Binance Trading: How To Know The Next Coin That Will Pump On Binance | Get Up To X100 Trade Profits

Hey guys this is crypto airdropper welcome back to my youtube channel so um in today's video we'll be talking about finance basically we're talking about i'll be showing you guys how you can know when the next coin will pump on finance okay and.

Once you do that how you can invest in it so that once it comes you'll be able to take some profit as you all know the market currently is in red as you can see all the markets are currently basically most of the markets are currently in red rhino as you can see however despite that you can see um as you can see despite the.

The despite decrease in the market price of most tokens you can see that this specific tokens adjust just continues to increase in price okay so in this video we'll be showing you guys how you can detect some of these tokens beforehand so that you'll be able to.

Invest in them so that when they start pumping you'll be able to make some profit now take for example this token um sys okay so let's just say for example you you detected before hand that this token will increase by almost eight percent and you invested maybe at this point.

Here okay maybe you got that and you invested before is tire pumping that's when it was at about 0.28 dollars and now it's at 0.31 dollars so obviously you'll have made some profit okay so just stick with me to the end of this video so that you'll not miss out on.

Anything important but before we get into that i'll let you guys know that um this video is basically for educational purposes only and it's based on my own opinion okay so as we all know cryptocurrency trading is very risky so if you want to invest in this in cryptocurrency or you want to trade cryptocurrency make sure.

You do your own research first and always invest what you can risk losing only what you can risk losing okay guys so um let's get into the pro video proper so the the website i'll be using for this is um called um coin gecko okay so as you can see this is coin.

Gecko and you can reach this website by going to so once you're on what you have to do is you go to the top left hand corner you click on this three lines once you click on it you scroll through it says exchanges you click on exchanges then you click on spots.

Once you click on spots normally um you will be able to see binance as number one okay because as we all know binance is the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange and as you can see it has a trust score of about 10 which makes it very very legit so what you do is you click on finance.

So binance has um list has listed over 300 coins and has about 1234 pairs okay so these are basically the tokens on binance currently as you can see so the trick here is once you're here what you do is you try to look out for.

Tokens that are just that are like that the volume that's their volume their trade volume starts to increase um significantly you know like just basically out of nowhere the volume starts to increase as the volume percentage and transfer our volume starts to increase this is basically because a lot of people a lot.

Of traders investors a style of time trading that token and why would anybody need to trade the token it's basically maybe because there's a news they had about the token that maybe most people don't know about so once you start seeing that move okay once you start seeing that increase in the trading volume that's a sign that this token.

Might actually undergo a pump okay so that's the trick behind this you can see these are all the tokens here um these are basically all the tokens as you can see now they have a lot of tokens here okay so.

This is it as you can see a lot of tokens here so what i'm talking about is now let's see for example um just let's look at something so these are the percentages as you know bitcoin is number one ethereum then solana then there's avalanche okay so as you can see avalanche is currently having a rock up a rise in.

Price and there's usd and there's btc to busy then there's cosmos then just scroll down and see um as you can see these are this 0.98 and there's omg there's near there's luna there's gala so a lot of these tokens seem to have some potential now.

Okay so this is galaxy gala for example so as you can see look check the spread spread for that out of 0.1 the price is too low then um carry price then it says one point four three percent now so once you detect the toku like let's say let's use that as an.

Example so maybe you came to this site you went through are you able to see a coin that seems to have some potential so always make sure before you invest in the token do some more research okay do some more research so that you have enough enough reason to.

Invest on that token so let's say gala for example now if you go back to your albinos or binance let's try to search for the color okay as you can see okay here gala should be a z color to change that.

Let's search you can see that currently um it's corrected in price however once you look at this you will be able to see that currently it's dipping.

However it had an insane sufficient increase inside size of just of of recent as you can see because it draws from about 0.02 dollars to about 0.146 dollars before it now corrected itself to where it is right now however.

Since according to that chart there's a high probability that this toku will still pump back up okay so this is basically the greatest time the best time you could enter this token because of the deep because one secret to cryptocurrency is never ever enter a coin when it's pumping okay the best way the best time to enter.

A coin is when it's dipping like now okay and as you can see if you notice the price is increasing um a little by little because when we came here it was at minus 12 point something percent but now it's at minus 11.7 so it shows that the price is increasing bits by bits okay so um this is just an example okay so you can do.

Your own research about it before you actually invest in gala so well now let's say you've decided to actually let's say um you can see this is what i'm talking about so now look at the 15 minutes charge as you can see um it went as high as this then before it now started dipping okay as you can see you want when this has.

Started dipping start dipping to this point now as you can see now it's undergoing according to this chart it's about to when the google from that is about to see a rise in price okay so that's what i mean by this okay so as you can see now it's about to undergo a rise in price so if we're lucky after some.

Research i will actually enter this token at this price this toku might go to mobile this position before it now goes back down if we are lucky and by then we would have made some profit okay so now let's say we decide to actually invest in this token what you will have to do is you click on where it is buy once you're here you click on buy.

And once you click on buy um you can see this is the color okay and when you click on buy make sure it's at limits okay you oh you select limit so this is the price you're buying out and you put the amount of gala you want to buy depending on your balance okay so let's say i want to buy maybe 10.

Okay or maybe a hundred but oh no make sure just note that the minimum minimum purchase limit on finance is um 10 okay so you need to buy at least 10 dollars worth of any token in usdt for your for your transaction to be out to.

Actually be processed on finance what i mean is let's say i want let's say for example i decided to buy like five usd so it wouldn't be processed because it's not up to 10 so the minimum as you can see so this is the error you'll be getting you must the total amount and buy must be greater than 10 usd so once you do that.

Which will make the purchase as you can see yeah you all of us can see that the price is increasing bits by bit it was one point zero point one zero five before and now it's at zero point one zero six which shows that price is increasing and it has one point.

Zero one zero seven nine okay so let's say we entered this token then would have been in a little profit by now that's when if we enter it was zero point one zero zero will have will be in profits right now so that's what i'm talking about okay basically that's how you know um when a.

Token is about to pump on binance okay guys so and look at actual okay as you can see atom is also pumpy right now and if you come here and check you see that it's over eight and look at it it's currently a reset seen an increase of about 2.16 percent and there's every probability that it might even go higher.

Than this so that's what i'm talking about okay so i think what this much i think i'll bring this brings us to the end of the video for today so um a piece of ios a word of advice okay when you're trading cryptocurrency always make sure you.

Don't trade with emotions okay take emotions out of it and never be too greedy when you're trading cryptocurrency so that um you will not be liquidated of all your phones okay make sure you always always trade the crypto squeeze without any emotions okay okay guys so i think.

Um basically with this i can't with this brings us to the end of this video so if you got some value from this video please hit that subscribe button and hit the like button to drop a like for this video and um if this is the first time you're coming across my channel or maybe you've been.

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Through there okay so um thanks for watching guys and i'll see you guys in my next video peace

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