone it's Emmy apt here I get a lot of questions about Medicare and medicare supplement insurance and so I like to do these little videos that can answer some questions that are.

Frequently asked and hopefully shed some light on maybe a question that you might have yesterday someone sent me a chat message on my website and they just simply asked what is the best insurance company for Medicare supplement plan G and this question like many Medicare related questions doesn't necessarily have a simple answer so really the.

Answer to that question is it depends if you've been shopping around then you probably know that all Medicare supplement plans are standardized so that means that the benefits of plan G are exactly the same no matter what insurance company you're with and since plan G allows you to see any Medicare provider there are no networks you will.

Never have access to more or less providers depending on which company you go with the benefits are literally identical and just because one insurance company maybe spends a lot more money on advertising or direct mailings it doesn't necessarily mean that they're the best so when answering the question what is.

The best insurance company for plan G there are really two main things that you want to look at the first thing is price different insurance companies can charge you different prices for the same exact plan G and pricing can vary by area so you want to make sure that you are getting rates with many different companies so that you can compare their.

Rates for plan G hi I'm down here now I just wanted to show you an example of how much rates can vary from one insurance company to another for Medicare supplement plan G so I've just plugged in a zip code here in North Carolina for an example and I'm looking at plan G rates for a 65 year old female and you can see here that you know some.

Of the most competitive companies offer plan G at around 91 dollars a month this is GPM health and life government personnel mutual and then if you scroll you can see that there's many many different companies all offering the same exact plan G with a slightly different premium so the list goes on and on if I keep scrolling here I can.

Find you know Blue Cross Blue Shield at 111 AARP Medicare supplement United Healthcare is around 121 and and if I keep scrolling all the way down you'll even see you know like physicians mutual 202 it's the same exact plan no matter what company you go with so just wanted to show you how much these prices can vary sometimes pretty greatly from one.

Company to another for the same benefit plan and price isn't the only thing that you want to look at you also want to look at the insurance companies financial stability and rate increase history generally you want an insurance company that has at least a B or B plus financial rating showing that they're a strong secure company and also a company.

That's been around for a little while additionally it's good to see a company that offers many different lines of coverage like life insurance or dental vision insurance this is just another indicator of the insurance company's financial strength a company with better financials will be better able to keep rate increases more mild over time.

Overall there are really several excellent insurance companies for Medicare supplement plan G when you look at their price and rate stability over time key the best company for you is going to depend on your area your age and your preference if you have any questions or you would like a free no-obligation quote.

For plan G in your area please feel free to give me a call I would be happy to help I'll see you soon my name is my name is Vivian app and I love my mommy so much what do you think is the best insurance company for plan G you

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