Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Review

Hi my name is Stephanie apt I'm a licensed Medicare consultant and the founder of the apt insurance agency and today we're going to talk about Medicare supplement plans with Blue Cross and Blue Shield so today we'll review Medicare supplement plans with Blue Cross Blue Shield including the benefits of Blue Cross Blue Shield's Medicare.

Supplement plans which of their plans are the most popular we'll go for some plan rate information and talk about how to find rates in your area so Medicare supplement plans or Medigap plans are standardized plans that are lettered a through n the most popular plans that Blue Cross Blue Shield offers are plan F plan G and plan.

N and these three plans really offer you the most coverage plan f has historically been the most popular medicare supplement plan because it's the plan that covers the most so you'll see here that of all of the gaps in Original Medicare Part A and B Plan F fills in 100% of the gaps so if you have a Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare.

Supplement plan F you're not going to see any deductible any copay you're gonna pay zero out of pocket at the doctor in hospital because your medicare supplement plan F picks up the remainder that Medicare doesn't pay at a hundred percent the second most popular Medicare supplement plan that's really growing in popularity is Medicare supplement plan G.

Now Medicare supplement plan G is almost exactly like plan F you'll see there's just one difference it's the Part B deductible plan F covers the Medicare Part B deductible at 100% well plan G does not and for 2018 the Medicare Part B deductible is 183 dollars annually so if you have a plan f your plan pays that deductible plan G.

Does not so if you have a plan G Medicare supplement you're going to pay the first 183 dollars of your medical bills annually and then after that your plan pay is a hundred percent plan F and plan G also are the only two medicare supplement plans that cover 100% of the Part B excess charges so Part B excess.

Charges refer to Medicare assignment or payment in full by Medicare most doctors accept Medicare assignment which means they accept Medicare as payment in full but if you go to a doctor who does not accept Medicare assignment they accept Medicare but they don't accept Medicare as payment in fall they're legally allowed to charge you up to 15% above.

The Medicare approved amount for service or procedure those would be considered excess charges that could be billed directly to you now if you have a Medicare supplement plan F or a Medicare supplement plan G the access charges will be covered by your plan about 100% and the third most popular plan that BlueCross BlueShield offers for Medicare.

Supplement is plan n plan n is very similar to plan G it does not cover the Part B deductible so you'll have that 183 dollar annual Part B deductible it does not cover the excess charges which aren't very common but it's important to know that plan n does not cover those and then also you'll see a couple asterisks here under Part B coinsurance.

Plan and pays the Part B coinsurance at a hundred percent but you may be charged co-pays at your doctor and specialist and also at the emergency room the co-pays are typically up to $20 at your doctor specialist office and a $50 copay at the emergency room BlueCross BlueShield medicare supplement policies are attained age rated most.

Medigap policies are attained age rated and this means that your costs will increase as you age Blue Cross Blue Shield also does not offer any household discount in most states some Medigap carriers offer a household discount which means that if two or more members of your household are with the same insurance company for.

Your Medigap coverage you usually get a discount on your premium Blue Cross Blue Shield usually does not offer any household discount also Blue Cross Blue Shield has pretty lenient underwriting for people that are over age 65 or outside of their Medicare initial enrollment window so if you're over 65 and looking to get a Medicare supplement.

Policy and you need to go through medical underwriting Blue Cross Blue Shield is worth looking at if you have certain medical conditions because they are pretty lenient with their medical underwriting however this also means that the rates with Blue Cross Blue Shield can tend to be a bit higher than with other insurance companies that may.

Be slightly more stringent with their medical underwriting so it's important to know that Medigap plans are standardized which means that the benefits are always exactly the same by letter no matter what insurance company you go with so it's important to shop around if you're interested in seeing Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare.

Supplement rates in your area you can always give us a call for a completely free no-obligation quote can reach me toll-free at 888 four six five nine seven two eight I'm very easy to reach and I would be more than happy to help thank you so much for watching and we'll see you soon.


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