Best Term Life Insurance Companies 2020 Apps (No Medical Exams)

So today i want to go over the top three term life insurance apps these you can download directly onto your phone and start having term life insurance within just a short amount of time so let's hop on here and take a look at all the benefits that these three companies have now i will have all three companies.

Linked in the show notes down below it does help support out the channel but it does give you quick access to go through and download these apps now ladder life here is the first one we're gonna be talking about and the cool thing is you can apply online or through the app in as fast as.

Five minutes which means you're not wasting too much of your time getting through and setting up your term life insurance now they do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee which is really nice if you change your mind for whatever reason you can go ahead and get your money back within that first 30 days.

Now you can also cancel any time so if things come up and you're like you know what i don't need term life insurance anymore it could be a year in it could be three years in you can go ahead and cancel that policy and then there's also no medical exam that is needed when going through this process which is.

Really nice now one of my favorite things about lighter life and that's why it's first is because you can actually lower or apply to increase your coverage based on your needs so if maybe you start having kids or you get married or something changes in your life where you can.

You know maybe get more coverage you can do that pretty easily or you could even lower it if you absolutely need to as well now next up on this list is called haven life so haven life is really easy to apply online or through the app just like ladder and it's very quick and easy to go.

Through that process now they are backed by mass mutual so if you're a little hesitant on going with an app to get your term life the nice thing with haven life is that yes they are backed by a large company now there is also no medical exam for them either which again saves you a lot of time and hassle and.

Not having to go through all those hoops they are having the ages of 18 to 65 for anybody to apply so if you're within that age group you can go through with haven life and then you can also get coverage of up to two million dollars on your term life insurance now next up is going to be bestow now.

With bestow you do have the ability to of course apply online or through the app and it is very fast and very quick to be able to get an idea of how much it would cost for your term life insurance now again there is still also no exam needed which will save you a lot of time going through this process.

You can get a quote honestly within just moments you can go through get an idea you can even change things up too so you can see hey how much would it be for 20 years or 30 years or you know for half a million or you know a million dollars you can go through those different quotes and they do have.

Coverage of up to one million dollars as well now like i mentioned i will have all three in the link down below you can check them out so that way you can go through the process and get term life insurance in a very short amount of time now once you go through that quick and easy process of setting up your term.

Life insurance check out my video right over here to learn about some of the top student loan refinance companies to help lower your interest rates for student loans my name is dennis and i will see you in that next video

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