BITCOIN!!! Going ALL in for this upcoming PUMP #BTC #CRYPTO

Welcome back to reality radio brought to you by let's go crypto today's retro days as you can see i've got the old tv behind me we are going back in time we're going to take a quick look at how fast bitcoin can pump and guys bitcoin will pump fast when it's gonna happen it's lights out guys i'm gonna show you.

Guys quickly right now and before i get into this guys make sure you guys smash up the like button make sure you subscribe to the channel and let's get right into it guys how fast does bitcoin pump i'll show you guys right here guys back here on the 29th of september 2021 guys we literally went.

In three weeks guys in three weeks 63 percent guys in three weeks all right that's pretty good pretty good not too bad not too bad but if we go back up here guys uh we could see right here from january 21st sorry the 28th of january we're gonna show you how fast bitcoin goes all right when you least expect it guys when you.

Least expect it bitcoin can surprise you that's a 92 pump in 25 days guys all right so we're gonna go take a look at one more guys one more here and this one's big and bad and guys telling you bitcoin can surprise you 132 almost.

133 percent in 27 days guys so what does this say what does this say when you least expect it bitcoin can turn around and let's just see just for shits and giggles guys let's just take a look here guys let's do a 27 day break here.

And let's just take a look at where could we be here um let's see that's a 68 almost a 69 pump in 27 days could literally bring us right back up to almost 65 000 now is this like a christmas wish list.

Course it is is this gonna happen not guaranteed but guys i'm just showing you you guys should be excited when you see news like this because right now i did a video yesterday i wanted you guys to see this insane bitcoin chart a whole whopping 105 you guys really took the time to look at it that's fine it is what it is.

Guys but um what i wanted to show you guys in that video is that currently right now we are literally in the longest downtrend we've seen yet in this bull run that we've currently had back here we are 72 days from the 9th of may all the way till we got to the 20th of.

July 2021 all right 72 days and i want to quickly show you guys that currently let me take it from even here guys all right actually we'll do it from the 9th of november basically even to where we are currently right now.

Guys 84 days but back here from the 9th of november to the 22nd of january 74 days guys so i'm thinking and it's not for sure but i'm thinking guys i would say look out for some major moves in bitcoin we've seen enough enough is enough we're done with it let's see some big activity.

In february guys uh make sure you guys smash up that like button i'm gonna leave this for let's go crypto 100x gems list here on coin market cap all of these coins are great um i'm not going to get into much of that today i just wanted to bring you guys some opium for bitcoin and guys smash the like button subscribe to the channel leave me some.

Comments below let me know what your thoughts are and until next time guys be real stay real talk to you soon ciao

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