Best Medicare Advantage Plans – 2022 – HMO vs PPO

Hey guys alex wender here with blue wave insurance services today we're going to talk about the best medicare advantage plans in 2022 so going into 2022 there are plenty of medicare advantage plans available across the country it's really going to depend what area you're in.

And what county you're in some counties in the country have plenty of medicare advantage options and others don't have so many the options if you're in an area that has a wide selection to choose from the options you're going to see are medicare advantage hmo and medicare advantage ppo.

Options there's a big difference between the two generally speaking hmo plans are going to be more restrictive they're going to require a referral from your primary doctor to see anybody any specialists or any other doctors also when you sign up for an hmo most companies do require you to select a.

Primary doctor on the application so the hmo will have a little bit more restriction as to what doctors you can see there is the network component as well so you do have to stay within the plan's network on the hmo the upside to an hmo is it's going to have fairly low out of pocket.

Expenses when compared to a medicare vintage ppo which we'll discuss here in a moment so the hmo is going to have lower co-pays when you see the doctor lower out-of-pocket if you have to go into the hospital and generally lower out-of-pocket cost share across the board.

When compared to a medicare advantage ppo so that's the plus side a little bit lower out of pocket but the downside is you're going to have a little bit more restriction within hmo you do have to again choose a primary doctor when you sign up and then use go through that doctor to see any specialists in the.

Plans network in addition there isn't there normally is not much options when you travel outside the plans network except for emergencies now there will be some exceptions here some companies are coming out with um hmo plans that don't require referrals and give you a little bit more.

Benefit when you're traveling so it will be a carrier by carrier case basis there that we would be happy to look in to that for you and compare options for the advantage plans if you're interested just give us a call at the number below the other option you're going to see is.

The medicare advantage ppo now that will give you more flexibility than an hmo you don't most companies do not require you to select a doctor on the application for a ppo in addition to that you can normally see any doctor in the plan's network without a referral but you do have to stay.

Within the plans and network so you can kind of go to any doctor you want in the network without a referral normally and then you can generally go outside the plans network you will pay a higher cost out of pocket going outside the plan's network but you normally have that option with an hmo.

You have to stay within the network so with the ppo you're going to have more flexibility so that's the upside the downside is there's normally going to be a bit more out of pocket versus the hmo so co-pays are generally higher on the ppo versus the hmo the amount you pay when.

You're in the hospital is generally higher but you do get that flexibility so if you're somebody that likes to have the flexibility to see a bunch of different doctors you don't want to be stuck to one doctor you don't have to mess around with referrals the ppo may be a better option for you.

And if you're somebody who would rather have lower out-of-pocket costs and the restriction requirement doesn't bother you that much then the hmo may be a better fit now across the country most medicare advantage plans do include some prescription coverage but it's always.

Best to check beforehand before you sign up to make sure you understand all the components of the plan what it covers what it doesn't cover what drugs or prescriptions it covers if it covers any prescriptions and then some plans have some other added benefits as well so again it.

Really depends where you are in the country but we do work with many folks across the country helping them compare their medicare options give us a call the number below our agents are ready to help you out we'd love to hear from you any questions you have if you want to compare options on medicare advantage plans or medicare supplement plans give.

Us a call today thanks for checking out the video today we greatly appreciate it again alex wendy here blue wave insurance services helping folks across the country choose the best medicare supplement plan or medicare advantage plan to fit their unique needs.


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