Bloktopia Overview | Metaverse Crypto Project (Can it 100x?!)

Could Bloktopia be the next 10x or 100x metaverse project ? Let’s talk about it.

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So what is bloktopia exactly?

Well it’s a decentralized virtual skyscraper built on the pologyon network. This skyscraper, will be made up of pieces of real estate that are NFTs that can be bought and governed by blok token owners.

The metaverse is made up of 21 levels and within those levels the world is split up into different zones, looking at their white paper – it looks like each zone is split up by function. Gaming zone, Exchange zone, Market analysis zone, News, Networking and even an influencer zone.

Bloktopia Premise

Now, the overarching premise behind this metaverse is to deliver a 4 main things to bloktopians which is the term coined for people contributing to this world.
First, the Bloktopia team is looking to educate visitors of this metaverse about crypto, I should mention that entry into this world will actually be free and anyone can come in and walk around.
Second is the monitzation of the real estate, a big part of this metaverse is giving real estate owners the ability to use their land for purposes of generating revenue, whether it’s putting selling advertising to companies or renting your land for anyone interested in it. Additionally the in game token it self, Blok – while ill touch on in minute can be used to earn passive income through staking.
The third focus of bloktopia is gaming, the top floor penthouse in the skyscraper is going be to fully dedicated to gaming so bloktopians can come in and ejoy their time in the metaverse.
And finally, bloktopia is looking to give owners the ability to be creative, the team is going to have a builder tool where creators can develop and build their own creation on their owned land.

I really think that this team has thought up a diverse set of features within this metaverse that could attract people from different backgrounds, whether you’re interested in gaming, education, art or just making money – there seems to be something for everyone.

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0:09 About the Project
2:36 Team
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4:20 Blok Token
5:08 Partners and Investors
6:17 Roadmap
7:08 How you can earn money
8:08 Can it 10x, 100x??

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